The Real Reason We Don’t Hear From Ty Pennington Anymore

The Real Reason We Don’t Hear From Ty Pennington Anymore

Ty Pennington got his humble start in television
as the designing hunk on Trading Spaces in the early 2000s. For a while, it was impossible not to see
Pennington on television or to hear his interior-decorating advice. But after two hit TV shows and several bestselling
books, the 52-year-old handyman virtually disappeared from the spotlight. Is he truly gone? Or are you just watching the wrong shows? Here’s a look at the real reason you may not
hear from Ty Pennington anymore. ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ ended After an astounding 202 episodes, Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition was officially canceled by ABC in 2012. The show, which grew to tremendous fame, tore
down and rebuilt economical and sustainable homes for deserving families each week. Pennington told Parade that the show changed
the way he views life. “I think what Extreme taught me is that as
an artist, what you create with your hands has a lasting difference and actually makes
someone’s life better. It’s something that I’ll always be proud of.” But while he misses the show, Pennington has
embraced the chance to reconnect with the rest of his life. “My friend recently said, ‘Oh my God, dude. You look rested.’ Now, I actually have a chance to try to get
some of the things in my life in order. When you’re on that show, you’re literally
traveling every three days. Everything is on hold until you can get back
to it. So I’m trying to reconnect with my own family.” Battle with ADHD Pennington is perhaps one of the most animated
and active people on television. But it wasn’t until recently that he revealed
his energizer-bunny personality is caused by attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder,
which he regulates through medication. According to an interview with The Huffington
Post, his ADHD has impacted every aspect of his life, including his job. “It affects the way you communicate. Not only that, but if you can’t pay attention
to someone who’s trying to tell you something and then you forget that they even said it,
they think that you may not even care. Imagine what that’s like with not only your
relationships at home, but at work.” Busy with his hobbies Another reason for Pennington’s disappearance
from the public view are his cool pastimes. In an interview with USA Today, he revealed
his love of photography, which is also evident in his impressive online photo gallery. “People ask me what my favorite tool is, and
I’m like, it’s not a hammer or a drill, it’s a camera. I shoot everything, I document everything. We’ve all become human selfie machines!” And when he’s not taking pictures, he’s making
music with his vast collection of classic instruments, which he prefers to digital. “Honestly the way music has become, I think
there’s things about the old world you can use in the new world. It’s just about making sure you’re not sticking
with one or the other. We complicate everything by over-thinking
and overworking, and sometimes digitally that’s true as well.” The ‘Revolution’ was no longer televised In 2012, Pennington joined the ABC talk show
The Revolution, which aimed to totally transform a person’s life through style, health, physical
fitness, mental health and environment. Pennington, who helped in the interior decorating
area, was joined by fellow co-hosts Harley Pasternak, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Dr. Tiffanie
Davis and style guru Tim Gunn. “Our team here is ecstatic about the opportunity
we’ve been given to help you transform your health, your style, your body, your mind,
and your environment, starting today.” Unfortunately, this cast of popular TV personalities
got killed in the ratings, and the series was cancelled after just six months. Gunn told USA Today that, unlike Pennington,
he was thrilled to see the show end. “To be perfectly honest, it was a matter of
too many cooks in the kitchen — too many ABC executives with too many different points
of view. When they announced we were canceled, I was
the only of the fives hosts who was doing the happy dance around the studio.” ‘On the Menu,’ off the air In 2014, Pennington joined Emeril Lagasse
to launch On the Menu, which was supposedly a cooking competition that offered home cooks
from around the nation the chance to design culinary delights for chain restaurants. So…it was basically less of a competition
and more of a giant restaurant commercial disguised as a cooking show. Have you ever dreamt about working at Outback
Steakhouse? Well, Pennington has. “Welcome to Outback Steakhouse! Working at Outback Steakhouse, sort of a dream.” Do you have any deep, meaningful memories
about the California Pizza Kitchen? You better believe that Ty Pennington does! “What’s really cool about California Pizza
Kitchen, is like, I can remember when they first sorta came on the scene. And they did pizza differently.” If Pennington seems like a weird choice for
a cooking show, well, viewers apparently agreed, Despite his clear enthusiasm for food, the
show was cancelled after just ten episodes. Then again, maybe if he had tried feeding
the contestants from his mouth — and if the contestants had also been squirrels — he
might have gotten better ratings. Pennington’s patio furniture In 2013, Pennington brought his first-class
designing skills to Sears. He teamed up with the big box store to launch
his very own collection of outdoor patio furniture. It was the first time Extreme Makeover: Home
Edition fans could get their hands on a piece of style created exclusively by Pennington. And he even got to do a backyard makeover
as well for one lucky family. “My work here is done, my friends. So enjoy this Ty Pennington style collection,
your new Kenmore grill, the Craftsman lawnmower, the shelves, the accessories…” Community outreach That Sears connection is about more than deck
chairs, though. Pennington also teamed up with Sears to launch
the Building Community Together initiative, which renovates local landmarks to better
serve communities. At the start of the project, Pennington lent
his handyman skills to renovate a 100-year-old church and three homes in Tampa, Florida. Pennington told, “People
are trying to bring jobs back to the community. It’s not just happening here in Tampa. We’re going to hit Chicago, Sacramento, Philadelphia,
and we have the entire year to do other projects in the community… I love doing what I can — giving back to
the community.” Food Network gig In 2015, Pennington got to combine both of
his previous TV jobs when he and Amanda Freitag became co-hosts of the Food Network’s American
Diner Revival. Together they travel across the nation to
renovate diners, with Freitag working on the menu and Pennington handling the design aspects. Pennington views it as his patriotic duty. “What is really interesting is diners, you
know, they are the ultimate American icon.” To date, two seasons of American Diner Revival
have aired. So if you’ve been wondering what happened
to Ty Pennington, it turns out you might simply have been looking for him on the wrong channel. And if your cable provider doesn’t include
the Food Network, well, don’t worry. You can always find him at Sears. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
our YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know
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  1. "Extreme Makeover" was one of my family's favorite shows. My youngest foster son even wanted to write to Ty so that he can renovate our small bungalow so that we can all fit. My husband and I have 4 biological kids. We added 4 foster kids and then adopted an abandoned newborn baby girl all within 2 years so we were bursting in the seams. I had to tell my son that the show couldn't go all the way to the Philippines! His plan was sweet though. Thank you Ty!

