The Lottery Liar (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

The Lottery Liar (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

Meet Howard and Kathy Walmsley. One day Howard told Kathy a little lie. He said he’d won the national lottery, and she believed him. £8, 904, 558 He went shopping for fast cars When I’d picked out two Jaguars didn’t I the salesman’s face lit up. A dream home. That one looks gorgeous there And the lifestyle fit for a multimillionaire So he said “Well, if it’s what I want I’ll have it.” But it was all a massive con, Howard hadn’t actually won a single penny. The lottery lie began with a pair of shoes just 8 pounds These are the shoes that started it all I fell in love with them and we were out shopping and I really wanted them. I knew we couldnt afford them But Howard says,”get em” and I says,”no, we cant afford em” He says,”get em” “get whatever you want.” “Treat yourself, I won the lottery.” Back in September 1998 Howard and Kathy had been married for five years It wasn’t going well Howard didn’t bring enough in from his painting and decorating business to pay the bills Our marriage was at a breaking point, she’d had enough and she wanted a divorce. That’s when I came up with the idea to stop people coming… debt collectors coming to the doors. People ringing up at Harrisoner’s that I’d won the lottery I can’t believe that from that day it would ever escalate to the level it came out in the end. Howard told Kathy to keep the news to herself. He hoped his little lie would buy him time while he tried to save their relationship. But within a few days he began sharing his secret starting with his sister and brother in law, Bev and Nigel. He just said “I’ve won the lottery” and I says “Come on you’re kidding”, and he says “No, I have!”. Then there were the neighbours, Marge and Karen. And he’d said like they’d got 5 numbers and errm… then it were like 5 numbers and the bonus. Then it went to like 6 but we never ever knew how much he never ever said how much he’d won and he just said like “I’ve won the lottery”. Thank you. The news that Howard’s numbers had come up spread like wildfire across their council estate in Doncaster. Everybody believed him, even everyone at club. He bought drinks He took them out for meals, everything. That’s £2 then please Thank you very much People paid more attention to me than if I hadn’t won the lottery. They seemed to want to be with me, in my company all the time. I didn’t actually believe that I’d won the lottery. All I wanted to do was treat Kathy to holiday with the bit of money that I’d borrowed from the Bank. Howard had indeed borrowed some money. He convinced Kathy it would be a good idea to splash out on the couple’s first holiday abroad. They headed for the Canaries. We needed some time to get away so we could get our heads clear. And sort out what we were doing with this money. Howard still hadn’t put a figure on his fantasy fortune. He kept telling to take it steady because we can’t get hold of the money yet because it’s in an offshore account and all we’ve got is the interest and that’s all we can get until it’s sorted. So just calm down a little bit because once this is gone we have to wait another month for the next payment to come through. And every time I said that she kept saying “well how much have you won?” and I just kept saying “I’ve just won a little bit”. This is Howard and this is Kathy. On holiday Kathy and Howard met some new friends Brian Scott and his wife Gloria Over a few drinks their secret spilled out. You don’t meet people who win the lottery. You just hear that there were so many winners, but they’re never people you know. If someone had asked me how much that guy had in his pocket it looked like a guy that was willing to spend money. I’ve got a picture of them walking past the shops. Everywhere we went, for meals or breakfast Kathy would say “You pay”. You know, as far as I was concerned we were lottery winners. I would have paid for their holiday if I could. In the evening we spent out with him we had a nice meal a couple of bottles of champagne. Although we said we would pay our share he insisted on picking up the bill. We will put the camera on later for when Nick’s had a few drinks. I had to go to a cash point in Puerto Rico and withdraw another £500 so this holiday had actually cost me about £2400 by the time we’d finished. He didn’t disclose the sum but he did indicate that it was enough to set him up in a nice lifestyle and give him a good income for the rest of his life. My feeling was ‘Good luck to him’. Back in Doncaster the holiday was over but the lottery lie just kept on growing. I tried to tell her on a few different occasions. I did try to tell her. But I couldn’t bring myself to say that I borrowed money. I just couldn’t tell her. Kathy was beginning to have doubts about their new found wealth because the bills were still mounting up. So I decided to phone Camelot for my own peace of mind just to make sure that there was a win. They couldn’t give me any information. What she did offer me was a rundown of the amounts that had been won each week on a Wednesday and a Saturday. I went through some dates and it must have been 17th October 1998. And he says “Yes it was” and I says “Well that means it’s £8,904,558”. he says “Yeah”. I couldn’t believe it. I had to lie because if I hadn’t have lied, then she would known the truth. One small thing lead to a big lie. It just got out of control. It was more than what he’d thought I’d come up with. But that was the actual figure on the date so he had to stick by it. So a little lie about some £8 shoes had now become an £8,000,000 whopper. Three months after supposedly becoming multi-millionaires Howard and Kathy were still living in their council house. Howard was sticking to his story that their fortune was offshore and still unavailable. He kept being evasive all the time he wouldn’t discuss figures, he wouldn’t discuss anything. I was excited with the thought of getting a new life and helping everybody else have a new life. And that was the biggest thing for me. We’ve got 8 kids between us and we would share it all out equally. Would you believe that by time we’d shared all the money out plus his parents and his brothers and sisters We were skint. Howard and Kathy decided to share their good fortune at a celebration party for their family and friends. More than 60 people accepted their invitation There were folks there I had never seen before And I was like “Who are these?” and he said “They’re family.” Well I’d never seen them. You bought the first round of drinks for everybody I bought drinks all night, I spent £600. As soon as people went to the bar he’d say “What are you having?” The drinks flowed, the buffet was served but there was one thing missing. But we never got the cheques Never gave cheques out Everybody was sat there waiting for their cheques So you’d told people you were going to give them cheques? Yes, £50,000 Let’s get this right, you told people you were going to give them cheques that night. After the party Howard knew he had to produce hard evidence of the win so he turned to a childhood dream When I told Kathy that I’d won the lottery I thought to make it a bit more realistic I went to a Jaguar dealership in Doncaster I always wanted a Jaguar because I used to have some model cars when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I’m Jeff Norms and I’m the general manager of the Jaguar dealership in Doncaster Howard strolled around the showroom and chose an XJ8 in sea-frost green. But that was just the start. So he’s already to spend £38,000 or there abouts, on a car for himself. He then decided that he should buy his wife a car Which happened to be an XJ8 coupe very similar to this one. So between the two cars he was looking to spend somewhere in the region of of £90,000. When I’d picked out two Jaguars the salesman’s face lit up When I said to him I’d like to buy another Jaguar for another member of family That’s when he ordered some flowers for you and he got you a bottle of bubbly. We thought it was a little unusual that somebody would buy three cars so quickly but then again we hadn’t met a lottery winner before. The treated us like royalty didn’t they. There were flowers when I walked in. Couldn’t do enough for us. They were really good. One of the things that impressed me about Howard’s generosity was the fact that he was going go give a tractor to a village in Africa. He thought that that was the best way to help them. One day I actually said to the salesman could I use one of the Jaguars that I’m purchasing off you. He said “that’s no problem.” You can take any one you want. I said “I’ll take the XJS”. I put £50 of petrol in and all I could thing of was watching the petrol gauge just going down and down. He told us about setting up trust funds for his children he was going to buy properties and cars for his family. He seemed to be very genuine and a very generous man. We accepted him for that. There were lots of times when I doubted he’d won the lottery. Buying Jaguars, not ordering just one but three. I kept thinking “He can’t go this far” “He wouldn’t go this far”. Telling lies, but… He did. Howard and Kathy’s fortune was now the talk of the neighbourhood. It was inevitable, everyone was in the street when they came back from shopping And it would be like “Oh can you say what they’ve got?”

