Thrift with Me at Goodwill-Hunting for Home Decor & More!

Thrift with Me at Goodwill-Hunting for Home Decor & More!

hey guys and welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm gonna take you through 15 with me we're gonna go inside a goodwill and see what we can find so I did get a few things that are featured in this video see if you can guess which items I purchased so right away when I go inside I spotted this really cool vanity top mirror I thought oh this would be really pretty to paint and put on a desk or a dresser and I started looking at it and then I realized it was $49.99 and I was like oh gosh that's that's just a little too much for that so then I saw this really cool art print it is an ocean and it just says love in the sand and it was only $5.99 Oh check out this elephant I thought it was really cute oh I don't know it was $6.99 that seems a little high so I don't know you just have to see if I got it or not this was actually a really good vibe it was like a letter organizer and it was wood and I had a cute little blueprint on the front and it was actually an organizer from home goods and it was originally $14.99 and it was only 649 so I thought that was pretty good and what are these originally I thought oh maybe they're a really cool homemade lamp set and then I was like wow these are kind of cool they got an industrial kind of look to him and I had to take him down off the shelf to get a closer look because I just really couldn't figure out what they were so then I looked at the top and I didn't see any wiring or anything or any way to connect a lightbulb and I was kind of confused at this point because I was pretty certain it was just a funky layup if you know what this is please leave a comment down below and then I checked out these cool vases I had to look at the price tag on both because I've been to Goodwill many times and seen two of the exact same item and they have different prices oh and this was really cute it was a little vintage looking floral cooking pot and it was stackable I thought these are really cool they're very vintage that kind of have that 60 70s vibe to them and then there was this wax warmer here and I thought it was really pretty we've actually go good in my house there is a small little chip on it and it was only $2.99 and then I thought this little stack of books was cute they were just made out of wood and painted they look like a small stack of books and they were a dollar 49 and this is actually pretty cool it was just a small framed print and it was signed by the original artist and it was just a creepy looking ghostly horse and it was called the Prancer oh and check out this little innocent doll I bet she's not so innocent looking let's check her out yep she's got big old creepy eyes and this is pretty cool is the rim a therapy I'm asked lavender and chamomile is brand new in a box for only a dollar ninety-nine you can use it hot or cold oh and look a little plant mister and this is kind of cool looks like somebody made a little DIY wine cork art just a bunch of framed wine corks and there was a matching set I thought those were kind of cool but I thought this would have been a really cute chair to redo and this chair was only $19.99 go Tar Heels you know I had to show this I thought this is a really interesting looking mug or a vase I guess you could use it as a vase if you wanted to oh and then check it out a mason jar drink dispenser this was only 298 and then there was like five boxes of these coffee grinders and they were only 298 and a couple of them had been used because I saw coffee grains in them but this particular one hadn't been used and it was in a couple different pieces and I thought it was really cool I had like a copper look on it oh and check out this cute little owl that would be cute for fall on a mantle and this was only $1 98 oh and check out this birdhouse it's actually a working birdhouse it opens in the back so you can clean it out and it had a nice floral print and it was green and it was actually threshold brand which is from Target and it was only 498 I'm pretty sure it was a lot more at Target brand new and then check out this loveseat I don't think it's real leather but the quality was pretty good and it was just a neutral color and it was 89 98 it was in great shape so I didn't think that was a bad price and then I saw this set of books it was The Chronicles of Narnia and there was a bunch of different ones and I think these were 99 cents each for the paperbacks and then this is pretty cute never lose your sense of wonder it was originally from Marshalls for $2.99 and it was only 99 cents it was just a cute little trinket tray and then check this out I had to open up this box and you'll never know what you're gonna find at a thrift store and I found a whole collection of 8tracks so I was curious to see what the price of this was it was only 1498 for the entire set and then check out this random placemat with bananas on it I just had to show this because yeah we love bananas my daughter is Hannah banana once again thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and please stay tuned for my haul I'm going to show you everything that I got and I'm going to show you how I used it

23 thoughts on “Thrift with Me at Goodwill-Hunting for Home Decor & More!

  1. I'm from MN. Since most of us are of scandinavian descent, we all grew up with that adorable Swedish design (on your double boiler) in our kitchens. Quite the find. I would have snatched it up.

  2. The vanity mirror for $49.99 is a reasonable price. I think it is the only thing I really agreed with price wise. It was more consistent with fleamarket/antique store prices in Arkansas.

  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who is aggravated with Goodwill and their prices. They are too high and they are too arbitrary with their prices. I don't donate to them anymore either.

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