The Future of Car Lights – LED Conversion

The Future of Car Lights – LED Conversion

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
talk about LEDs and car lighting systems now LEDs or light emitting diodes, were
invented by Nick holonyak jr. when he was working at GE in 1962, and the first
LEDs hey, they were only available in red for 10 years, but now they come in many
colors shapes and sizes and they have a big advantage over old-fashioned types
of light bulbs, now Thomas Edison had a great idea when he invented the light
bulb, a little filament is inside a vacuum tube, electricity goes through
gets super hot and then emits light, but it’s the heating aspect that’s bad, it has
to heat up little wires that I have to be in a vacuum tube, because if they
aren’t and they’re out in the atmosphere they burn up in two seconds, so they have
to be sealed and a lot of the energy just creates heat and not light so
they’re very wasteful, for example this little tail lamp bulb
it gets pretty hot, 358 degrees Fahrenheit, but compare that to this
giant array of LEDs that’s for a fog lamp that puts out tons more light, look
what the temperature it puts out, seventy eight point one degrees, it’s just two
degrees warmer than it is outside, man these things don’t put out much heat, so
these LED’s not only are they brighter, they can come in any color you
want now, they last tons longer, because they’re not getting hot, they’re not
burning themselves out, and they don’t have that little filament that can go
bad or vacuum seal that can go bad and then the bulb burns out, so that’s why
they using LEDs in lots of modern cars they’re going to last longer, they can be
any color you want, and you use less energy, so the car becomes more efficient,
so you might say can I put LEDs in my car, well in most cases it’s as simple as
plug-and-play, just get an LED bulb instead of the old one and just plug it
into the socket, now in the case of my wife’s old Lexus here,
it had the old-style ugly headlight, so I just bought a whole assembly and it’s
got the cool headlights with the LED array that rings around it, it looks much
better than it looked before, and it was a simple bolt on replacement, as you can
see inside here, it just plugged in like the old one plugged in, you just had to unbolt the assembly and put it in, and bolt the new one in, or if you just want
to stick in LED bulbs like I did here the bulb just pops in, and they also come
in varying shades of color, but you got to check your local laws for that, some
colors are technically illegal, in that case it was just as easy as getting a
new LED bulb popping out the old halogen bulb and popping this back in, now
admittedly in the past sometimes the LEDs are too bright or too doll or
whatever hey the engineers have figured that out
what would you rather have, a solid-state thing that can take bumps and last
probably as long as the car, or old filament bulb that’s going to either
burn out or crack or just the vibration is going to make the wire come apart, and
since they use such a small amount of power check this out, this is one of these
light stands that you can put on jeeps for off-road stuff, I put it inside my
garage to light it up when it’s darker or if I come out at night and I’m messing around with stuff, if it was regular bulbs it would use a lot of power, but this thing
I could just run off a car battery for days, I just got it hooked up to this little
car battery on the ground, it’ll run a long time before it drains that battery,
and of course they’re great for flashlights when you’re working on cars
like the this LED, this thing is super bright, but hey it’s got a tiny
rechargeable battery, since they don’t use as much power, you can use it a long
time before you got to recharge it the bulb isn’t going to burn out like those
old high-intensity bulbs burn out, and the batteries are going to last a lot
longer than the old ones did, those old bright little flashlights, sometimes I’d
run out of power in less than an hour but with this LED, hey I only
have to recharge it once every few days and it’s rechargeable too, so you don’t
even have to buy a battery for the stupid thing, so if you’re looking for
some cool aggressive styling, and you want to have a more efficient car, hey
say goodbye to Thomas Alva Edison and say hello to LEDs, and since this is
mechanic Monday, I’m giving away a bunch of LED stuff, to have a chance to win
just place a clean non offensive comment on the YouTube comments below, and
the winner will be picked by computer randomly, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Please do not put led bulbs in halogen designed housing. That's just stupid coz your blinding other drivers in the traffic.
    Other thing, the halogen lamp generates heat that is melting the snow of your headlight in the winter months. Here in Scandinavia where i live thats very helpful.

  3. Well, LED lights are great until those lights break. My 2014 Mustang tail light got humidity inside the whole module and it cost $800. Luckily it was a warranty case.

