The Property Brothers Redo a Bedroom

The Property Brothers Redo a Bedroom

– What’s your question
for the Property Brothers? – So, my husband and I
bought our first home just a few months ago and the house had not been
renovated for the last 37 years. So, the last four months
we’ve been renovating the front of the house
to bring it up to par. Now we’re renovating
the back of the house, including our bedroom. And as you can see, it’s mixed matched, it’s a little eclectic. I like it, I think it’s fine. I think we can make it work just as is. – No.
– So what you’re saying is you don’t need any magic in the bedroom? You wanna just keep the bedroom as is? – I think so. – Is this the bedroom? – This is your bedroom here. We got the picture that you sent in. – [Anabel] Yes. – I think easiest fix,
new husband. (laughing) So, if that’s not an option– – Oh. – No, back off. (laughing). – My man said back off. That ain’t what we here for. (laughing) – You know, one of the
most stressful things is going through a renovation because a lot of times
couples will not agree. We wouldn’t have a show if it
wasn’t for that. (laughing) So we think what you have to do is realize the master
bedroom is a sanctuary for you to recharge your batteries. No more chaos from work and kids. I mean, it’s just about you guys. – Let’s be honest, you have your work desk in the corner of your master bedroom. That is not settin’ the mood for anybody. And so– – Who’s desk is it? – Yeah, who does the work in the bedroom? – It’s our desk. – It’s, yeah., we both use it.
– We both use it. – Alright, so what we do for a living, we fix problems in the bedroom, all right? (laughing) So what we, do we wanna do, do you guys wanna come
down and we’ll talk? – [Steve Harvey] Yeah,
y’all come down here. (cheering) – [Johnathan] We we’re gonna
hit the wall behind (cheering) – [Steve Harvey] Y’all come right here. – [Jonathan] Have a seat right here. [Steve Harvey] Hi, how are you? – [Anabel] Good. – [Steve Harvey] How you doing Mateo? – Alright.
– Good. – [Johnathan] First things first, no! Bad, bad! (laughing) – [Johnathan] No working in the bedroom, the bedroom is supposed
to be where you turn off. I barely like it when people
have their cell phones buzzing right next to their heads. – I have a quick question. – [Anabel] Yeah? – What’s in the trunk? – Covers.
– Yeah, extra sheets, comforters, yeah.
– Oh oh, okay that’s fine. – One of the notes I
saw is that you felt you needed to clear cut the
bedroom, and start from scratch, and I don’t think so. You have a beautiful
room, beautiful hardwood, the tone is soft, it’s
all about how you dress it and style it, the bed
and the bedding is the most important thing because
you spend more time on that furniture than any
other furniture in the house. – Lets give a little example,
so you were saying that you thought this was good the way it is. – It’s not bad.
– Yeah, it works. – [Johnathan] Personally,
we kinda feel that this is a little bit better. (cheering) – [Anabel] Whoa, That’s beautiful! That’s amazing, woo. – [Jonathan] That’s much better. – Like Johnathan said the
bedding is a big part of it, but on top of the bedding
a little bit of detail, you can do a little bit
of detail on the wall, you can even use some
wallpaper, some crown molding, some lighting to set the mood. – [Johnathan] And it’s
all about comfort, right? You guys got stressful lives,
work lives everything else, so soft things like a nice big
area rug, nice cozy bedding stuff that you want to jump into, and not get out until next week. – And one of the most
important things in the bedroom a great night sleep, so we
are actually going to give you one of our Scott Living
Restonic Mattresses too. (cheering and clapping) – [Steve Harvey] Wow. – Steve, as our Property
Brother from another mother, has a little something to tell ya. – [Steve Harvey] Yeah before
I do that I just want to talk about the number of pillows
that women like to have on the bed. (laughing) – [Anabel] Yes, I like
pillows, I like pillows. – [Steve Harvey] I
don’t know what that is, – [Anabel] I like pillows. but I do know the more
pillows you put on the bed, the more the woman likes
the bed. (laughing) I do not understand that,
but what’s great is that. (rustling) – This is Steve beard inspired. – [Steve Harvey] See that’s
what’s wrong with me. (laughing) – [Johnathan] See that
gray coming out? (laughing) trust me it’ll all be worth it. (cheering) – [Steve Harvey] Hey, what’s
great is, is that most of these pieces in the design were found over at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. – [Anabel] Wow nice. – [Steve Harvey] So just so you know that. (cheering) So to help you out we
reached out to our friends at Bed, Bath & Beyond and
they want to make sure that you love your bedroom, so they giving you a $5,000.00 gift card. (cheering) – [Mateo] Yahoo! – [Steve Harvey] That’s for you
guys, best of luck to Anabel and Mateo, and a special
thanks to Johnathan and Drew Scott for stopping by. – [Drew] Thank you, thank you. – [Steve Harvey] Don’t
forget catch a new season of Property Brothers every
Wednesday at 9pm on HGTV. And be sure to pick up their
book Builder Brother Big Plans. (cheering and clapping) – [Steve Harvey] Audience it’s
your lucky day today because all of you are going home
with your very own copy of their new book. (cheering and clapping) Harvey’s Hundreds is next–

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  1. I have actually met the property brothers at a meet and greet a little outside of Nashville, TN and let me tell you, they are Large and in Charge! Get it done brothers!

  2. There are 4 pillows on our bed. 2 for me and 2 for him for sleeping, company comes I do had 3 more decorative pillows. That is it. Love the Property Bros.

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