Thrift With Me (Home Decor) + Ultimate Thrift Store Challenge!

Thrift With Me (Home Decor) + Ultimate Thrift Store Challenge!

that wasn't me guys yeah you don't got yourself a one little challenge video Melissa from threads obsessed I accept this challenge so today's video we are gonna go thrift store shopping and we're gonna go hit up Salvation Army and I'm gonna do this one day I'm really excited because it's something that's so different and so out of my element so basically if you guys are new to my channel then welcome to my thrift channel but for today's video I'm gonna be doing a fun little thrift challenge that was made by Melissa from threads obsessed first of all thank you so much Melissa if you're watching for tag you need to do this I feel like this is something that's gonna really take me out of my element so basically this is the tag that Melissa compiled and a lot of the items that you have to find at the thrift store but I'm excited only because like I have to look for a lot of 80s 90s stuff and early 2000 stuff which is so right up Melissa's type of style and like pretty much basically her whole Channel so I kind of come from a background guess where it's like I like to go for like 60s and 70s boho kind of pieces so I really want to get out of my element get out of my comfort zone and see if I could find a lot of these items I will put the list up on the screen so you guys can see exactly what I'm gonna be looking for I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of terrified because again this is out of my element but I also want to see I just really want to challenge myself to at least find all these items and see if I could pick most of the items that will really still cater to my style certain things that I am going to still be wearing so I'm gonna see if I can find all these items at this one place and I'm gonna go to Salvation Army at the overly bowl of our location I really like that location cuz it's so nice and clean and it's really really spacious so my friends we are gonna go and we're gonna have a fun day together so let's let's let's catch our bus now because I'm like running late and also I forgot to mention you guys this is also really fun because Melissa also tagged a bunch of other youtubers I'm just excited because I want to see who wins so basically whoever finds the most pieces on to this thrift tag we'll get to the most amount of points obviously I encourage you guys to do this as well because I feel like this would be like a really fun challenge video um and yeah we are finally here and I got my little carts and looking I love how big this place is and I'm gonna set in the home decor actually I'm gonna take a look at my list and see so this is oops so this is my list here so far hmm I think since I'm in the home decor section I might look here first because everything else is closed so an aesthetically pleasing home decor piece one point though we're gonna look at section I love how everything is color coordinated but I'm gonna look for something for my apartment these are really cute I actually like the colors of these cute little mugs that's a nice color not a really big fan of the red tone so I'm gonna stay away from but oh this is actually really cute so I'm trying to go for that whole like all white type of look for my my apartment kind of like a little bit of boho Scandinavian vibes so I'm gonna look for something like that these coasters are actually kind of cute like nice concrete coasters but I want something more aesthetically pleasing he started drooling mix with a little tray thing kind of cool if I like repainting this but I don't like this think it's kind of tacky but I don't know but I think I'm gonna pass on this one I saw this doll they'll be cool if I could store like a record CDs in here it's like vintage vinyls but I don't know it looks like it's a little time a little bit tiny no these are some cool a cool looking golden plates guys this is so aesthetically pleasing and so Canadian so I'm in the clothing section women's clothing section and I'm gonna look for a bunch of these things this is actually a little bit harder than what I expected but I am determined to find finding everything on this list I mailed the first one which is like though I guess esthetic home decor piece but I feel like when it comes to aesthetic it's so different for everybody so what I think is aesthetically pleasing might not be as ecstatically ecstatically pleasing to you but I'm gonna start looking for the rest of the stuff so this'll be fun I mean I'm thinking like this is sort of early 2000s ish so I want to just see how to look like on it it's actually really pretty too and then I stopped to look for some like 90s stuff so I will do that as well I swear I wasn't me okay maybe I was my gosh guys outside it's like raining and it was just sunny like two minutes ago now it's raining like crazy so anyways I'm gonna be here for a while cuz I'm so like taking my time to look through everything so far I'm like how to figure out the rainbow rainbow actually I do consider yeah spread orange yellow green so I'm just like pretty much looking through every single section I'm sorry by glancing oh we even found another Tommy hugger for top two right now I thought I do like a little haul for you guys and share with you guys what I ended up picking some things I am gonna take home with me and some things I definitely not because I don't really want to waste the clothes and like purchase it and it end up like returning it yeah I don't want to like waste that so I'm gonna share with you guys the pieces that I found I feel like I got most of them first one being something rainbow so that is two points now I found something that is rainbow and beautiful I'll share it with you guys right here I found my first rainbow item I feel like this also suits my kind of personality in my aesthetic like kind of going for the boho Flair type of vibe the second one at being is something from the 90s and I feel like this definitely represents the 90s and I found this cool to top and you just sort of like you know where some like maybe high-waisted shorts and it looks something like you're from the 90s era and I thought this is like a really cool awesome item are you ready for the reveal I found something checkered I feel like this is kind of threads obsessed sort of aesthetic almost and I found something checkered so I went for this cool like pullover sweater it has like these really