  4. LED headlights may be OK if the lamps and housings are purchased as a unit, but in my experience the LEDs meant for retrofitting into existing housings aren’t ready for prime time. They produce plenty of light, but the beams are unfocused and thus pretty well impossible to aim properly. I think the problem is that the “regular” OEM bulbs have a very small filament that’s almost a point source for the light and it’s placed at just the right location for the housing to focus the beam. The LEDs, on the other hand, have a light source that’s spread out – typically something like 4mm by 8mm. The housing can’t focus it properly, and the result is more like a floodlight (bad) than a spotlight (good). Another problem with the LEDs is that there’s very little difference between the high and low beams, but again that’s probably due to the position of the light source. I had one set that was so bad that the low beams were actually higher than the high beams. The low and high beams were the same “bulb,” so there was no way to correct it except for maybe wiring them backwards.

  5. What about LED for 2003 Honda Element EX 2WD? Can I just get the bulbs or do I need to replace the whole assembly?

  6. I put led light on everything I drive and ride.
    Also my whole house has all led lighting. And the power usage has gone down significantly

  7. Some vehicles don't do too well with LEDs due to the lower resistive load the car thinks the bulb has blown. Volvos for eg so you may need a resistor installed in series with the bulbs

  8. LED lights are crazy annoying. Especially with most cars having fog lights underneath headlights so you'll be driving by cars with atleast 4 extremely bright lights now. These new lights low beams seem as bright as high beams. Cant see for 10 seconds while people drive by in town

  9. As many posters already mentioned, LED is no the panacea, just yet. I don't like the current ones and make my lights look like strings of peals, not manly. Traditional halogens amazing lasts a long time, and with modern cars auto-light-shutoff, no worries leaving your lights on.

  10. I like LED, but they have one down side, they are RF noise generating, radio killing things. I am a Ham Radio Operator and running mobile if I use the led lights on my Jeep it wipes the receiver out. I put RF chokes and shielded cable to the battery all the things I done for noise in the past 45 years but nothing I have done helps so far.

  11. LEDs are NOT obnoxiously bright – it's just that there are endless companies making them, and about 90% of them do not point the light in the right direction due to design deficiencies. I advise people to watch as many you tube comparison videos as possible before deciding on which ones to buy.

  12. I have LED headlights and they have a great flat pattern that is much better than standard bulbs. I made sure I aimed them correctly and tested it by getting in another car in front of mine to see what the pattern was like. I then adjusted them a little lower and the driver side bulb more to the right to make sure I don't blind anyone in front of me. It is actually less blinding than the stock bulbs when properly aimed. My LEDs also put out a very white light unlike the yellowish halogens.
    By the way, did you know that in most states you can only run white headlights, and the only colors of light that can legally be projected from the front of your car is white and amber.

  13. Thomas Alva Edison did NOT invent the light bulb! Forms of light emitting bulbs such as the arc lamp were being demonstrated sum 70 years before the scientist at Menlo Park laboratory filed the patent for the Edison bulb. Edison and his gang of scientist simply improved upon the incandescent light bulb.

  14. There are two different types of headlight housings. Projection (LED) and Reflection (Halogen). If you put an LED in a reflection type housing it will cause your headlights to blind other drivers and is illegal. Please do not swap your old Halogen bulbs with LEDs if you do not have the correct headlight housing.

  15. They've been replacing major roadway lighting around my city with LED lights. Back to the days of white street lighting!

  16. LED lamps, replacements for existing bulbs are all fine and dandy, but you get what you pay for. Most of the Chinesium sets/bulbs, interior or exterior have a nasty habit of flickering after a while. When checking the heat, check the heat sink, not the LED’s

  17. How'd my cat get in your video? I switched to LED's in my Jeep Cherokee and the lights went bonkers after a few days. Turn on the signal and all light flashing etc… Had to remove them and now my rear passenger side blinker doesn't work. Changed the turn signal multi-switch and it still doesn't work. Too bad because the LED's were great. The interior LED's are fine.

