40 thoughts on “The Naked Truth with Architects

  1. it looks like sam is wearing ahren's (from the amity affliction) merch one love apparel. thats pretty cool

  2. I miss Tom. I can't put into words how his writing has affected me, but I'm glad he has a brother who is so similar to him to carry on his legacy. This whole band is made up of exceptional individuals and every day I think about how they have changed my life for the better.

  3. I bloody love when:
    1:11 Sam suggests Ali as the most annoying after his sharp initial "unnecessary attack" to the twins, and the three of them instantly join forces against Ali, who cockily shrugs because "I'm strong on this" haha
    2:01 Ali sighing heavily as he gives up because "I can't win with the twins, I'll blame myself"
    2:59 Tom mocking Sam "me, me, everyone look at me"
    Dog, I'll miss that (mocking) voice and that humour so so much, one of a kind lad…

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