  2. I would love to see these extreme makeover homes Today! Are the recipients still in them? How have they been able to keep those houses with all the Taxes! There are 9 in my 99 year old shanty town home, those homes they "gave" to folks, wow! There needs to be a return to those homes or have the homes been sold or are they in Disrepair? What has happened to those awesome homes that were given away? AMERICA wants to know!!

  3. I knew people who volunteered with extreme home makeover..he never left his trailer unless it was to film his little scenes on the show. Such a typical California celebrity..ooohh hes a "photographer" and a "musician" he must be so deep…oh please! He was also a meth and cocaine addict…did they mention that?

  4. He should take his skills to places that need help regenerating from the corruption that took a Historic small city from beautiful to the exact opposite. I am talking of Asbury Park, NJ and other small towns and cities in NJ– A HISTORIC STATE AS THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR WAS WON BECAUSE OF NJ.


  6. Did they really just call this guy a hunk? He looks like a rubber penis made out of beef jerky!!! I just wanna spit on him and bend him, kick him in the face a few times. spit on his anus and dump pepper on it. He looks like a fucking goose neck with wet rubber on it. fuck this piece of shit with his stupid blue jeans and his oatmeal avacado face. this guy probably gets buttfucked into eternity everyday

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  12. what happened to Ty Pennington & i watched the TV show about when they did all people different kinds of house's & i really do like him

  13. A few years ago I bought one of Ty's artificial Christmas trees from Sears. For me, it's a tad confusing to put the plugs together but it still easy and only takes a few minutes. it's so pretty that most of the time I don't even decorate it, we just leave it with the lights on. It's got such pretty lights that I actually leave it up well into January!

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  18. I have always Loved this guy. My husband and both my grown sons have ADD and so I love that kind of energy and daydreaming mind. More proof that he has ADD, his hair is never quite right. I'd be willing to bet his socks don't match. Keep up the good work Ty!

  19. Ty is one of those people who could commit spontaneous mass murder and i just would not care xD hes saved and enriched far too many lives, not even a nuke could come close to wiping out the amount of people hes saved.

    love you Tyson!

  20. We miss Ty! His energy on the show was fun to watch! I hope he is enjoying what he is doing now! He did so much for so many! God bless him!

  21. I saw an infomercial with him and he looks 70 in it so I came here to find out if he got addicted to drugs or something.

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  23. Ya come across these youtube titles thinking you'll see or hear something interesting (ie scandalous) and it's just another of these boring tired videos like this. YAWWWWWN!!!

  24. Ya come across these youtube titles thinking you'll see or hear something interesting (ie scandalous) and it's just another of these boring tired videos like this. YAWWWWWN!!!

  25. He's aged since the beginning of "Home Makeover"..We all have obviously.But he looks rough,as in partied waaaay too hard!

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  30. When I first saw the title of this video I freaked out because I know a kid named Ty Pennington. I’m partially blind, so I couldn’t see the thumbnail. But when I started watching, I realized it was someone else. Still a great video, though. I’m gonna check out that diner revival show.

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  34. Just recently, it was announced that HGTV is bringing back Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2020; it’s unknown whether or not Ty will be involved in the reboot.

  35. 😂🤣 omg he REALLY got ADHD this video was 2 years ago and he is now doing a different show (Small town Revolution) that my home town searcy won.

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