The Purple Door Episode 9

The Purple Door Episode 9

Hey everybody, I’m Stacy Lyn, and it’s
update time! We’re doing the renovation on our country house, the Purple Door, and
if you’ve been following me for a while, you know why it’s named the Purple Door,
but I have a couple of things I want to talk about before I show you some of the
furniture that I’ve decided to put in the Purple Door, and I’m loving these
pieces of furniture, so I wanted to tell you—yesterday’s dove shoot went great, by
the way. I, um, talked about it. I did a live of the
video—of the dove shoot, and I did a couple of videos yesterday, and it went
great. We got 67 dove, and the boiled peanuts were a big hit. I’m gonna
make sure I write those and put them on the blog at, so
please subscribe to that if you haven’t already subscribed. And please share this
video with your friends, with anybody who would be interested in it. Again, I’m
Stacy Lyn, and I’m going to show you the furniture that we put into the Purple
Door. So…that’s our country house that we’ve been renovating.
Um, we had a great double shoot yesterday, and then today, one of the really neat
things that happened, we were having kind of a birthday party outside—one of my
daughters had a birthday yesterday, and we didn’t get to open all the presents
yesterday because we were having the dove shoot, so we opened ’em today, and we see
this carrier pigeon, and it’s just—it’s still out there! Um, and so it’s just sitting
there, it’s just so beautiful. Anyway, it has a tag, it’s got tags on both of its
feet, and it was coming right up to us, and it’s just—it’s like it’s just a tame
bird where I’m like—when it first flew through, I’m thinking there’s gotta be
some saying about this, and, you know, and then it started walking over to us, and
it was just so beautiful. Anyway, it has a tag that says Auburn University 2018, but
it also says it’s from Wisconsin, which is really interesting, so I don’t know if
they tagged it, took ’em to Wisconsin, and they’re just seeing where they are,
wha—where they’re located. We’re gonna call Auburn University tomorrow and tell them
about it, but, anyway, it’s been a neat experience for the family, and, um, I’ve got
video of it, and I’ve also got pictures, so if you’re interested, let me know, and
I’ll post it. So anyway, back to the renovation—oh, I have one more thing
before I’ll show you the furniture. I’m Stacy Lyn, if you’re just now joining in,
I see a lot of you are new, and, um, I’m so excited to show you some of the
furniture! Finally, we’re about finished, we have the bathrooms to do, but after
that, we’ll be done, and we’re moving furniture in now. And we’ve got our water.
You know, if you’ve been following me, you know that we don’t have our water, but we
finally have our water, so I think some of you might be asking that question, and
the toilets are working, which is really great, and, um, and we’ve got it hooked
up, so I’m super, super, super excited, and kudos to the well digger. Man, we couldn’t
live without him. So, alright, I want to show you something. A really fun, fun
story, something great that happened to me this weekend. I went to buy the green
peanuts at the farmers market, and by the way, they’re out, my dad said
that it should be a little bit longer before you can buy the green, but I found
them, and I got mine at Sweet Creek, um, Farmers Market here on off of Troy
Highway in Montgomery, Alabama, but there’s other places that have them too. So, anyway,
I made ’em, he told me everything there is to know about peanuts, I’m gonna be
putting boiled peanut recipe on my blog,, sometime soon, so
you’ll want to visit there because they are the best peanuts ever. Well anyway,
I’m up at the counter, and I see this magazine, and it’s called Edible Lower
Alabama, and I was like, “Uh! This is a beautiful magazine!” And I was like, “Huh,
this is interesting.” And I saw venison, and you know I love venison, and you know
I have a cookbook that has a lot of venison in it, so I’m thinking, “I want
to be in that magazine, man, who in the world!” So I opened it up, and lo and
behold, they’re my recipes, and I had forgotten that they had asked me for
these recipes, and this magazine, first of all, is really beautiful, and will you want to
get your hands on one. Look at this. Rosa Parks’s recipe for pancakes unearthed, all
kinds of neat stories, and it’s just great—farm, I think, farm-raised meats, and
then—my—my recipes, which are in my cookbook Harvest, the who—Stacy Lyn’s
Harvest Cookbook, and it’s got, um, all of these recipes in it, and you can get it with
the code, and I’m gonna let you in on this, with the code Harvest18 on my
website,, you can get a discount, and I’ll sign them for
you in any way that you want me to personalize. Well anyway, I’ve got fried
rabbit with sage buttermilk waffles, venison shepherd’s pie is in here,
venison Korean wraps, you can just do all kinds of stuff with,um, with venison, but I
also have beef, chicken, half of the book is vegetables, so vegetarians will still
love it, it’s got probably over 115 recipes on vegetables from the garden, and then,
an exciting part of this is one of my favorite chefs, here he is, David Bancroft
from Acre, is in the same magazine! So I was super excited to be in the same
magazine with him. He is a chef at Acre, he has an—another great restaurant
coming out—coming—coming out like it’s a book, but he’s got another restaurant
that will be ready in the fall, and I’m sure it’s gonna be fabulous. He’s an
awesome guy, and if you’re ever in Auburn, you need to stop by Acre and his new
