This Guy Surprised His Parents With A Stunning Home! | Livspace Interior Design in Mumbai

This Guy Surprised His Parents With A Stunning Home! | Livspace Interior Design in Mumbai

House is something where you can just come, you can spend time with your family, you can just relax, because, you know, nowadays in this world where you are so occupied with your work, at the end of the day when you
come home, you should get that feeling that ok, I’ve come somewhere you know like, I have my family around me. You should be happy, basically. Hi, my name is Swadeep Mahajan, and I’m a dentist by profession. My family includes my parents, me and my wife. So I got to know about Livspace through social media. Through them, I met Mr. Sagar Sawant, the architect who has designed the house. So when I met Sagar, so he was like, you know, tell me something which you want, as in how do you want your living room, how do you want your bedroom to look like, and from there the thought process started. Then comes the living room. So we were looking for options like an accent chair and a 3-seater like a sofa along with a lounger. So I was very particular that no, I don’t
want to go for a 3 seater, I want to go for a 4-seater sofa. A 3-seater, along with a sofa-cum-bed, so
that if somebody comes we can just open it up, relax, or maybe if there are guests coming
at my place, they can sleep in the living room also. So then he kept the TV unit also very simple,
and at the same time it looks very classy. And then comes the dining area. We were planning the design of the dining area, so I was like ok, the place is less, so what can we do about it? So he was like ok, we’ll think about it and
then he gave me this idea of going for a dining bench rather than chairs, so it was the ideal place for a six seater dining table. But, thanks to Sagar who has helped me design it in such a way that now at least, you know, 10 people can comfortably sit in that place. The dining table which was there, it is a
6 to 8 extendable dining table which will accommodate at least 10 people comfortably. Now, when we come to the bedrooms, my parents,
they wanted something which was very simple, so Sagar was like okay, so let’s not you know, play much with colours, we’ll keep it very like, the wardrobe, the walls, we’ll keep it simple. But we’ll add something which will look evergreen. And it was a very simple look to the room
but the moment you enter you feel like wow! So master bedroom, like I told you my wife
was very particular about the lights, so I was like ok, let’s give the bedroom some different
touch. So I was looking for some Moroccan look or a Bohemian theme. So he’s like ok, let’s keep 2 or 3 things
which will give that look plus it will look very classy also. The Moroccan look which he has, you know, added, plus the requirement of the Hollywood lights, the mirror, you know, it’s like, basically it’s like a vanity van. Which has everything in it. So the deck, like I’ve already told you that
the deck was a place where, it was like a small party area for me. So he’s like ok, plan something which will
include everything. So he came up with this idea of going for
a vertical garden. So it was like the requirement of that bar
unit, the deck area where we can party, and a small terrace garden. Maybe a place where I can meditate, so all those 3 requirements were taken care of by Sagar, and it was very well designed. I was very surprised because like I had told
you, I had looked for many online, like other portals which I had enquired, but they were not ready to take the work in hand because they were like two months is very short time to get this work done. But Livspace was the only portal which was like ok, 45 days? Maybe two months, we’ll finish it in 45 days, don’t worry. Overall, it was like I was very happy. Basically, 1:30 in the night, we blindfolded
my parents and we got them in at my place, to this house. So the moment they entered, they were like..very happy. They had tears in their eyes! They were very..they got really emotional. It was a really good experience, like right
now I feel really happy, and once again I would like to thank Sagar and my wife for
designing this beautiful house for me. Need more interior design inspiration? Subscribe to our channel for new home tours, design ideas, and more every week!

33 thoughts on “This Guy Surprised His Parents With A Stunning Home! | Livspace Interior Design in Mumbai

  1. I really like the concept of dining
    Can pl share how much it would cost if I go for such kind of dining only of same size

  2. Can you please share all the items in this house and total budget given by the customer . Excellent design

  3. This is what we called simple, vintage, classy..everything is balanced…all the elements are there in this house, unlike other houses filled with too much of stuffs…"Less is good" and this house speaks about it…good job livspaceπŸ‘Œ

  4. Wow…looking out for somewhat similar kind of design for my 2BHK in couple of months….hard to believe this was all done in a budget of approx 10 lakhs….if thats what the cost would be i would definitely like to get livspace do my interiors…. Lastly jus one question, this work also includes furniture n furnishings included in this price range?

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