The New Bachelor Had Sex in a Windmill (feat. Jim Gaffigan) – Lights Out with David Spade

The New Bachelor Had Sex in a Windmill (feat. Jim Gaffigan) – Lights Out with David Spade

Last night they announced
the new Bachelor, and it’s, uh, Peter the pilot–
he’s a real pilot. He had sex with Hannah
four times in the windmill on the other show. Can’t wait to catch
the new season on Pornhub. -(laughter)
-Um… sex in the windmill
is interesting, because… they’re doing new spots. -It used to be the fantasy
suite. -TIANA: Mm-hmm. Now I think you
just got to go quickly. Like, right when you meet ’em,
when you get out of the limo, you go, “Hi. I’m Tom.
Can I steal you for a sec?” (laughter) Right behind the pyracantha. Go ahead, you were saying. Uh, so, sex in a windmill. -Whoo!
-I’ve, uh… (laughter) I, you know, I… -when I eventually have sex,
uh… -SPADE: Yeah? I’m gonna have it in a vagina. (laughter) (cheering, applause) In a perfect world. Have you ever had sex
in a weird place? Uh… the-the behind. -GAFFIGAN: Yeah.
-Yeah. (laughter) Where have you? I had sex on a Jet Ski once. -Oh, sweet. Really?
-GAFFIGAN: Really? I mean, how do you get to prom? It’s like,
how do you get there? -What city was that in?
-Oh, that was… -You’re from the… Yeah.
-The South. Yeah. -So it was a limo one.
-A limo Jet Ski. That’s great. Fred, have you been to the prom? -Oh, yeah, a whole bunch
of times. -Fred… -He went last year. -I don’t
want to put Fred on the spot, -but we were talking before,
-SPADE: Okay. -Yes. and he was going on and on about how Jeffrey Epstein
is a good guy. (laughter) -That’s…
-And I… -I heard this before the show,
yeah. -I said no. He was, like, “Should I
pitch him to host SNL ?” -And I’m like, no. -TIANA: Yeah.
-SPADE: No, no, no, no. -I’ll tell you that.
-Anyway, but… -I don’t want to put him
on the spot. -No, no, no. By the way, there was
a Bachelor in Paradise– there was a combo last night– The, uh, girl on Bachelor in
Paradise married another girl. Like, she proposed to her. Demi proposed to Kristian. And, uh, I think it’s cheating
on that show because this girl, one of them, was not on The Bachelor at all They just shipped her in
on a canoe, and she says I’ve been
dating her on the off-time. And that was not fair to the
people that are on the show, and she brought her in
and got all the attention. I think it’s none
of our business. This is a private moment,
this is their private lives.

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  1. How does he not even have 40k subscribers??? I was watching some kid that was showing how to clean your windshield probably and he had 5 million subscribers! Da fuck?

  2. Whoa Jim Gaffigan and Fred Armisen at the same time. I feel like that's a waste. Spread them out on two different episodes.

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