cool highlighter the vibrant colors mixed in between the fourth thing is shoes that fit me beautiful slip-ons and its velvet and it's a nice cool green color so I thought that was really interesting the brand is called bamboo I've never heard of this type of brand but they're in my size okay so ver this one a cool graphic t-shirt I feel like this is a point but I feel like maybe I'm a 0.5 like half a point only because this is technically not a t-shirt but this is a graphic one I feel like I scored such an awesome fan team Metallica this is such a cool fan T it was originally a t-shirt as you can see but I got somebody obviously took out the sleeve so this is technically a tank top so I guess I'm gonna get a point for this one the sixth one is an aesthetically pleasing home decor piece now I feel like for this one is such a subjective type of thing I feel like a psychic it has to do with your own personal style making light but me I personally feel like this is my eye really beautiful I found this now this really has no functionality whatsoever other than just a decor piece because the top does not come out but I just thought it would be really pretty like on my table now the 7-1 is a tommy Pilger per type of item and the funny thing is I found two so I'm so happy I found it in the women's section now this is how it looks like just a simple block long sleeve top Tommy Hill gopher right here we are moving on to the eighth one this is a bomb accessory now I'm assuming like handbags are accessories so I felt this really cool piece this is beautiful so you can kind of like wear it as like a little mini side bag so moving on to the ninth item it's something and that is like an 80s type of style so I found this I just thought the French of it just looks absolutely beautiful such an 80 item section from forever 21 but such an 80s inspired item I feel like it's kind of more like a modern piece but print of it and the color is definitely represent the eighties so let me just give you a little quick overview so maybe preparing the pants up like that just the 10 thing in early 2005 now I think I might pick this up to myself to try this on but I feel like this is such an early 2005 I feel like this is something that my mom sort of boring so this is something you definitely find for more Avakian type of style as you can see the print is beautiful and this is such a 2000s type of thing because it has like another layer underneath which I find really cool moving on to the 11th item okay I feel like this is technically a kml piece and honestly I've had such a hard time looking for a camel piece I looked at an event section I looked everywhere in the women's section and I could not find an actual adult size one but I want over to the kid section and technically I did find a find a camel piece this is just a cute little toddlers can little panties I can definitely not fit into these nor I'm not going to be bringing this home I'm gonna give myself maybe like half of the point mainly because this isn't obviously something that I would get up and wear so at least they still found somewhat canopies I was like really really desperate for someone fortunately I could not find anything playboys so did not find anything playboy it was really hard I found a luxury item so I found these beautiful pants these definitely will not fit me but I just found some Ralph Lauren my Google search says and this is technically a designer brand and as you can see it is like well made the quality is beautiful but I found these khaki pants beautiful caramel color so I unfortunately cannot fire sneakers there just wasn't any of that looked really nice on any of them in my size so I could not buy back but I found the last item this is the very threats obsessed type of color so basically an item that is red and yellow I found a total threads obsessed color as you can see this is kind of like this is a Jersey pullover type of thing and it has the yellow graphics and then the rest is red so I completed the threads obsessed final one like I had such a fun time just like looking for everything but I felt like most of everything so I mean I'm actually I'm proud of myself let me know what you guys think of how I did oh this little baby hair is bothering me sometimes when I was a kid my mom would lick her finger and tucking my baby hairs so you guys this is the next day it was raining last night it was like a huge crazy thunderstorm as you guys saw so wasn't able to film what yeah no it was it was really bad as you can see behind me I got a lot of Awesome pieces at my throat trip I actually I'm really really excited because I have a lot of home decor items and you guys know I am like slowly revamping my place and I'm just getting really into that whole that kind of like Scandinavian bohemian style meets Moroccan style so I'm just really into that so I thought I loved it yeah guys hear any random noises that is my boyfriend I had to close the door cuz it's really messy but okay I'm gonna start off with the clothes first mainly because I did get a few clothing pieces but mainly it is all home decor items but I did and Instagram poll as I was there at the third store and I was trying this dress on it so mom kind of mid maxi dress and it is a beautiful green color but the bottom is just so stunning because it has like this different print I just feel like it looks such such a beautiful piece it reminds me of something that I would find at spell Byron Bay and I picked this up for $5.99 but I did an Instagram poll and a lot of you guys it was almost the tie so you guys said the majority said not to get it but I got it anyways cuz you know I could definitely make use of this it is a beautiful like as you can see it's like a tube top style dress and this kind of reminds me of something that I would see like the early 2000s this is also a early 2000s piece of which I did for the thrift challenge by threads obsessed so I actually had a lot of fun filming that feel like this is such a early 2000s thing as well but I didn't want to put it into the challenge because I really wanted it for myself and I picked up this all velvet track suit something that reminds me of like a Juicy Couture sort of thing and the pants were for $7.99 and then the sweater this one was Oh find the price this one was for $6.99 so this is like the coolest velvet great track suit I've ever saw it cutter it looks very bougie but I just I just I don't know I have to pick it up it looks kind of