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  1. Rule #1783 of “How to be a Wanker”… Lie to your spouse and say you won the lottery.

    Rule #1784 of “How to be a Wanker”…Borrow the money from your affair to make your spouse think you won the lottery.

  2. This should be the modern-day "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" story we tell our kids to teach them not to lie. The moral of the story: Don't lie or you'll end up with a terrible haircut, a prison nickname, and £8 shoes.

  3. Luckily he didn’t win the lottery because if he did the way they were spending they would have been broke in a couple years anyway.

  4. I'd be wondering straight away why he never bought himself a personality, alarm bells would be ringing when you realise he's the most miserable millionaire you've ever seen

  5. Their hair hasn't changed since 1998 and the husband is wearing the same yellow shirt on their first holiday together as in the this documentary a lie too?!?! 🤪

  6. So his solution after lying about winning was go start wasting the money you don't have on buying lotto tickets 😂😭

  7. I admire her for sticking by him. Its not like he's a real criminal.
    I say good luck to the both of them . This'll all fade with time.
    Best wishes for the future you two.😃

  8. lol, what a legend…. I hope he does win the lotto in the future so he can buy his wife lots of £8 shoes, and the dream house….

  9. Funniest bit is when he takes her to the house they was gunna get and it reminded me off the tv show bullseye when they lose the last game and he says let’s have a look at what you could have won 😂😂

  10. Sticking by him after doing bad things, I understand. But being so lovey dovey is another story. She took vows right? Does him breaking his negate that? I think that’s the point of vows.

  11. We all have dream's but when they involve hardship to others to fulfill them then that is very wrong,the longevity of his deceit showed that he was going to hang on until the bitter end to live out his fantasies regardless of the pain it would cause to those caught up in his misdoings.
    The only good thing to come out of this is how his wife stuck with him which shows her unconditional love for him,in that respect he is a very lucky man and should be very grateful.

  12. His lack of emotion is disturbing. What will he do to his wife next? Why would she still be with him? “I won’t take risks any more”. Surely he should be saying, “I won’t lie any more”? Did it for the love of his family? 🤣

  13. the smart move would have been to get screenwriters on the job for a movie in a similar guise to Rouge Trader…
    lies, affairs, bounced cheques, jail, stress, some artistic/creative/dramatic license and job done… would have done well back in 2001/2002

  14. If my spouse did that he or she would take every single penny out their pocket and shag the first person in my path. Within reason.

  15. She is got a Burberry top , there house is still beautiful and they didn’t loose it and managed to pay all the bills.. think they keeps some bk don’t u….

  16. Prison is the only option – says his defense lawyer trying not to laugh. And his nickname in prison is 'bonus ball'. Comedy gold.

  17. Think the wives hair has suffocated her brain she is as thick as he is. Put both their heads together and build a shed for them to live in

  18. In the States they elected a guy just like him as President. We're waiting for him to be arrested for fraud too.

  19. I was secretly hoping that his luck would change and that he would win the lottery alas it didn’t happen but he won more and got to keep his wife 👩‍🦳

  20. The guy's a genius. His wife was just about to divorce him and take half his wealth, so he went out and made sure that it was as big a minus number as possible.

  21. Now that Howard is in prison for 3 years, how does the wife pay the bills that she was so stressed about? In theory, she should be on the street turning tricks by now! But no, according to this documentary, she is still in the same house with the same expenses. I dont get it.

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