The Fishels and Their Contemporary Home in California | Pottery Barn

The Fishels and Their Contemporary Home in California | Pottery Barn

Where I Live
The Fishels Hello I’m Peter Fishel and I’m Alicia Fishel and we live in Piedmont
California welcome to our home. I think what drew me to the house is I love
a traditional style house this is a Georgian Colonial house but it doesn’t have the heavy moldings that a
Georgian COlonial house would have It’s kind of paired down and really sleek and we really like
that straight and clean and I think we like the round curved doors and the windows because the windows are very tall and go very close to the ground and you
just don’t see that a lot any more What’s really nice is that the living room here
gets light on three sides, we have light coming from the west, and we have sun from the east, so throughout the
entire day we get very nice light. I’ll come in here in the morning have a cup
of coffee read a book just kind of have a nice quiet space it’s kind
of a room that the kids don’t really go in that much so it’s nice to have a clean space that is as you left it. when we moved in the kitchen
was probably one of the least attractive areas of the
house it was very very small and you could never see outside there was
one tiny tiny window that looked out into the backyard I think we just kind of bit the bullet and decided
you know to just remodel it. And it’s really changed the dynamic
of the house, we live in it now, it opens up to the garden and it gets tons of light huge counters and the fireplace, we almost didn’t do the fireplace
we’re really glad we did do the fireplace because it really makes the room quite warm you cannot believe the attic upstairs, it’s
huge that was the huge drawing for us when we bought this house
We love the attic because we have three children, it’s a really nice space for them we’ve had birthday parties up there with
pinatas on the rafters I mean it’s it’s been fantastic and having it be all natural wood like it is it has really different feel to it a lot of the decoration comes from our heritage my wife’s family had a ranch in
Santa barbara a lot of things come from there, but we like to
mix them with a little bit more modern contemporary I think it makes a better look than to have
just one single style it’s kind of interesting for me to see when pottery barn comes how they set up because
they look at your house in a totally different way that you may not have looked at it and they
put furniture in it that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of I like that What’s surprising to me is they find different
nooks and crannies of the house and create different rooms out of them It always looks quite nice. I think when you walk in your home you
should feel a sanctuary and I think for us when we walk we feel
a warmth and tranquil I would definitely say pottery barn
gives us that tranquil feeling the stuff just has a beautiful cleanliness to it and is
really well put together and I think that’s the difference, it actually
feels like a real home. Please visit
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  1. This is a beautiful home but I am curious why it's tagged as a "contemporary home in California." Even the homeowners call it a traditional home. I expected something sleeker. All that notwithstanding, it was a lovely surprise. The muted tones used throughout the home shows a mature and thoughtful design aesthetic. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks Pottery Barn for uploading and thanks to the Fishels for 'sharing' their home with the world.

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