The Root of Modern Illness – High Insulin

The Root of Modern Illness – High Insulin

Hello everyone, it’s ole Butter Bob Briggs
here at my favorite place in the world, Burgess Falls State Park, because I want to talk to
you about a tree. And when I say a tree, I don’t mean a real
tree, like this old gentleman behind me – I’m talking about a way to understand the relationships
many illnesses have to each other and why understanding how they’re all connected like
a tree, with a common root. A common root that waters them all, and a common root that
we can dry up much easier than this complex tree would lead us to believe at first. Understanding this tree, will completely change
the way you think when you walk into a hospital, pharmacy or doctors office, never again will
you be able to go into a place like that without thinking to yourself, that most the people
there, are there because they’ve been on this tree for years and years. this big tree is called “metabolic syndrome” or “insulin resistance syndrome” and a common root. If the major illnesses of today were pictured
as a tree, then insulin resistance and it’s partner in crime, chronically high insulin
levels could be pictured as the root of this tree. From this root, springs up the trunk of the
tree, and that trunk could represent all the vicious cycles of problems that go on for
years and years in your body, without you knowing about them. All these processes are caused by or made
worse by chronically high insulin levels, either directly or indirectly. These vicious cycles are both caused by this
continuously high insulin, and in turn feed back and cause high insulin levels to become
even higher and last longer. All these go on for years, setting you up
to become sick, fat and hurting. Then looking up into our tree we see the many
branches growing out of the trunk of unnoticed problems, growing into open outward branches
of disease. All the branches have names that we’ve all
heard about or even worse that we’ve been diagnosed with.
All these branches of disease seem like separate, unrelated problems. They effect different
people, differently. You might be on the Type 2 Diabetes branch,
your husband on the Heart Disease branch, your daughter on the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
branch, your mother may have fatty liver and she’s
on a branch too. It’s even possible with some of the newer
science of the last few years that your sister who has breast cancer and your grandma who
has Alzheimer�s might be on one of these branches too. Then you might be on this tree, but not on
one of these branches, you might be outwardly healthy right now,
but you found out from your doctor that you had high triglycerides. Guess what? You’re on this tree too, but you’re
still down in the trunk, your problem hasn’t spring out and grown into an outward branch
yet. You might have been put on blood thinners,
you might be in the trunk of this tree too. Maybe you have joint pain that’s gotten worse
over the years, it’s possible you’re in the trunk of this tree. You might be in the trunk of this tree if
you have low HDL cholesterol too. The same could be said if you have high blood
pressure, at least 50% of you, who have high blood pressure also have high insulin at the
root of your tree. Maybe you found out that your blood sugar
is slightly high or even fairly high, you’re in the trunk of this tree too. Maybe you’ve been getting fatter around the
middle every year � well chances are you’re in the trunk of this tree too, because belly
fat is the best sign that you have chronically high insulin levels at the root
of your tree. Even though you’re fairly healthy outwardly,
it is very probable that you’re still on this tree, your problem has just not branched out
into open disease yet. High insulin levels exist in our body for
years and years, causing and being caused by many other problems like the resistance
of certain tissues to the effects of this high insulin level, the resistant tissues
both being caused by high insulin and in turn causing more insulin to be made. Increasing obesity, getting fat, being caused
by high insulin levels making fat storage easier and also by the increasing fat tissue
itself becoming eventually resistant to insulin and therefore causing more insulin to be made.
Being fat around the middle is the number one clue that you have chronically high insulin
levels. As you get fatter, your fat cells themselves become insulin resistant and cause
your body to have to make more insulin. The fatter you become, the more the resistance,
more the resistance, the more the insulin levels, which continue to feed back, making
it easier to store more fat. A true vicious cycle. We could carry this same cause and effect
cycle into the liver. It is in the liver that your insulin resistance problem, your chronically
high insulin level problem becomes deadly. As your liver becomes fatter, it also becomes
more resistant to insulin, this causes your insulin levels to rise and worse than that,
stay higher all the time. All these processes, all these vicious spinning
cycles travel together and cluster together in people who are fat, and or have heart disease,
and or have Type 2 diabetes, or high triglycerides or fatty liver or high blood sugars or PSOS. The question of which of these is the real
root of this tree could be better understood if we thought about the old philosophy question,
�which came first, the chicken or the egg�? If all these processes are like the old � �which
came first, the chicken or the egg debate�, THEN they are really a circle or feedback
loop or chain of cause and effect, a cycle of spinning events, All these processes become and endless �which
came first the chicken or the egg debate�, with no right answer, because the chicken
lays the egg and the egg hatches the chicken. If there is any part of these cycles we could
step in and stop, if there was any weak link in the chain, then the spinning cycle of cause
and effect will stop. So when we look at the root of our tree, we
could �pick out a chicken� or �pick out an egg� that fuel these vicious, cause
and effect cycles and we could �fry that chicken� or �scramble that egg� and
the whole cycle of cause and effect will begin to be broken. Now that we’ve looked at the branches of this
tree, let’s go down into the roots and look at What causes insulin to become chronically
high and what you can do about it. Insulin is released when you eat, period.
