The Making Of Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” With Bighead | Deconstructed

The Making Of Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” With Bighead | Deconstructed

The craziest thing about “Gucci Gang” is I made
it at Record Plant. The same studio back in the 70s where my dad
was trying to audition for a band. He stole the singer of that band’s wife and
now she’s my step-mom. Another funny part is that I brought a girl
to that studio. I didn’t even make a beat yet. I just took her to this lounge scene they
have and got it poppin’ back there real quick. Then I went in the studio and then just started
making the beat. And I always tell my dad that and he’s just
like, “Okay.” As a kid, I just always wanted to do music. I started getting into production when I was
like 17. I was listening to Wiz Khalifa ‘Cabin Fever,’
and I would always see “prod. by Lex Luger.” All them people. I was seeing that they were using Fruity Loops
so I just downloaded it on my mom’s computer. From there I just got addicted to
it. I stopped everything I was doing because I
was staying up all night making beats. I have to be in the right mood to make beats. Sometimes I won’t be in the right mood and
then I think every beat sucks. And I can’t make beats without having a
full outfit on. Like shoes and everything. Even if I’m in my house. Because when I make a beat… Usually I hate all my beats. That’s my problem. So I at least have to have a good outfit on
to feel confident. Like, “Ok, I can do this.” The funny thing about Record Plant is that
it has a basketball court in there. And Pump, I already knew he wasn’t recording
that night. He was just gonna play basketball. So I was gonna make a beat there, I wasn’t
gonna waste studio time. I like being in studios that’s big and loud
and nice. I pulled up just some piano in Sytrus and
that’s a stock plugin which is funny. And then I added this Gross Beat. Every Fruity Loops dude and everybody that
uses Gross Beat knows about the half speeding thing. And I half sped it but I don’t want it all
the way half sped so I turned it like halfway off. This is a little secret. Instead of sounding so dry it sounded like
this. Makes it sound like more is going on right
there. You kinda still hear the notes I play but
then it adds these random notes that hit off each other. The next thing I did after having the piano
and I was content with the piano. I went to DUNE and I found the sequence. I felt like it was too fast and like, “Woah,
too much is going on.” It was really fast. And so I pulled up Gross Beat and just half
sped it. Then it sounded like this. I was kind of just experimenting. I found that sound and I just laid the note
out. And then I was like I’m going to put a gross
beat just to see how it sounds. They like added together perfectly. So I was like, “Ok, that’s sweet.” I didn’t put too much thought into it. So after I had the melodies laid out, I just
moved on to hi-hats. Like very simple. Usually I’ll always do that too. I’ll go melodies and then hi-hat and then
clap. And then I layered that clap with this snare. After I added some percussion with the melodies
playing. I felt like, “Ok, it’s sounding good. I got something.” It was going somewhere. And then usually after I do the percussion
and all of that, I add the 808. It sounded good. I felt like if I added too much more distortion
or any EQ it would’ve been like overkill so I kind of like it to have a cleaner sound. The thing is I like having Gnealz around me
when I’m making a beat because we collab. He’ll like hype it up better like, “Nah
that’s good. That’s good.” Like motivation. Like, “Nah, you’re good.” And I was like yo, add something to the beat. He switched up some of the hi-hats and then
he added this rim. It added like a little bounce because it was
kind of like on the off beat of it. The kick followed the 808 pattern pretty much
very simple so didn’t do too much to that. I found a little open hi-hat and it’s very
simple. That was pretty much the whole beat but it
needed like one more melody. Everything else sounded really low and dark. Something in my head just popped up. And I was like, “I wanna add this higher piano.” I feel like that part is stuck in people’s
brains. So the last thing after the beat was laid
out and I added that little high pitch piano. Everything sounded great. We added our tags, like every producer. But then I remember this rise I always use. That’s all it is but it sounds like something
epic is about to happen. I always use that one. I love that rise. So with the whole beat, it sounds like this. I knew the beat was done because Pump was
like, “Yeah that’s it. It’s good.” So i didn’t have to add anything and he
knew what the hook was. I rather make beats in front of the rapper
on the spot. It doesn’t adds no pressure to me. That’s perfect. And I don’t care if you don’t like any
of the beats I end up making like, “Oh well.” “I’ll come back another time.” But I always like doing it on the spot because
I feel like when I’m by myself I add too much sounds. That one sounded perfect. I can loop it forever and I would never get
annoyed of it. Everytime I went to the studio with Pump I
always wanted to make him his biggest song. That’s my goal with like every rapper. I want people to know that when you get a
beat from Big Head, it’s going to be your biggest song. ‘Cause like nothing is ever good enough. I’ll be like. I’ll set a goal and I wanna do this or whatever. And then it happens. And then it’s like I want 10 of those. Like I wanna fill the Billboard charts.

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  1. The song might be ass and annoying but he made an iconic beat. You know this song whether you hate it or love it

  2. Damn, I been existing on this planet for 25 years and this is the first time i recognize that famous rap songs weren't produced by the rappers, the first time I know there's producers behind all these rap songs.

  3. He seems like a fucking retard, but he gets the job done and he gets a good beat, so i guess he not that much of a retard.

  4. Trash beat great rapper. This guy had the honor of making a song with Pump and he made the worst possible beat.

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  6. He used to gross beat to slower pianio gates 😂😂 . There is always option available in preset itself to slower down gates and time. Producers will understand. 😂😂😂

  7. Cool and very inspiring video

    Guys please rate my budding person
    Give your comments

  8. For the people implying “hE diDnt eVeN dO mUcH woRk” that’s perfectly fine in music. That simplicity is what made such a record and the reason why you’re at watching this video anyway. Fuck off if you knocking a mans grind

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  11. So, does this tard even play an instrument? You just fuck around on a music program and think you have talent? Thank you for contributing to the lowering of humanity's collective IQ and the epitome of what's wrong with "music" these days.

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