THRIFT FLIP home decor *farmhouse pastels*

THRIFT FLIP home decor *farmhouse pastels*

every welcome back to my channel so in today's video I'm going to be doing some DIY thrift store charity shop by if you hadn't seen my recent charge table haul um I made a bit crazy because there was a sale and I couldn't say no and I felt too guilty and I'm not buying these funky little vegetables so yeah in today's video I am giving a few peanuts that I bought from that video and upcycle a kind of maker that as you will and I hope you enjoy what should we do that so the first thing that I decided to up the cycle was this little plant pot I got I think this is really really really cute just way it is but the color doesn't really match why I wanted it for and there were a few chips and quite a few cracks in the glaze on the original kind of design the first thing that I went ahead indeed was I painted all the lazy design in a black acrylic I made sure to go around the kind of rim of the kind of pot itself and inside of it a little bit and this was just to enhance the kind of distressing effect I wanted to get at the end I did two layers of the acrylic and what's they had dried I completely covered all of that in a white chalk paint the white chalk paint that I used was the usual rust-oleum of furniture paint that I usually use either mix up a light pink chalk paint just using the same white that used for the top as well as adding a little bit of dusky pink and I painted over the whole of this green color as well as meeting up the edges in order to get like the maximum effect of the lacy kind of design at the top I just went ahead with a wet microfiber cloth and rubbed off some of that kind of chalk paint that I popped on there and then that allowed the black to kind of seep through and really accentuate some of the detailing that was there and that was the reason that I put the black acrylic on just gonna bring up that pattern a little bit once all of the chalk painting of him was been fully dry I just went ahead and painted on some little sprinkles so I did that in the original recipe without adding in any white to make obviously the darker shade and then a duck egg chalk paint I just popped on a little kind of stripes which then looked like a little sprinkles so this is a wealth of pot now it looks like it is gonna be a part of a upcoming DIY but I didn't put that in today's video just because this is just the thrifty bit being redecorated only onto the second a thrift flip I actually got this little scales I picked this up for 25 P in at my local charity shop sale and I knew I had to do something with it so I just went ahead and mixed up this light pale seiji minty green colored chalk paint and just painted over that really dark green color the reason that I did this was simply because the dark green color wasn't for me it wasn't to what I wanted it for so I just went ahead and painted over it simple as that you kind of course spray paint this paint it in an animal elf like that but I chose to use chalk paint because this is the effect that I wanted I went ahead and painted the whole thing in this Agee green color as well as the kind of bowl on top we thought that it kind of like an ice cream container when I did that and I don't know why anyway and then mixed up a very very pale pink even paler than any of the Pink's that I've used in my previous decor and I just painted all the black accent pieces in this color this was a little bit tricky because they were little bit angular and like inside of the green bits so yeah I did try and take apart the scales but that didn't work either so I just had to kind of go with what I had I then it just stressed the whole piece just using the same method again a wet microfiber cloth just to remove little bits of chalk paint of course if you're upcycling something and you don't like this look then don't do it but I like the warning vintage look so that's what I went ahead and did I watched the whole entire piece with a furniture wax just in a color just stick a bit a nice protective coat I don't know if I mentioned this but I also did that on the poll that I showed earlier oh I don't think I did but yeah I always watched my chalk paint pieces that are going to be stored in the kitchen because I know there's a lot of water about and this just helps it to kind of you know stand the test of time once completely waxed my skills with been complete so the way that I've starred this is just by taking one of the Anthropology latter balls popping in a faux peony and then a little snail ornament on top I think it just looks so sweet I've just kept this for decorational passes it's just to go with my ice cream pastel theme going on on my mantle and I'm absolutely obsessed with the two colors I used for the third and final thrift lips today I just took some of those funny vegetables that I bought in a previous haul I absolutely love these and honestly no idea what I'm going to do with them what I do now and but yeah I thought I was dumb down some of the colors of half of them just by painting them in a white matte spray paint and then giving a copper ombre just to kind of tie in with light pipes as you can see here my copper pipes are in the background it ties in perfectly and I've just popped them in might be drugged with some faux eucalyptus so let me know which one was your favorite DIY from the lot down in the comments down below let me also what you would have done with these pieces if you was to have bought them I know on my charity shop haul that loads of people gave me ideas and stuff and I was so intrigued to know like your different opinions and your different kind of ideas that sparked I just I don't know I find it kind of really interesting that everyone's mind kind of comes up with all these different things and I've got myself worried about me but I just love that and I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please do give a thumbs up that helps me to know that you want to see it more of this type of content and I'm really trying to like work out what you guys want to see what I kind of really like to post it that's why I'm posting loads of different stuff on the moment just trying to work out my way on the YouTube of this channel so yeah hopefully you enjoyed it and I will see you very soon for another video bye

20 thoughts on “THRIFT FLIP home decor *farmhouse pastels*

  1. I love the scales but also like what you did with the vegetables, they look great in that jug. I really like your channel, you have some great ideas. I look forward to you posting your videos. x

  2. WOW CHELSEY!!! LOVEโ™ก all 3 projects!!! The flower pot is adorable, the scale turned out beautifully and the veggies are perfect! You have such a great imagination and so creative!!! Wish I could paint by hand as well as you do! Really think your projects are wonderful ๐Ÿค— Thank you for your time and for sharing your ideas!!! Have a great day Chelsey๐Ÿ˜˜ Cat Xx

  3. Everything turned out so lovely! Especially the cute little vegetables! Very clever โ˜บ. Much love from California โค

  4. I like the first one because I think anything with sprinkles are very cuteโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  5. Ooh! I LOVE THIS!! The first one was so adorable!!! I really adored the pinks that you used ๐ŸŒŸโค๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ฝ #aliensquad

  6. Love what you're doing to that little green pot you hauled and how good do those veggies look now that you spray painted them and put them in the pitcher next to the copper pipes! Love them and to think you and all of us were laughing because you didn't know what in the world could be done with them. You are so creative! Great job on those๐Ÿ‘. The scales look soooooooo much better and cute now that you painted and distressed them with the pastel green and pink. Love all of them and hope you continue to upscale thrift store items now and then. Have a great rest of the week, you too Roman ๐Ÿถ. Hugs from across the pond

  7. Oh Chelsey, I love what you did with the veggies. A simple transformation that gives them such a chic look.

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