  18. I was told that converting from a normal light to an LED light required a conversion kit. Is this still true?

  19. My friend has these lights that ring around the headlights that change color, he was driving down the road with the rainbow effect on and got pulled over

  20. Leds are so old. The old cell phones number buttons have led ilumination on them. And most of the time it wasnt red, but green.

  21. LEDs are awesome. Definitely the future of automotive lighting.

    Kinda weird that new cars still use incandescents seeing as LEDs aren’t too expensive anymore…

  22. Tip: if you are getting an LED headlight upgrade, make sure to get bulbs that are two/sided and that the led chips line up with the original incandescent filament.

  23. Scotty I hope you know LED's disrupt circadian rhythms and can cause a host of human problems to include cancer. Which is why shift works have double the risk. This information counts for your cellphone, TV and computer monitors. Specifically it is the blue light from these devices that are problematic. Natural light from the sun is the best light to use when working on cars in regards to your health

  24. Been working on cars my whole life. Actually started with bicycles, then motorcycles. Bout 54 years worth. But I always learn something when I watch Scotty's videos. You keep me up when I should be sleeping Scotty. Very entertaining and informative all at once.

  25. Too bad ol Edison didn't work well, or honestly, with Tesla or we would have started with LEDs. Lol. Competition can be good or bad I guess.

  26. LED doesn't seem to project light as good at traditional. Whenever I use a flash light with a normal filament I can see further and it lights the area up better. LED doesn't span a bigger area to me

  27. I replaced my low and high beams with LED's in my 2015 Prius. Those lights were not cheap. They have little fans in the back to cool them down and when stopped and in electric mode, you can hear the faint hum of the 4 fans. You don't notice them when driving. The LED's are way brighter than the factory halogens. Don't buy the cheap LED headlights that are on E-bay or Amazon. Get them from a reputable dealer that have at least a 2 year warranty. If you are thinking of converting to LED….make sure the LED's you get match the position of the diodes to the position of the element on the original bulb. Often times, the LED is out of position from the original bulb and causes problems with correct aiming and other issues. My total cost to convert to LED was $300 but in my opinion, it was worth spending that much as the light output allows me to see so much better at night.

  28. On any plug in type bulbs like most are these days, polarity matters on LEDs . If it doesn't work, pull it out, turn it over and plug it back in reversing the contacts. It should then work !

  29. Scotty, I have an important question. I have seen cities change over traffic lights from old style bulbs to new LEDs and some places where it is very cold and get a lot of snow and ice would end up having the traffic lights freeze over because the new LED bulbs could not put out enough heat to defrost the traffic lights. They would have to install separate heating elements alongside the LED's, which ended up being ok because they still saved power over the traditional old style bulbs. Would you have to do the same thing with LEDs on your car though?

    Do car headlights ever freeze over and cause problems? I don't live where it is cold enough to have experience with this, so if someone could add their two cents I would appreciate it because I am debating whether to convert my car lights to LED because of traffic light horror stories.

  30. Hi Scotty I put a pair Osram w5w led in front of my car, but the onboard diagnostics said "the lights doesn´t work" and the check lights turn on… So I change again the led for the OEM or there is no mayor problems driving with this light? thank!

  31. Thank you sure your tips about led blubs and led kits .i have pairs headlight and low beam and fog light .even go back stock blubs

  32. LEDs might pull less voltage, but it does NOT mean that they don't get hot. LED bulbs get extremely hot to the point where they can melt the bulb assembly itself. If you're switching to LEDs, do your research and don't just buy the cheapest Chinese bulbs you can find. The internet is flooded with junk and you'll regret it! Spend a few bucks and get a reputable brand you can trust.

  33. As much sense as It makes to switch to led bulbs, they really hurt my eyes at night when I try to drive. Some are so blinding. So if you are going to put them in your car, please adjust them to the right height to prevent accident from happening. Thanks.

  34. Make sure to be careful when replacing normal bulbs with leds. If they are more powerful than the halogen bulbs, it doesn't reflect properly, and the light comes out distorted. It's called refraction

  35. Also iss not much but at night you car will be using less energy to run you alternator will have less friction which will give you more energy on you engine and les save some gas most in raining days will be great

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