The Modern Way to Get Fired – Genies

The Modern Way to Get Fired – Genies

(bell jingles) – Time to go to work. – Can we get ice cream before? – Who gets ice cream
before they do the thing? – You’re right,
let’s get milkshakes. – You know what? No, I’m not doing
this with you today. – I love frozen milk treats. I’m not gonna apologize for it. – [Passenger] Oh my God. – [Driver] The
seatbelt was messed up. It wasn’t my fault. (soft music) (door rattles) – Hey, oh God. Chester Hammond, right? – Yeah, can I help you? – That depends. Let’s just get into it. So this isn’t gonna be
easy because you’re great and we know you’re great. That cherry pie that you
made for the company picnic. That wasn’t store
bought, you made that with love, you care
about the people here. – Yeah, thanks. How do you know who I am? – You realize that
we’re on the brink of another recession
and some tough choices are gonna have to be made. You’ve been with the
company, geez, 15 years you’ve worked here? – I’m sorry, I think you
have the wrong guy, buddy. – So we’re gonna
have to let you go. – We? Who’s we? Do you work here? – No, no, I would
never work here. I have no idea what you do. It’s a labyrinth, all
the offices are empty. Lots like Vanilla Sky in here. – Vanilla Sky (laughs). Did Roger put you up to this? I was supposed to meet
with my boss right now. So that’s good. – No, this is the meeting. And it’s not a prank. It’s an app. – That looks like a
picture of your parents. – Oh, God, I’m so sorry. One second. (phone chimes) It’s an app. See we grant wishes for people. Let me show you. Come on, let me show you. – Why am I doing, all right. Show me, I guess. – We grant wishes for people. Like anything you want,
music lessons, deliveries. We’ll show up to
your dad’s funeral. We’ll visit your grandma
in the nursing home type of thing. So your boss calls the
nearest Genie, which is me, to fire you which is you. He’s not good at eye contact. Which to be fair. (ominous music) – What are you doing? – Eye contact, see? You’re uncomfortable. – Yeah, I just got fired by
a guy who doesn’t work here. What am I gonna do? – You could be a genie.
(shouts in surprise) – Who are you? – Sorry, I’m Luke. I’m a Genie, too. – When did you get here? – I snuck in during
the eye contact thing. That was awesome, man,
you were locked in. Good job. You’re Chester, you’re
the guy we’re firing. Awesome. Look, okay, point is we’ll
hire anybody right now. Man, it’s open season. They hired me, my
name’s not even Luke. I just found a resume at
Kinko’s and ran with it. You know, that’s
how you gotta do it. – Your name is not Luke? (ominous music) – See? Eye contact. We learned about it in training. – My life is over, man. Aw, God damn it. – No, no, hey Chester. Chester, it is over. – Right. – It’s over, I’m just
being honest with him but your new life
is just beginning. Get in the lamp, man. – What does that mean? – It’s our catchphrase. – If you start working
with us, that’s something that you never have to say. That’s a thing that he
says, he’s trying to make it catch on, but it
will never catch on. – It might catch on if we
get new people to say it. – How do you sign up, I guess? – Yes. Help him out. – Let me show you,
it’s alarmingly easy. All right, so you just put
in your socials and stuff. – I don’t want to work with him. – I don’t want to work with him. He eats like 12 eggs a day. – 12 eggs?
– With a gallon of milk. – With a gallon of milk? – I’m surprised
he’s still alive. It’s like, he should be dead. – Gosh, I think we
gotta get some of these for the car, man. These are awesome. – Oh Chester, before we
go, do you guys validate? – Come on, man. – He is not the one to ask. Why would ask him that? – Oh because he got fired. Oh that sucks.

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  1. Usually the way it goes! The person with NO BALLS sends someone else to do the dirty work. Better yet how about they tell you to have a nice weekend and by the time you get home you get a call saying you no longer have a job!

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