8 thoughts on “Thrifted Home Decor & Hippie Jewelry haul! YAS!

  1. Omg I need to drive to Sarasota’s good wills we have one in Ruskin and they never have anything good😂💛

  2. I saw this pendant and it reminded of the necklace drew barrymore wears in the wedding singer it was on a fake silver choker ring and it was black oval looked like a stone so i thought… I asked the girl she said $2 aus and i went home inspected it took it off the horrible choker it was a real black onyx stone like i said in oval shape just plain but was so happy with it .

  3. Love the earrings i was gonna say make sure u clean them u could if u get sick of them turn them into hair accessories like dangles in the hair …celtic mirror in the op shop looked cool.. What we call them here in sydney… Op shops

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