The Richmeister Is Super Depressing Now (feat. Rob Schneider) – Lights Out with David Spade

The Richmeister Is Super Depressing Now (feat. Rob Schneider) – Lights Out with David Spade

Hey Richard. David. The Spade-meister. Dave-O-Rama. Making coffee.
Dave. Dude nobody’s making
coffees anymore. Dave. Getting the rich-meister. Oh hey Charity. Charity. Chairstress. Chernobyl.
Charibaby. Chary all right. You know this guy? No I didn’t do five movies
with him. You can do this later.
Don’t worry about it. Chary nice gams, making boners. Whoa, whoa, hey Rich you can’t talk like that around
the office anymore. You can’t harass women.
I mean we had a seven hour meeting about that for HR,
weren’t you there? Right. Not paying attention, eating a panini,
stuffing his face-ster. No all kidding aside,
we’ll all get fired. The place will shut down. No more coffee, no more nothing.
Nothing. All right, lesson learned.
Boundaries maintained. Respect-O-Rama.
Don’t want to be a MeToo-ster. Keeping my job,
staying in my own lane, secretly terrified of women. So all right, Dave making copies
the Dave-ster. No one makes copies anymore. We do PDFs, we do Google Drive,
we do WeTransfer. We have a password
for doing AirDrop. We do everything,
but make copies around here. David. Giving the bad news.
No reason to live. Thinking about hurting himself. Hey Rich? You want to
make some copies with me? Dave all right. Yeah. Press that big
green button buddy, here we go. All right. Lifting it up.
All right. Don’t block my face. Not blocking the star’s face.
Getting his own show. Four nights-O-Rama. Doesn’t like to work too hard,
but he’s doing it. Spend all the money
from the sitcoms. Didn’t say hey,
bought a house in Malibu. The Malibu-ster.
Rather be at the clubs. The Clubster. Hanging out,
hitting on girls in his 50s. The 50-nator.
All right.

100 thoughts on “The Richmeister Is Super Depressing Now (feat. Rob Schneider) – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. I met Rob last weekend in Boston, simply one of the nicest guys I've gotten to spend a few minutes with. I was hoping to see this character brought back, and here it is!! Awesome!!

  2. Rob Schneider just needs to stop existing! So that I and all people with a goddamn brain cell can rest easy! Whoโ€™s with me!

  3. My 12 year old son is a huge fan of Rob's work The Animal is his favorite movie of all. I'm so glad to see him here. A lot of the comedy today is so forced but these guys are naturals.

  4. I continue to give them a chance but Rob and David just are not funny lmao. Like this is a pretty basic sketch. And it's so obvious they're outdated despite just coming out with this. "we do everything but make copies" as he stands right next to a giant fucking copier that he JUST put paper into. It comes across as low effort. I don't understand how spade is a "comedy legend" tbh, most people I know don't find him funny or aren't even aware of his stand-up or anything but his movies

  5. If that's what david does is move to Malibu and go clubbing while taking home a new girl almost everynight.. then David's a smart dude

  6. I feel so sorry for this guy! After all these years and still having to resort to these tired old characters? 90s are over bro! Wasn't funny back then, sure as he'll ain't funny now! Should've been more smart with his money

  7. I recently saw Rob at one of Adam Sandlers comedy tours, and I gotta say, hes actually pretty funny when he isn't doing those shitty movies

  8. People actually find this funny? Good Lord it was horrible. Wasn't funny back in the day and isn't funny now. The only time Rob is funny is when south Park makes fun of him. Haha. " Rob Schneider……. is a stapler!! derp derp derp derp derp… Who gives a fuck whats it called you will go see it anyway rated pg13. Now that's funny!!!

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