restaurant, but anyway, so that was fun, and I’m sorry that took so much longer
to tell than I was thinking, but I was really excited about it, so now I want to
take you and show you the furniture that we have in our new renovated house. It’s just
a little bit of furniture, but it’s some of my favorite pieces, and I think you’re
gonna like it, so come on and I’ll show you. So, this is Polar White, if you’re
wondering about the wall, so it’s not exactly a white, and this is called Notre
Dame, and I got it in a semi-gloss. We have Green Goddess on the wall in here,
and a coconut cream, which is kind of a—a yellow. I don’t have all my knobs on the
doors yet, but anyway, we also have the tile, which is a vintage tile. I’m going
for a Creole look, so I also have the hackberry—we have hackberry trees on
this property, so my husband made hackberry countertops, which are
absolutely gorgeous, and then I’ve got my hoosier cabinet, and I don’t know if
you know about hoosier cabinets, but anyway, I can’t find any anywhere, and I’m
so glad that I got this. I got this at Scott’s Antiques in Atlanta, Georgia,
probably about 10 years ago, and it’s just got all kinds of space and
drawers and you can keep big huge pots in here, and pretty much
anything you need for cooking, you can keep in this cabinet, and I’m loving it,
and it just fits in here so perfectly, so I wanted you to see one of my favorite
things, so then, we’ll come in—and I originally wanted this piece to go into
the kitchen, but I tried it and it was just too small, it felt closed in, so I decided
to move in here, but this has got a lot of storage in it, tons and tons of
shelving, and it kind of has, um, a French Creole look to it, and I’ve had it for a
really long time, and I thought it would just be perfect in here, so it’s kind of
got this aged look, but it was like that when I got it. I don’t really know where
it came from, I know I bought it at Scott’s Antiques again, and the same with this
table. So I have one of my favorite tables in here, which I love, and this is
a North-facing window, so when I take pictures for the blog, when I’m up here,
you know, having a great weekend in the country house, I’m going to be taking
pictures right here, so now you can imagine how that’s gonna be. It’s
probably gonna be a lot more messy than this, and so I want to show you this
wonderful table. So it’s great for small spaces because you can turn this table
around or you can make it bigger by turning it that way which I would—let’s see if I can do
this—I don’t think I can do it myself, but anyway. But it opens up to a table that
is nice and big, and this—this part of the table has a polyurethane coat on it, but the
other is just raw wood, and I think it raw wood is just gorgeous, but if we were
going to all eat at the table, I’d probably use this side. So, um, so anyway, it’s
great for a small space, love the table, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this. I
have one more thing to show you, and I start—just couldn’t help it, I just had
to start on a bedroom, so come right on over. Again, if you’re just now joining us,
I’m Stacy Lyn, and I’m showing you our renovation for our country house called
the Purple Door. So in here, I decided to go gray and real serene so that it would
be nice to sleep, ’cause pretty much, we’re just going to be sleeping in these
rooms, and since I have seven kids, I’ve got this bunk bed in here, and I’ve got
two sets of bunk beds in another room, and then I have another bedroom, but this
is just great—oh, and this is really cool, um, it just—you can reverse this, and I got
this, um, I got it at Dillard’s, and I don’t— I’m not sure who made that, then I have
these pillows, which are Ralph Lauren pillows, and, um, up here, this is a Ralph
Lauren throw, and so I just did white. I wanted it to be kind of different and
didn’t want to all look the same, so I sort of mismatched the stuff I saw at
the store, but anyway, I’ll have some other bedrooms coming your way, and I
want to show you the Purple Door. We always have to end on a purple door. You
may have seen in a minute ago, but this is the reason we call it the Purple Door. I loved this
color. I went to try to pick out what color do I want for the door, and I thought, I’ve done
already a green wall, I’ve got these yellow cabinets, I’ve got these colorful tiles
in the kitchen, and I’m like, do I need any more color? Well, yes, I did,
I needed more color. So all of the doors in the front are this color. So I promise
you, in the end, it’s gonna be beautiful with everything I’ve gotten going on and
when I get the furniture in here, it’s going to all come together. But anyway,
I’m excited about it, and I will see you. Now,
next week, I probably will not be here, but I might pre-record something, um, at 3 o’clock, I’m gonna be speaking at the Homesteaders of America Conference in
Virginia, I’m going to be speaking, but—

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  1. Please change your camera to better quality video, and please please please.. Paint those kitchen cabinets. You and your home are to beautiful to be a pixelated mess on screen.

  2. Beautiful paint colors, furniture and purple door! We’re renovating a 1964 rancher and finally added paint to the walls…when I saw yours my eyes popped…we chose a similar green and yellow…the kitchen countertops will be a beautiful glossy Burgundy tile and the tile man has just started installing my black & white checkerboard floors in there…thou shall be color, lol. Just like you, I’m sooo excited, lol. Love your channel.💜. ~ Carol

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