The Untold Truth Of Hannah B

The Untold Truth Of Hannah B

Alabama-born-and-bred beauty queen Hannah
Brown was positively radiant on the 23rd season of The Bachelor. But what else is there to know about the charming
southern belle ahead of her turn as the next Bachelorette? We have so many questions! Here’s everything we dug up about Hannah B. The first thing out of Brown’s mouth on The
Bachelor after her name was, of course, “Welcome to Alabama!” The 23-year-old bombshell is obviously an
Alabama native, born and raised in Tuscaloosa, according to her ABC profile. A self-described proud member of the Alabama
Crimson Tide, Brown attended the University of Alabama, her parents’ alma mater. There, she received a bachelor of arts degree
in communications studies with a minor in public relations, according to an article
in the Tuscaloosa News. Additionally, she’s a pretty traditional gal,
which often comes with the territory with southern ladies. She appreciates it when guys open doors and
pull out chairs for her, and likes listening to country music above all other genres. Brown also enjoys playing board games and
watches every single Alabama football game. “I’m proud to be a Alabama fan. Roll Tide! Yay!” One of Brown’s biggest accomplishments to
date was winning the Miss Alabama pageant in 2017. You know there was some serious competition
in that room, but at the end of the day, the crown and sash were Brown’s for the taking. The beauty queen took to Instagram to celebrate
her victory, posting, Brown also competed in the 2018 Miss USA pageant,
but did not take the title. Maybe next time! Brown made her foray into the pageant world
at the tender age of 15. Originally, she did it because of scholarship
opportunities, but quickly realized that there were other advantages. Namely, she enjoyed sharing her talents, jazz
dance moves, outreach skills, and public speaking abilities with the world. She revealed in an interview with Alabama
NewsCenter, Now that she’s starred on The Bachelor, those
skills are more important than ever, as she’ll be under a whole lot more scrutiny from the
public. The road to being crowned Miss Alabama 2018
wasn’t exactly a smooth one. She wasn’t able to break into the top 15 four
years in a row. She told the Tuscaloosa News, It sounds like she made the most of those
tough moments and became a better person for it. Brown has been candid about the fact that
she’s struggled with mental health issues, showing that it really can affect anyone. She revealed this side of herself in her Meet
Miss Alabama USA interview, saying, Fortunately, Brown is in a better place and
intends to help others who are experiencing what she has gone through in the past. She said in an interview with Alabama NewsCenter, To that end, Brown started a program in schools
centering around joy, where she shares her story about her experience with anxiety and
depression. After college, Brown worked as an interior
designer at Gracefully Done in Northport, Alabama, where she was able to utilize her
education and people skills. During that time, she also stopped doing pageants
so she could focus on her career. She told the Tuscaloosa News, But Brown didn’t make it a full year before
pageants started calling to her again, as she missed the excitement of the stage, and
the confidence it gave her. So just two weeks before the Miss Alabama
USA tryout, Brown decided to throw her hat back into the ring. And it paid off because that year, she took
home the grand prize. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart. It wouldn’t be The Bachelor without at least
one feud between some of the contestants, and Season 23 didn’t disappoint. We’re referring specifically to the drama
that went down between Brown and Caelynn Miller-Keyes, which bubbled up during the second episode
when Miller-Keys dished about their past. Specifically, Miller-Keyes said that they
had been friends before competing at the Miss USA pageant in 2018, where she was Miss North
Carolina and won first runner up, and Brown didn’t make the top 15. Miller-Keyes went on to say that Brown was
mad that she didn’t place and implied that she was jealous of her. The drama was afoot! Of course Brown denied being jealous and said
that Miller-Keyes was lying. And, while we might never know the whole real
story, some mutual acquaintances have sided with Brown, according to Vulture. They believe that Miller-Keyes was the one
with the attitude at the pageant and said that Brown texted her afterwards to tell her
so. They also believe that Miller-Keyes has a
manipulative streak. Yikes! Brown was anything but shy about her feelings
for Underwood on The Bachelor. She confessed in an interview with The Tuscaloosa
News, They certainly seemed like they would be a
great match! Unfortunately, as we all know, Underwood didn’t
reciprocate those feelings, and sent her home after their date on the seventh episode. Of course, that was anything but easy for
Brown, who confessed, One of the really sweet things about Brown is that she wears her heart on her sleeve. She really has faith that somewhere out there,
the man of her dreams is waiting for her. She revealed to The Tuscaloosa News, Before she knew she was the next Bachelorette,
Brown didn’t rule out exactly where she’d meet and fall for her Prince Charming, saying, It looks like the latter, before millions
of people, is the next big step for Brown. The consensus is in: clearly, the most uncomfortable
moment of this season of The Bachelor was definitely Brown’s date with Underwood in
Episode 2. Specifically, the amount of awkward silences
that transpired in the space of those hours was impressive. And who could forget the toast that had everyone
cringing on their couches: “Okay. Let’s make a toast to, first, it’s my birthday,
so to this…” “Happy birthday.” “… amazing day. And, um, yeah.” “Cheers!” “Roll tide.” She really threw a roll tide out there as
a last-ditch effort to break up that awkwardness. Cringe! But Brown explained what was going on in her
head in an Instagram post. All things considered, it really could have
been worse. But still, that one did not go well. You might be tempted to think all of the contestants
secretly hate each other, but that’s actually not true at all. In fact, one of the notable friendships between
contestants in Season 23 was that of Brown and Demi Burnett, a fellow interior designer. Though Burnett was sent home early as well,
she and Brown didn’t cut ties when the cameras stopped rolling. Brown revealed in an interview with Fansided, It really is heartwarming to know that many
of the friendships formed on The Bachelor really are the real deal and aren’t just for
show. For as much heartache and drama that Brown
had to endure on The Bachelor, she testifies to the fact that the experience helped her
grow immensely. Specifically, she was really able to get to
know her authentic self and share it with the entire world. She wrote in a post on her Instagram page, But seeing her blossom on the show could be
really fun at times, and it shows. She recalled in an interview with Fansided, Arguably one of the most talked-about aspects
of Season 23 of The Bachelor was Colton Underwood’s virginity, something he has been very open
about. And while some people might think it’s weird,
or others might question his masculinity, Underwood didn’t hide who he was in the face
of all that potential mockery. One person who was 100 percent into that fact
was Brown, who has similar values when it comes to intimacy. She revealed on the Tuscaloosa News, Brown may have wondered why so many people were judgmental about the whole thing, but she, too, admits she was at least a bit surprised. Underwood may have sent Brown home, but that
doesn’t mean that Miss Alabama USA 2018 is done with reality television. In fact, she’s the next Bachelorette! Brown previously told Entertainment Tonight
that being on The Bachelorette is an opportunity she’d “love to have.” “I really believe in this process and I do
think you can fall in love here and be in love and find your person.” We can’t wait to tune in! Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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61 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of Hannah B

