1. Any idea what lights are being used there. I heard him say he was using Source 4’s for front lighting but didn’t hear anything about the back lights and wash lights. Also, what software is being used to control them?

    Thanks for the great content!

  2. Hey man. Love the content. By far the most practical and useful worship channels on Youtube. Excited for what's to come!

  3. Jamming to pads in the car😁..
    Our church stage is long over due for an updated stage, do you know of any place i can find a program or something to plan a stage???

  4. Watching the quality of your content grow is inspiring – keeps me feeling good about the tiny things I do in ministry! Gotta see if you've got a "My church is poor, but wants some decent lighting for a tiny stage with no fog" video that I missed.

  5. Good practical information that everyone can use everywhere. "Movers don't always have to move", but are there guidelines for when they are moving?

  6. Sweet, this is a really good video, what I always try to do when doing lighting for worship, is to ALWAYS keep in mine that I'm not doing worship lighting because true worship isn't a preset with dark colors and dim FOH meaning that it isn't something that can be manufactured! However, all those tools can be ABSOLUTELY used to WORSHIP, and also help guide people to focus on the Gospel of Jesus!! So I wanted to add some stuff, IF you're movers have a color wheel, you can get some very different looks, just by varying the intensity, especially if you have LED moving spots! Also that's a great thing to keep in mind! Also , I've tried to really pay even more attention to the screens because I think people in the congregation notice the words much more, and that's very important! So whatever the most dominant color is displayed I usually make that my backlight, then less prominent colors I will usually make my side light or top light! Also, it's also important to be mindful of front light intensity!

  7. Absolutely love this. New subscriber. My church is beginning to use more and more lighting in our worship services and I am excited to see the transition. This video really helped me understand in detail the importance of lighting. Keep up the great content, God bless.

  8. This is an incredible walkthrough of church lighting! Doing a lot of research for a new system, and there's a ton of sources and info out there, but never is it packaged all together and talked about this comprehensively. Thanks so much for this

  9. Good video. I would like to see also another video on beginner church lighting. Had to do the basics like setting up the rigs and I had to actually hook up then why are all the lights together and what programs to use.

  10. I'd love to see your lighting setup. Our stage is a similar size to yours, and we are considering investing into a lighting rig (I used your toolkit to help me make a proposed budget!). Do you have any videos going through your Sunday morning light setup?

  11. Jesus is the Savior of the world….all will be saved by the faith of Christ. All these pretty lights can't hide the fact that Christianity worships a failed savior.

  12. This is an amazing staring point for smaller churches like ours! Looming forward to implementing this to our new system! – God bless.
    PS: Anyone know that last video track?

  13. Why are we doing this?
    Why smoke and special lighting?
    My church is doing this now but I find it a distraction. Why not invite the Holy Spirit to your church if you want atmosphere? Worship Him in spirit and in truth. What more do you need?

  14. Wow! Discotheque move into Churches live show? Well, just take the positive and throw away the negative toxic influence – shall we? For sure: Jesus the Christ is the center and not the performing art. What a really mystery of faith, indeed. Thank you for the learning video.

  15. How can you control the the “house lights” with DMX? The cans have been replace with LED but they still have old school dimmer switches, any easy way to DMX them and use the Luminaire app to set scenes?

  16. I didn't search through the comments, but I'm curious what lights you're using for lighting up the speaker/pastor, and also for the back lighting? And finally what lights you're using for doing some color. We currently just have some color led lights shining down on us from the front (which isn't a good setup) wanting to step up our game

  17. You should call this : the ultimate guide to church lighting design for worship leaders who aren't lighting designers and dont ever plan to be

  18. Hi, we just started live streaming our services on Facebook. Do you recommend Tungsten or daylight for the main stage lights?

  19. Cool video man! Reminds me of the lighting rig at Church of The King. I’m on their production team and even though I’m not a lighting expert in any way, advice I would give to any beginner is to not over haze the room (I’ve had that happen to many times). And also experiment and try to find your own look. Glad we can all grow in God and production together!

  20. Hey, I still want your boosted board lol. Thanks so much for this video, I am having some problems with the way my broadcasting camaras are picking up my worship leaders and our speakers. My video feed looks blue and the people appear to have a darker shade of coloring with regards to their skin color, clothing color, ect… Could it be the type of lights I am using, am I underlighting my main points or what would you think it could be? thanks for your help in advance!

  21. Are you running HID movers or high power LED? Appears to be pretty high end stuff, like Martin, Elation, Blizzard or the like, not ADJ or Chauvet DJ. Assuming you run a true hazer…..that is oil/compressed air type. I like 'em because they're completely odorless. Nice rig ya got there. Like to see something on which controller software and how you sync cues to music. Thanks

  22. Great video! I’m actually going to start shadowing the light designer for my youth group with the hopes of doing it someday.

  23. hey jake, love it!!
    could you do a video where you do a review on the LUMINAIR LIGHTS APP? would be amazing!!