It doesn’t matter what you eat, when you eat, insulin is released.
This is completely normal. As we all know, some foods and drinks spike
insulin more than others, some much more than others, but eating causes insulin to be released,
period. Also, some of us, just by being born to the
parents we have and inheriting certain genes are just more prone to becoming insulin resistant,
which as we’ve said, insulin resistance and chronically high insulin are traveling partners
in crime. Another cause of insulin being high is our
lifestyle, do we snack a lot? Do we constantly drink sugary drinks? And are we active or
couch potatoes? All these things get the insulin resistance
and chronically high insulin levels started, but this isn’t the problem. If having a high insulin level after a meal
or two was the problem, we’d all be in trouble fast. But insulin levels after a single meal is
not the problem. The root of our tree is CHRONICALLY high insulin
levels. The insulin problem builds on itself in a
vicious cycle. Constantly eating and drinking highly processed
foods and overeating period, slowly but surely keep our insulin levels higher through most
of the day. Eating itself causes an insulin response,
so continuously snacking and overeating and sucking on a sugary drink all day for years,
causes Insulin levels to remain higher than they would have and last longer. The more insulin and the longer it remains,
the more resistance to insulin, which leads to higher insulin. Getting slowly fat in the belly caused by
high insulin levels causing you to store more of the food you eat as fat also leads to more
resistance, which leads to more insulin. The fatter you become, the higher the insulin
resistance in your tissues, and the higher your resistance, the higher your chronically
high insulin levels go. This vicious cycle builds over the years and
at some point, your insulin levels are so high and last so long and remain constantly
and chronically high, that you no longer need to eat much of anything to maintain a high
level of insulin. Even while you sleep, your fatty insulin resistant
liver is making sugar, because it no longer feels the effects of this high insulin level. The trunk of the tree springs out into open
branches of disease. You become fat, sick and hurting out on a limb and not understanding
the problem is in the root of chronically high insulin levels. That’s why many of you can’t lose weight,
your insulin levels remain high all the time, even when you do a
low carb diet. If the problem is chronically high insulin
levels, if this is the root of this tree of metabolic diseases, then the way to dry up
this root and destroy the tree is to find a way to have chronically low insulin levels. Low carbohydrate is not the cure, low carb
is a treatment strategy to keep your insulin from spiking high when you eat. High fat is not the cure, it is a treatment
strategy keeps your appetite under control, so you can practice the real cure.
The cure is chronically low insulin levels, the exact opposite of this tree.
Listen, I got good news for you, getting your insulin levels chronically lower is easier
than you might think, but for most of you who are really fat, really sick and really
hurting, it will take time to really dry up the roots of this tree. I’m going to propose a simple plan you can
easily carry out on your own to chronically lower your insulin levels, to dry up the underlying
root cause of this tree. Listen, what I’m about to say is the most
important thing I’m going to say in this video: The one thing proven to reduce insulin levels
the most is fasting. Going without food by mouth for a period of time. In my Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off video,
I talked about a low carb � high fat diet and I talked about how that type of diet keeps
your insulin lower and turns down your appetite so you can go hours and hours without eating. Hours without being hungry, without using
your Will Power at all. The appetite control that a low carb high
fat diet gives you, makes it easy to fast, because you’re just not hungry. LCHF imitates fasting itself, because both
the LCHF diet and going without food, both cause the body to burn fat as an energy source. LCHF is using fat from food for energy, Fasting
is your body using body fat for food. And this fat supply is a steady, long term
source of energy. The problem that people have on this diet
is this: they think the fatty foods are the cure. In other words, they believe it is eating
butter and other fats that are the magic cure, but this is not true at all. Of coarse, eating fatty foods will prevent
you from spiking your insulin, so that’s good, but more importantly, fatty foods will keep
you satisfied longer and allow your body to remain in fat burning mode, which will keep
your appetite under complete control, allowing you to eat less often. This eating less often is the real cure to
your chronically high insulin problem and this eating less often is called intermittent
fasting. Short term fasting. Not eating less food, but eating your food
less often, allowing most of the time each day without
any eating. This LCHF diet is a long term treatment that
we can use to control our appetite while we practice the cure of fasting. Fasting is the cure for chronically high insulin
levels, and when we do eat in a narrow window of time, we need to eat low carb/ high fat
to continue the benefits of fasting. LCHF is an imitation of fasting, and allows
the processes natural to fasting, the low insulin levels and the burning of fat for
energy to continue even when we do eat food. So we’re fasting, so we’ve got these benefits
of low insulin and fat burning, but when we eat, we’re not turning that process off. When
we eat low carb high fat, we’re not turning that fasting process off. We have a big problem and it’s bigger that
just being fat. If we’re on this tree, either in the trunk
without diagnosed disease, or in the branches with full blown open disease, you have at
the root of your problem, a long term chronically high insulin problem. To fix this problem we need to find a way
to establish a long term chronically lower insulin level. We need to do that for life,
but to get to life, we need to be able to do some program long-term. Any eating causes insulin to be released,
watering the root of this tree. So periods of not eating are like a drought, daily drying
up the root of this tree. LCHF allows you to eat, while continuing the drought, the
drying up of the root, that fasting causes. What I’m going to tell you is a simple plan
and I think of it as a treatment, a technique to dry up the root. First � Keep your diet simple. When I say
simple I mean just that. 90% of the time eat very simple, you don’t need a recipe for eggs
and bacon, you don’t need a menu for a piece or two of fried chicken and some green vegetables. Simple means real, whole foods, do not use
replacement drinks and meal bars, stay away from replacement flours like almond and coconut
flours. Not because these flours are bad, but because you will overeat using them and
remember, we are trying to reduce the amount of time we eat each day. Be very careful about artificial sweeteners
and use them sparingly and it’s best not to use powdered artificial sweeteners at all,
don’t use protein shakes and take it easy on cheese, because it’s easy to overeat, and
the whey proteins in cheese and protein shakes while not raising blood sugars do tend to
seriously raise insulin levels, remember its the insulin levels at the root of our tree.
