Think Like a Designer:  How To Design The Life You Love

Think Like a Designer: How To Design The Life You Love

Today I think there are no roadmaps as to
how to have a good life. The old rules have disappeared and I was thinking about this
the other day that, you know, when I grew up there was kind of like a roadmap, a simple
roadmap that if you went to school perhaps if you did your masters and you got a good
job, you got married, you had kids, you know, you did your work. And that was the definition
of a good life. And today I think that things have changed so fast that we don’t have
that roadmap anymore. One of the things that I ask people to do is deconstruct their life
so that they can see what their life’s made up of. So deconstructing your life holistically
I suggest that you could do it against emotion, intellect, physical and spirit of your life.
And once you look at those four quadrants it gives you really a sense of your life’s
big picture, like 360 degrees. And then you could see oh I have a lot of this here and
I don’t have a lot of this here. There is some repetitions and you start to see patterns.
And once you start to see that the next step is about developing a point of view. So if
you feel that oh, you know, the emotional quadrant for example is not as fulfilling
or rich as I want it to be what I suggest is to maybe think of a metaphor which is one
of the creative tools. And metaphors are great for helping us imagine things using something
that’s familiar to us. So maybe if you feel that you don’t have a lot of love in your
life maybe think of a metaphor that’s full of love. And then using that as a hook imagine
how you can bring more love into that. So one thing that comes to my mind is for example
a dinner party might be a great environment for love and kind of friendship. And then
you could think about well, what’s in a dinner party? Like who’s bringing the food
and how do we share it and people bring gifts and so could we use some of that to think
well more sharing and more giving could be a way to bring more love into my life. And
the metaphor kind of helps you through that process of thinking about love in a different
way which really what I love about design is it gives you tools and the process to think
about the things you know differently. Life like a design project is full of constraints
and challenges and we can’t have everything we want. And often what we want and what we
need are opposing. So design process and tools are actually a great way to think about design
and to think about the life we want with creativity and optimism.

25 thoughts on “Think Like a Designer: How To Design The Life You Love

  1. I never thought that getting married and having kids was the good life :/ in fact I've always thought that it was death… As I am growing older I think it's important to focus on certain things, I realize that its a great experience to master a skill. I want to read a lot of books and be cultured, I want to focus on a musical instrument, I want to exercise and gain mastery over my body, I want to focus on art and flex my creative muscles (I think being a creator is probably one of the most fulfilling things I can be), and I want to travel and have great adventures, and maybe in between I want to help other people live a fulfilling life… As long as I focus on those things I think that will be my happy life 😀 I'm curious what others consider a fulfilling life?

  2. I just take risks, challenges and opportunities life is givin' me.
    Then I make some mistakes and I feel fucked
    but then again. I don't complain because I feel alive.. that's very fulfilling, even if you don't attain your goals//delusional phantasies 🙂

  3. People worry a lot about how they compare with others forgetting that really we are all different and all unique. That means that we have a completely different trajectory for our life than anyone else in the history of the universe. Don't try to fit in. Try to stand out given your unique circumstances and attributes. Try not to do evil if you can help it. I like to think that everyone else is mad and I'm the only sane person around.

  4. I'm really trying to make sence of this but it's pretty neo-liberal individualist bullshit. and hey, how do you seperate intellect from spirit? actually, what is spirit in the first place?

  5. she reminds me of my grandma. we start a good conversation about something, and she fills 1-2 hours full of bs that has no meaning. sorry grandma :/

  6. This is another ad for a self-help book. Metaphors may work for some, but the author mentions the concept of metaphor for something missing in one of the quadrant of a person's, drops that idea completely and moves to action–an action that makes no sense whatsoever. I have seen better ads for insurance.

  7. 1. Cut everything out of your life which does not make you happy (yes, even quit your job if that's the source of unhappiness)
    2. Focus on your passions (or on discovering passions) and fill your free time with doing what you're passionate about.
    3. Never be anything less than yourself in every situation. Regardless of who you are, be honest about yourself and don't be afraid to open up to people. This is how you find the people to fill your life, if you don't do this you won't click with people.
    4. Never stop doing what you're passionate about, find new passions, explore, throw caution to the wind. If you want to do something, do it. You might not have a tomorrow, so why should you ever waste today?

    Does this sound hokey, impossible, or ridiculous to you? If so, you're living wrong! Be a slave of circumstance or the master of your own life. The choice is yours and you've been making that choice one way or another for your entire life. If you tend to do the former, try the latter. The only thing you have to lose was already lost every moment you spent not being the leader in your own life.

  8. Every time you see someone start speaking about life with a phony smile on their faces, and the first few sentences include "spirit," you know it's time to get out.

    Sorry, but blabbing a bunch of general, poorly-defined wisdom in a fancy vocabulary does not make it useful.

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  10. I don't get why most of the comments are so angry. Were we watching the same video? This grandma is talking about doing a reality check and using creativity to design and achieve your goals. That's common sense, at least.
    She's talking about AN OLD SYSTEM where the "job + marriage + kids" formula WAS functional. She's accepting these days ARE different and we need to be able to survive in them through reviewing your integrity and abilities.

  11. "Today there are no road maps as to how to have a good life." Jeez tell me WHEN it had. In the mid-20th century? In the Victorian Era? IT. NEVER. HAD.

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