  1. This shows everyone that doesn’t like her what a good hearted person she is and how much she deserved to be the bachelorette plus everyone is being negative about her being the bachelorette but she deserves it after Colton brings her to meet his parents gets the parents to know her a little then dumps her the same night

  2. She never placed in the pageants because she can’t string together a damn sentence and now we’re gonna have to sit through an entire season like “come on Hannah, spit it out!”

  3. You forgot the triple HD friendship. Hannah G, Heather, Hannah B, and Demi. They are all good friends from Coltons season.

  4. She’s actually 24. She turned 24 during her first date with Colton on the second episode and they changed her age in her confessionals, and she’s been 24 for about 6 months.

  5. I’ve grown to love Hannah B. She’s so raw, weird, and above all humble. I can’t wait until she starts her journey as the Bachelorette!

  6. You got your story backwards. Hannah B was trashing Caelynn, and Caelynn was just defending herself to Colton. Hannah B is a fake, jealous immature girl. Shame on ABC for picking the most fake girl on the Bachelor to be the Bachelorette. It should definitely have been either Hannah G. or Caelynn, not Hannah B. She will never be able to carry a show. She can't even speak properly. When put on the spot she can't even think of what to say. Very bad choice for the Bachelorette. Good luck ABC, because you are going to need it. I couldn't wait for her to be eliminated and now you are going to have a whole show centered around her of all people? SMGDH!!!

  7. Great, another country bumpkin. Football, Jesus, country music… groundbreaking. Major regression for bachelor franchise. I understand this makes her “relatable” to a big demographic of bachelor viewers, but not all of us are sorority girls who live by inspiration quotes. You have to have more qualities apart from being fun or quirky to lead a bachelorette season, and she just doesn’t compare to Becca, Rachel, or Jojo.

  8. This was enlightening. She was was my pick right from the get-go. Quirky, awkward, humble and with a thousand-watt smile that kills. Go get 'em Hannah banana! Having said that, if the show doesn't prove fruitful for you, I'll be happy to fill in 😊

  9. Caelynn always brought up that Hannah was jealous she was runner up. That’s all she ever talked about on the show, Miss USA this and that. Hannah actually had a personality even if it is a little quirky and different. Hope she finds love!