Our goal is to dry up the root of our tree. This sounds very restrictive, but remember
our goal is to correct our problem, dry up the roots and get well. Most of these restrictions
will not last forever. We are getting well and making this treatment as idiot proof as
we can. The next step on our simple plan is to fast.
Fasting is not eating, when not hungry. The simply rule is don’t eat when not hungry.
Do not schedule a snack. Do not eat, when not hungry. Do not eat lunch just because it’s lunch time,
do not eat, when not hungry. Do not eat breakfast because it’s breakfast
time, do not eat, when not hungry. When you do get hungry, eat until you’re satisfied.
We are not trying to eat less when hungry, we are trying to eat less often. Not eat less,
but eat less often. In other words, we are going to eat most of our meals in a smaller
window of time and that will leave the rest of the time with us not eating. You can do this anyway that’s comfortable
to you. Experiment with it. This not eating when not hungry is a form
of intermittent fasting. You see there are as many ways to do intermittent
fasting as there are people doing it. You could skip breakfast because you’re not
hungry. That would leave you not eating from say 6 p.m. at night when you eat dinner, until
let’s say 10 or 11 o’clock the next day, when you break your fast and eat lunch, or what
will become your breakfast. There’s an easy plan that leaves you NOT EATING about 16 hours
each day. My own schedule was different. I ate breakfast
about 7 a.m. and fasted most of the day while I slept and ate a late dinner about 10 or
11 o’clock at night. But I am a person who works nights and this just worked for me.
It left me not eating 15 to 16 hours each You could experiment with �alternative day
fasting�. For instance, eat a day, fast a day. And you could even set this up by eating
your last meal at say 5 o’clock on the eating day and then fasting 24 hours until 5 the
next day, your fasting day so even on your fasting day you get to eat dinner. But you
got a 24 hour time without eating, chronically lowering your insulin level and drying up
the root of your tree. You will be surprised how easy some form of
this fasting will be for you while your being strict on your low carbohydrate high fat diet. And remember, never force this, never deliberately
not eat until satisfied at meal times. We’re not trying to starve ourselves, when you eat,
eat until satisfied. The problem is not the meal, the problem is chronically high, or
constantly high insulin, never allowing the body a rest from high insulin levels is the
root of our tree. But you should drink water and you can have
broth or a fatty coffee or tea during the hours you’re fasting. Keep it Simple and Don’t eat when not hungry. This will begin the process of drying up the
root of chronically high insulin levels. As insulin levels are kept chronically lower
most of the time, the processes going on in the trunk of our tree start to reverse. The body takes the fat out of the liver first. Without this fat, the liver becomes less resistant
to insulin, The liver greatly reduces the amount of triglycerides in your blood. It’s
one of the most noticeable things we see on this diet. As the triglycerides come down
the good HDL begins to go up. As the liver fat comes down, the blood sugars
begin to normalize. As the belly fat starts to reduce, the inflammation
in the body coming from this fat begins to be reduced, The arteries stop being damaged,
the joints start to heal. Blood becomes thinner, your body starts being able to break up clots
again. This is a simple plan to accomplish a very
complex goal. This is why I told you that when you understood
that this whole tree of diseases was tied together at the root by chronically high insulin
it would change the way you live your life and you would never be able to walk into a
hospital, doctors office or pharmacy and not think that most of the people you see there
are on this tree and they’ve gotten sick because of years and years of watering the root of
chronically high insulin. So now you know, �Butter Makes Your Pants
Fall Off� and �Lard Makes You Lean�, but using your appetite control and not eating
when not hungry, in other words listening to �Your Own Personal Diet Guru� and fasting
will begin the process of �Drying Up the Root� of this tree. Thanks for watching. And for a much more detailed
article on this topic, go to my website at And come visit me on my Facebook page

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