This Dream Midcentury Home in a Forest Even Has Its Own Train

This Dream Midcentury Home in a Forest Even Has Its Own Train

(train wheels clacking) (light music) – During the construction, the truck tore up the tracks a lot. We have a little bit of track going, including the track over the
pond, and it’s kind of fun. We have twenty acres here and it’s a long, narrow hunk of land. The back is really about
15, 16 acres of sheer woods. The house is situated on
the front two or three acres and it’s a unique design that doesn’t look very attractive from the road. You really can’t appreciate our home until you come inside and see how it really is connected with nature. – When people visit they come
in through the front door and they see directly out to the outside, and it really takes their breath away. I love the views, and I love
being able to see the animals. I love the warmth of the space. At first we thought it
might be a little dark, but I think that the renovation
has alleviated most of that. – [Jamie] The square
footage is right around 4500 square feet. Of that, we added about 2000. We put a updated, brand new kitchen on it and a master bedroom. – We spend most of our
time in the kitchen, like everybody else. With the swimming pool, and the glass, and the open flow, we have
people here all the time. It’s a party house. The architect’s name was
John Randal McDonald, and he was, you know, quite well known. And he had some interesting ideas of sleeping spaces. He designed the bedrooms
for sleeping only. There’s clearly no space
for computers, or TVs, or working, or anything like that. You went, you slept, and
you got out of there. And they didn’t even have any closets. All of the closets are
across the main hallway. And there’s ample storage,
it’s just not in the bedrooms. – The bedrooms of this,
of the existing home, are all 10 foot by 10 foot,
so we wanted a master suite. We really like a master
suite with a master bedroom, and kind of designed
the house around that. – Jamie and I spent a lot of time before the construction began, trying to anticipate what you
could see out of each window and what the neighborhood could see of us. And we made sure that that
was completely private. And the master bedroom,
with glass on two sides, is just, I mean, it’s astounding. We wake up every day
to nature right there. – When we moved in here, the
birds just came flocking to us and I became really a bird guy, and we have red-breasted
grosbeaks, gold finches, tufted titmouses, doves, we have herons, orioles, woodpeckers,
and everybody gets along. It’s just funny, they
all share the same feeder and it’s very fun to watch them. The squirrels then hang
out underneath the feeder and our dogs don’t even pay
attention to the squirrels. Our work is less than two miles away, and part of downtime, I
know people like to drive in their car, you know,
destressing from work. Well, I don’t have that, so
my destress is coming home and jumping right into a task, maintaining the pond,
maintaining the pool, maintaining the train,
maintaining the tracks. Got the engine up and running. We have a little bit of track going, including the track over the pond. We took it out for a
little spin this week, and next summer, hopefully
we’ll have even more track open. (mellow music) – We had had trouble
in our prior home with a way to keep the dirt out of the house, and I think everybody experiences this. You know, you might have a back entry or a mudroom, or whatever. But the animals and me, I have to admit, were still dragging stuff
in from the outside, and we knew that would be
an issue with this site, and so we made the primary
access point from the outside, this mud-laundry room where you can drop all your muddy stuff, leaves and the blood, into the house. (laughs) There were a lot of things on the land when we moved in here. Come to find out that when
you move into a property that has a lot of acreage
and it goes back to the 50s, you kind of build your own landfill. This was before recycling. So, we found all kinds of fun things in what we called the
stand-a-back landfill. And among those things we
found the original stones that were left over from
the 1957 construction. So it was kind of nice to have additional building materials to incorporate in the renovation. – [Jamie] We wanted to maintain
the style of the house, the original intent of
the house, yet, update it. – [Linda] So we knew that we needed more contemporary furnishings
to go with this house, but we needed to blend it
with what we already had. So I kept some of my antiques
and we kept some of the Oriental rugs and brought in
some of our old furniture, and then augmented with new things. – [Jamie] I set up an account
on Houzz that we shared, and then we would both put
our ideabooks together. – [Linda] I would see a
photo or a story on Houzz, and that would lead me
to search for something similar or identical, so the furniture was purchased online, all
the lighting fixtures, even the marble slab,
merely by my marble rep sending me a photo. – [Jamie] To have this much property, this close in the city, is tremendous, and to have a house that
will provide us with many projects for years to
come is our dream house. (mellow music)

87 thoughts on “This Dream Midcentury Home in a Forest Even Has Its Own Train

  1. What a fun, beautiful home! It reminds me a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture. What a blessing your home must be!

  2. I love the design, I love the nature, … I love everything about this house. I would have loved to see some night time footage with the interior lighting as well. The part which makes this home an absolute luxury is how close he lives to his job. I absolutely hate where I live, but I'm okay with it because my work is 3 1/2 miles away.

  3. I like the master bedroom and kitchen how its both modern, simple and elegant. However, this house is way too big for me which means too much cleaning.

  4. Very Similar to the Frank Lloyd Wright 1920's design concept. Open floor plan, good interagration of the inside to the outside landscape and the utilization of natural light. A FLW masterpiece in the 1920s.

  5. .. though it must be ignoring living on 20 acre and still be worrying about what the neighbors can spectate into the Windows (could see a big development just next to the house).

    I am very much on the architects side on the bedroom thing, why do people want a big bedroom showered in light? I enjoy getting up in the morning, sneaking out so I won't disturb my wife sleeping in a few hours more in our small quiet and dark bedroom. I also enjoy having access to my clothes and master bathroom without having to cross through my 200 foot bedroom..

  6. You did an amazing job at bringing this house & property back to life…thoroughly enjoyed watching this video…as if you couldn't get any better….you added the train… I so want to be able to do this for our house someday… thanks again ! Elizabeth from the KC Metro area…..

  7. I would have to paint the outside a different color. But I really like the house. It's not too dark. Really the only time huge bedrooms and bathrooms are needed is when providing care for the sick or elderly. I never sit in the chairs in my bedroom. Well done and I'm glad you appear young enough to enjoy it for many years.

  8. It's very nice. Seems like a lot of upkeep though. I say that because my 1700 sq ft home is a lot of work over time.

  9. Perfect organization for luxury quiet house,,,β¬†οΈβ¬†οΈβ¬†οΈπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  10. I'm so jealous, you have a fantasic home, this would be my dream house. Everything is so beautiful and so peaceful quite, I like the bit about seeing the wild animals in your back yard.

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