  10. I am gonna pull for this girl tho yall. She bugged me at first..but the fact that she actually embraces her quirky awkwardness has WON me over. She irritated me badly at first. But the more I actually hear her talk NON PAGEANT STAGED….just trying to be honest and real makes me love her now. We all feel awkward and goofy and cant talk sometimes. Imagine the pressure of those cameras. I work in the entertainments industry so I know how they spin stuff. I am pullin for this kid now. You go girl with your quirky self. Go sister

  11. She was my one and only favorite woman on that season of the Bachelor. So pretty, fun, and just adorable in her awkwardness, silliness, down-home charm. Let us not forget that smile. Wowza!! I count myself as a fan!!! Good Luck Woman We are All pulling for you.

  12. I'm not surprised that's it's Hannah B A.K.A Miss Bama/Miss USA there's 0% chance all 33 guys may not have a hail marry shot with this egocentric

  13. She can’t carry a 3 year old child conversation, because of that, bachelor nation just lost 20 diehard viewers.!!!!!
    I hope that CBS , NBC , and FOX has something to watch on Mondays ?..
    What happened to Hannah G?
    I was excited to hear she was going to be the next bachelorette! What happened?
    Hannah G? Where are you?

  14. Colton dropped her like a hot potato because she’s stupid!!!!!
    She can’t talk.
    If I was a man, I’d had done just the same because she’s very deceptive.
    Which explains why she’s representing her state as a woman????

  15. I really thought she would grow on me…but she hasn't..always talking about being the true her..I see no difference in her from colton's season and night 1 of her season..except SHE HAVE MORE PULL ..and with that Scott guy…it is what it is.. TBH how many guys does she really think are there for the right reasons..I BELIEVE NO ONE AT FIRST.. AND DON'T BELIEVE NONE OF THESE GUYS WERE 100% SINGLE..ONCE YOU GET TO NO HER AND FEEL THAT SPARK☆ FEELINGS DEVELOP ..HOW THE HELL DO U FALL IN LOVE OVER A COUPLE OF MONTHS IS MY QUESTION..AND HOW MANY GUYS NIGHT 1 DID SHE KISS..NOT NO PECK EITHER.. SO SHE JUMPS DOWN THIS GUYS THROAT OVER A GIRL..IN THE SAME TIME HOW MANY GUYS IS SHE DATING RIGHT NOW..HONESTLY MY PARENTS WOULD MAYBE DIS OWN ME..IM A NEWFIE AND MY PARENTS WOULD DEFINITELY BE ASHAMED TO SEE ME KISSING DIFFERENT GUYS NIGHT 1 AND MAKIN-out with this one that one.. I CAN HEAR MY MOM NOW ITS NOT A GOOD LOOK..UR RUINING UR REPUTATION!! I was nvr a big fan of the bachelorette ..but I might tune in..seeing all the talk about hannah BEAST.!!!

  16. Worst example for American Girls. She sleeps with most of the guys there and she thinks it is ok. the worst Bachelorette of all times.

  17. u all are just haters hannah b is pretty and cool and has a heart of emotion sooo freaking what u all are just jealous

  18. “ I’m not a virgin but sex is a big deal” yeaaaaaaaa you’re season of the bachelorette would disagree with that since you’ve been sleeping with all of them. This list of things of do t know left out what a ho she is.

  19. Hannah lost a lot of respect from me by saying one thing this season lmao “no ones ever spoken poorly of me” horrible ridiculous thing to say and cocky everyone’s been bad mouthed

  20. She admits to having sex twice in the windmill and said "but Jesus still loves me. If you're going to say you're a Chtistian, you ought to act like one! That's being a bad influence on others , like the young girls watching!

  21. She's got a great personality, but the real her comes out when things get serious. She's the real deal.

  22. She is so immorral and uses social media to glamorize her sin….she was the WRONG CHOICE for this show!

    Next season, ..I hope they pick a WOMAN who is ready to get married, and has the
    right maturity and morality to be a role model for younger women and teenage

  23. Wait a minute am I the only person that thinks she's ugly she looks like the Bride of Chucky and Carrot Top like I said this is America and I can say whatever I want to say

  24. She is pretty, has a good personality, Don't intend on taking junk off of a man, which I don't blame her, but gets a little depressed.

  25. This girl is such a hypocrite. She's not more in love with anyone than she is with herself. She loved the drama and attention.

  26. I feel like Hannah B got cheated. The Producers/Contestant Choosers did a very poor job this time around and poor Hannah got the short end of the stick. MULTIPLE men were in relationships prior to or still in while participating on the Bachelorette, MULTIPLE men were disclosed to only come on the show for "publicity" to further their careers, MULTIPLE men were a** holes and hated by everyone on the show, … Of the final 3 bachelors, who was legit??? She should have another chance with "REAL BACHELORS who have been single for sometime and who aren't looking to "become" famous because of the show.

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