  24. I love this, but I will need great help in lighting my church with stage light…. please can you WhatsApp my on this number so You can help me bless the ppl of God!!…. +233 247262026
    My name is Emmanuel

  25. Any idea what haze machine (make/model) was being used at this church? It looks so smooth and we are ready for an upgrade. Thx

  26. My church is getting lights too. And I like what they pointed out in this video on how to use these technologies but I also say that many people are, like anything else, attending church because it's a great place for entertainment. So Pastor's and church leaders should address their church by explaining new tech as a new tool much like the radio was once used as a new tech tool. Radio help spread THE WORD. And it did so to the masses that could not be reached otherwise.

    So lights and all tech can be used as a tool but only when the Gospel is truly shared by the church and life of worship is lived by the church team leaders. Unfortunately, as a minister, I've seen that there are always going to be church leaders and churches that may welcome tech, church programs, social connections but not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is with us to lead us in all things.

    Now, I'm actually the person in charge of budgeting and acquiring tech for a few churches. So I purposefully speak with my church leaders as to why should we/they purchase tech. And the answer is we shouldn't unless we are already a Word-based, Spirit-filled church with evidence of his God's life-changing presence.

    The miracle of salvation occurring in people who accept Christ not the sheer number of attendees and keeping their interest is a starting point for new tech and the other reasons should follow. But often times our humanity wants to give people what is a visual-sensory reference to identify with God. Then one church follows what the other church has that attracts people.

    Most people in scripture did not come to know the Lord through a sensory experience. You can see with your eyes and hear with your ears but until it reaches into your heart and minds its just a sensory-sensual experience that I hope the church recognizes is not its mission. Its hard to even say but I rarely hear the return of Christ spoken- preached or shared as truth and great hope. For many churches, organizations its as though the most important thing is growth, But what are we growing for? To fill a building with more stuff and people that leads to a greater overhead.

    I hope we help people come to know Christ, grow in relationship and love for The Lord to reach the lost with love leading to the miracle of salvation so that we all live in expectation of Christ's return and his Kingdom reign.

  27. Nice lighting system! Are the lights addressed individually or are they grouped together? If they are individual then how many universes are you running on? Do you have a built in dinner system or is it an after building system? Are your source fours on a catwalk or on a truss? If they are on a truss then how do you access it?

    Thank you in advance!

  28. Any chance you guys can list what light fixtures are used for your 3 spot lighting on main speaker? Can be exact or generic of what type of fixture they need to be. Thanks!

  29. Very helpful video- thanks as always Church Front! Hey there were smoke and lights in the tabernacle! Annnnnd Jesus said He is the light of the world! 💣🎤

  30. The ministry toolkit link takes me to a link (and payment requirement) specifically for church sound. I don't see anything about lights. Great video, but was hoping to get your info on the lighting.

  31. Hey Jake, great vid as always. You were going to do a run down of your lighting rig…did you ever get a chance to do that?
    Just starting out with lighting and that would be massively helpful.

  32. Good day and thank you for your video. It would have been a bit more beneficial if you included technical data such as light angles, proportion calculations, light temperatures etc. Thank you for everything else otherwise!

  33. Keep working man!! May God continue to bless and protect you. Keep seeking him, and all you need he will always provide. Don’t just praise him for what he can do but for who he is!! Keep doing your thing, and always make sure that God finds pleasure in everything you do!!

  34. Hi jake videos rock brother! I was wondering if you could recommend some lights to purchase like the ones in this video to light up speaker.

  35. With so many Haze machines, is there a way to determine what size machine you need? We have about a 40'x60' sanctuary, seats about 100.

  36. Anybody know where I can learn more about Haze? I’ve been trying to get a similar lighting effect like this but I’d like to know what’s the best liquid and Haze machine to get and how to set up so it last and doesn’t become to strong that it ends up looking like fog in the whole auditorium

  37. Quick question on Moving Heads, is it advisable to have them pan and tilt during the worship experience? I do that for fast songs, but in terms of slow songs, I find myself feeling so torn between them, I feel like the added movement adds a bit of dynamic to the entire experience especially when the song peaked, but at the same time, worried it distracts people.

  38. Love the vid what is the name of the song that was playing in the background when you demonstrating the light on the pastor???

  39. what were those lights at the very bottom that only flash one a bright light because you didn't talk about them. you can see them resting on the stage at 4:45

  40. Doesn't the backlighting, especially with haze, tend to wash out the projected video on the screen? I know the projector wasn't used in this video, and I love the lighting looks demonstrated. This guide for church lighting is the best, and I have come back to it repeatedly during my research. Just concerned about whether the backlighting, with or without haze, will effectively dim the what's shown on the screen.

  41. Hi Jake, Nice Video. I am fascinated about lights, my church is a church with small budget, please what kind of lights can i used as a beginner to light up the stage and going forward what program to use. Samson

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