The New 2020 Land Rover Defender | Everything You Should Know

The New 2020 Land Rover Defender | Everything You Should Know

– It’s finally here. The all-new 2020 Land Rover Defender. After months of teasing this thing, Land Rover finally pulled the wraps off it Tuesday morning at the Frankfurt auto show. And, well, just look. (suspenseful electronic music) Now the new one comes
in two different sizes, the Defender 110, which is a four-door, and the Defender 90, which is a two-door. These are the same sizes and proportions as the original Land Rover Defender, however you’re not gonna
mistake the new one for the old one because
it looks very different. Still recognizably a Land Rover, but the new one has sort of a exaggerated concept car quality to it. It’s definitely not gonna
be the sort of thing where you have worry about people thinking you bought an old car. This is very recognizably a modern-day Land Rover. (suspenseful electronic music) There are plenty of ways to make it your own depending on how much you like the way that it looks
in some of these videos. They actually are offering four different appearance and sort of option packages to it depending on how you want to configure yours out. Ranging from the urban pack, which is made more for city dwellers, to the adventure pack for people who live active, outdoor lifestyles. Inside things look a
little more traditional like you’d expect from a Land Rover, though the powder-coated
magnesium cross-car beam that serves as both a structural element and a design one seems
like the sort of thing that’s gonna get a lot of attention. Another interesting fact
about the interior is that the front row can actually come as a three-person bench. If you really want to cram as many people in there as you can, the Defender 90 actually comes standard with this. So even though it’s a tiny, little car, in terms of wheelbase and length, you can actually get six people in it. (peppy electronic music) It may look a little bit
simple on the inside, but it is very high tech. Every one comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and there’s also a new
infotainment system, which is coming to Land Rover for the first time here. Also they’re getting over-the-air updates, like a smartphone or a Tesla or something like that, in order to update your
car while on the go without having to take
it in to the dealership. (peppy electronic music) Not only is it a Land Rover, it’s a Defender. So it has to be capable off-road. Based on the spec sheet, it seems like this one is going to do all that we need it to do and more. It’s the stiffest Land Rover ever made, and of course it comes
with standard full-time four-wheel drive and low range, as you’d expect. It’s a Land Rover. That’s what they do. It also comes with, obviously, options like locking center and rear differentials. You can get it with a snorkel if you want on there. There’s adaptive suspensions in play. You can spec it out
really however you want to make it as bad-ass off-road as you think you need. The suspension jacked up all the way, it offers a phenomenal 11.5 inches of ground clearance. And it can actually scramble up a 38 degree slope, and then down a 40 degree one, which if you’ve ever tried walking down a ski slope, you would imagine is kind of insane. (peppy electronic music) So they’ll be two engines available here in America. There is a turbo-charged in-line four that makes 296 horsepower, and a hybridized,
turbo-charged in-line six, which makes 395 horses. Either way though, again, four-wheel drive is standard. Gonna be connected to an eight-speed automatic either way. No manual transmissions, sorry guys. Whomp, whomp. Pricing starts at $49,900
for the base model climbing all the way up to $80,900 for the top-tier X version. The 110 model will go on sale first. That’s gonna hit showrooms
in the spring of 2020. The Defender 90 will go on a sale a little bit after that. (suspenseful electronic music) Land Rover has really done a great job of mastering not just the hardware of off-roading nowadays, but also the software of it. So the way that they integrate the use of the mechanicals and the electronics and stuff like that
allows them to basically– it makes it idiot proof. They always take you out– when you go off-roading
in a Land Rover nowadays, as long as you’re not a buffoon, and you’re not just
being recklessly stupid, it’s very hard to get
too deep into trouble that the car can’t save you. I’m really excited to see, with all of the new off-road hardware and software that they’re integrating here with the terrain response system and the heavy-duty four-wheel drive, all the stuff like that, really curious to see how well this thing performs off-road. (mysterious electronic music)

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  1. Hahaha “bad ass’,,,, try fixing this bling bling in the outback…. bloody idiots have lost the pure essence of what a true 4wd is all about. This new Defender is nothing but fancy bling bling driving. Wait until it breaks down then try doing some makeshift repairs to get back on the trial/track, good luck on that. think i will stick with my basic, reliable and trusty Land Cruiser……

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