cool this is more so of an accessory so this is my final accessory I just love this floral printed scarf it is beautiful definitely such a 70s type of vibe that I'm getting here and lately I've been just really into tying scarves into my hair I'm just been getting so inspired like on Instagram and through Pinterest as well and just having seeing a lot of girls tie scarves in their hair I think it looks so elegant and beautiful and so I wanted to expand on my scarves collection and do that for this summer and also too I do plan on wearing scarves as like a bandeau kind of like a bralette vendo thing so I'm gonna be doing that a lot more at this summer I grab this for $2.99 which is definitely steal so my friends we are gonna get in to the home decor items I am so excited because they actually had a lot of amazing stuff at the Salvation Army that I went to so this one it does not have a price on it I think it I think it was maybe around like five dollars I got this beautiful Moroccan style kind of like a vice almost this guy reminds me of sort of like a Moroccan style pitcher and putting a drink in here and pouring a glass of wine or water but I just I just wanted to use it as a pot for another one of my plants my little babies so oh yeah and then the next item that I picked up so this one was for 4.99 this was a part of my fifth challenge as well I just thought it was like a really cool piece there's really no functionality purpose or purpose to this piece whatsoever I really like the light wooden color it definitely matches my table over here so I'm just I'm getting a lot of more I guess earthy tone pieces for summer at least and I'm kind of like in the midst of redecorating my apartment and maybe hopefully I could do a tour sometime but I still have to get like a frame over here the next item so I couldn't pass this up because this is a brand from Crate and Barrel this is a really good high-end home decor shop and I picked up these cool concrete coasters for $2.99 I find these so so beautiful I'm also a really big fan of concrete items you'll see around like my house a lot of my potted plants have concrete and also like my ceiling of my place is also concrete so I've been thinking for concrete stuff so I thought this was definitely a steal like it's I think it's still brand new too because it still has like the sticker of cratenbarrel so this was definitely a steal oh I forgot to mention this one accessory because I had it in this basket here but I'm gonna share with you guys this was also part of my thrift challenge the coolest accessory item so I decided to take this home with me because this reminds me of like a record vinyl it just kind of gives like a really cool retro vibes but I also feel like this can also be worn on a night out and I just also like a little staple medallion at the front I think it just looks really unique and I got this for $5.99 now I'm gonna go over to the goodies in here as you can see I picked up a beautiful rotten wooden style basket this is for $2.99 and I am definitely going to be using this for my gigantic cacti I've been looking for a pot for this specific cacti for the longest time and you're so happy that I found one that is the perfect fit for the pot because it's a gigantic pot but I got it for $2.99 which is an awesome steal so this one the price is $2.99 I thought of putting this may be in my washroom I just thought this was like the most interesting looking Vaz as well I just love how it looks really old and rustic and it just has so much history behind it it's like one of those pieces that I just find it really unique and interesting and I'm thinking of putting maybe like a flower or just something maybe dry flowers or maybe you've got this putting it in here and putting it into my washroom and then this is the final item so for this one I was like really debating because the longest time to buy whether I should pick this up or not because I was trying to figure out like nowadays whenever I'm looking for home decor pieces I get really picky and I try to make sure like if this is functional if this will fit well in my place and also like if this is something that I will like but also my boyfriend would would really like as well but I had to pick this up regardless this is for $1.99 definitely steal and I was thinking about putting this maybe on my bedside table and like putting my jewelry and accessories in here or maybe in my washroom where I could store some like random cotton q-tips and my little personal napkins and such maybe putting it storing it in here I just really like the coppery color and the way that has like a netting detail here and it also reminds me of like a treasure box so anyways that is enough rambling I'm just I'm just really excited that I picked up all these pieces and I'm excited to share with you guys like what I do with these items but I hope you guys enjoy this fun little video regardless and I feel like this is one of the most funniest videos that I filmed because this is also a challenge sort of tag video let me know in the comments down below how I did I encourage you guys to do this tag as well and have fun with your friends when you're thrifting so yeah definitely stay tuned for my next video and I will see you guys later in my next video take care when I spy a cold 20 kids

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  1. thrifting is a great way to shop till you find your own style. I relied on thrifting thru out Uni, particularly for nicely made interview suits.

  2. It annoys me how much of a bad taste you have, there were so many cute things I saw in the video and you grab the ugliest things 😫 not coming back to this channel

  3. Those ducks can be worth a lot of money. Also, you’ll never find anything Playboy in a Salvation Army unless it somehow slips through… or at least that is my experience volunteering there. They are a Christian run organization.

  4. It would be greatly appreciated if you check out my thrift haul 🙂

  5. You said everything that wasn’t the home decor had to be clothing. That’s not true. Checkered and rainbow things don’t have to be clothes.

  6. I thought the little decor was cute as hell until I went down to the comments and saw that it’s probably AN URN 😂😂😂 Fuckin dyingggggg laughing.

  7. The first dress you showed us reminds me of the 70's. I had one just like that, quite pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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