17 thoughts on “The Wrong Corridor – Prison Architect Escape Mode (Needy Nerds) EP 2

  1. I mean you got to admit you were sooo lucky to find the whole other tunnel system because you would’ve taken aggges to dig all that 😂

  2. If you put the mouse anywhere else than right next to or on your character you Will dig up. It’s a bit broken though.

  3. Since you just oz-mozed through the wall to medical, you can cheese that and get a lighter then go to a wall to go through it and start lighting fires. Maybe an area that cant be accessed and you can keep lighting the toilets forever and the gaurds cant touch you. Or you can use the glitch to go through a wall to escape. Cheezy. (What I'm talking about is when the gaurd searches you and you teleport through a wall cuz he lets go of you)

  4. What you need to do is give all your min sec guys a lighter and let them roam around. Then you control one, light it in another side in the prison. And then go to another min sec guy with the lighter and light the other side of the prison. *This will make the Firemen focus on one fire while the other fire spreads even more!*

  5. The confused clones series was fan-tas-tic! You should do it again but work on defense and capture raiders. c:

  6. What if, next prison series you do, you have a challenge where everything that can be open is open? Such as the canteen is open to the kitchen, the workshop, the reception, visitation. Everything besides cells really.

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