Thrive Architect Is Growing Up - New Template & Symbol Features

Thrive Architect Is Growing Up – New Template & Symbol Features

in this video I want to share with you a new feature that just came to thrive architect that probably flew right underneath your radar it did mine the name of this new feature is symbols and I'm gonna go through it in this video they really nailed it on this this is really cool stuff and it really shows the direction that thrive architect is going hi my name is Adam from WP crafter comm where I make wordpress tutorial videos for non-techies I try to make this stuff make sense if you're new here consider clicking on the subscribe button and click on the bell if you want video notifications so we're talking about thrive architect if you don't have thrive architect you can go to WP crafter calm a slash thrive it actually won't take you here it'll take you to my website where I have a training package I include when someone purchases thrive so that information is there also have a link in the video description box now on this channel and a lot of people have probably done the same thing I've always referred to thrive architect is a great wordpress page builder that is marketing or marketer focused on giving marketers the tools that they need in order to sell more and reach more people actually I just lost my train of thought I got a phone call in the middle of recording this for my wife you have to answer when your wife calls and I totally lost my train of thought but I'll just roll with it anyway so I've considered and referred to thrive architect as this page builder that's geared towards marketers to enable them to do more of what they need to do in terms of marketing marketing elements and all that kind of stuff countdown timers but thrive architect I never really considered it great for building out an entire website yes you can use it but there are some serious features that it's lacking number one they're templates you can't use within the framework of your theme it just overrides your theme you can't use them with your themes header and footer I know they're working on that but this other feature that they just released called symbols addresses one of the big reasons I've been saying don't use thrive to build your entire website and what it's going to allow you to do is create actually anything you can create sections columns all types of different content you can save them as a symbol and use them globally across your website where they're all be linked together and if you make a change to that symbol in one spot on your website that change will carry over across your website let me show you in this video it's probably better to demonstrate this one so here is a website with thrive architect in it now this is the most read this was included in the most recent update which was maybe a week ago probably exactly a week ago today and there wasn't any information out on it so it might be new to you so if you go down here to thrive dashboard and you look here at all your thrive products it might look different for you if you have a variety of thrive products installed but when you scroll down you're gonna see something new here it says templates and symbols I bet you didn't notice this before and so essentially this is where when you're in the Builder and you are saving things that you create as templates or as symbols they will actually be saved in this area here where you can manage it and it's really neat how they've done this they nailed it other page builders have similar functionality but they don't do it as good as thrive architect as doing it so let me just go ahead and jump on into a page and show you how this is done okay so I'm gonna go to all my pages and I have one right here called thrive setting so I'll just click on edit with thrive architect to jump right on into it so you're gonna notice something new in the visual interface so here we are and so right here I can just click on anything and say I wanted to save this background section that has the text in it it has the opt-in it has a picture of someone this whole section and use it on another page on this site so you click on it and then you have the breadcrumbs you click on background section so do you notice anything new actually I probably have to blow this up for you to notice it right next to where it says background section there's a picture of a little floppy disk yes I'm all enough that I had floppy disks but this is brand-new if you haven't noticed it this is brand-new and when you click on it watch what happens it's a savior element for later use now I could save this as a template where I could use this anywhere else on this website but it's not linked together as a global element and that's what symbols is they're very clever in the names that they come up with so in this case you would click on symbol you would just give it a name and you can organize it into categories okay and then what happens now if you save it as a symbol and you use this element elsewhere on your website they will be linked together you make a change into it in one location that change will carry over across the board now you might wonder well what's the point of this anyway what are some real practical uses for this feature well I'll tell you here's a perfect example say you spend all this time making this beautiful email opt-in element and you have it all looking nice rounded corners the spacing is just right it is exactly how you want it and so you save this as a template and you use it on five or ten different places on your website and then you decide actually I want to change it so it doesn't just show the the email it actually asks for the first name and the email oh and add a checkbox for that gdpr thing then what do you have to do well they're all scattered across your website you're gonna have to go and hunt in your website for every place that you used it and manually make those modifications in all of those locations and you know what that is just tedious and it's not practical because what happens is what if you miss one or two and now you've got a website that has the same thing but it looks different on different locations some places it has a checkbox some places it doesn't that is where you would want to use symbols so you can click right here and create a background section that styled and looks exactly how you want it put your bit of text put that perfectly formatted email opt-in in that background section then save that background section and as a symbol though not as a template and then use that on other places on your website and then if that same scenario happened and you wanted to add the first name at a check box or something like that you only have to edit it in the one location and that changes goes across your entire website and I use this type of feature extensively in other page builders where you can essentially save element save sections and things like that so that would be your practical use for something like this and then when you want to go use it we would just go to our thrive architect options and now if you noticed this changed this element here used to say I think it was content templates or something along the lines of that now it's templates and symbols so now if I was to drag and say drop this someplace like that then what I do is it's showing me and this is where thrive architect get its gets it right it's showing me some kind of a visual representation of what that saved template or that safe symbol actually looks like this is where thrive architect nails this feature all other page builders it's just some kind of bit of text however you named it you don't know exactly what it looks like until after you use it so this is a huge time-saver this is something very unique to thrive architect you don't get this anywhere and so here are my symbols so this was the symbol that I created called call to action and that's it I can click on say this button section right here click on choose template in there just popped it right on in there for me okay so now let me get rid of this and then let me show you how it works so I have a symbol section right here and when you scroll down here I use that same symbol right there as well because I wanted to demonstrate what happens when you now have added a symbol and then you want to change it in one of its locations no matter where it is on your website so when you click on it right here you saw it changed the color changed announces thrive symbol this is notifying you that this is actually a symbol any change you make right here is gonna is gonna affect everywhere that you used this symbol and then it gives you an option you can unlink this one instance of the symbol if you wanted to just edit this one and then it will kind of be unlinked from all of the other places that you've used it or you can actually start editing the symbol so we can see I have my symbol here and it just says this is a symbol section and it's also linked here because this is the same symbol so what's going to happen is when I edit this you're gonna see the change here and the change here ok so I'm gonna click right here where it says edit as symbol and now I'm actually able to edit the symbol and so I'm gonna go ahead and change something so I just added the word it changed just like that and then right here I have to click Save and close symbol so now when I do that this is what's going to happen I'm gonna scroll down and you're gonna see where I use that symbol elsewhere on this page it's now gonna have that bit of text automatically because they're linked together and as I scroll down there it is it changed it didn't say that is that going to go and that's because I'm using this global concept but the phrase that Thrive uses is symbols and it's so easy to use and the the real key though is that the way they implemented it in a way that makes sense so now when I go to thrive dashboard right here and now when I scroll down to templates and symbols I can click on it manage saved elements like this and this is where I can start organizing these things but the unique thing is here is a snapshot image of this symbol and it also gives me an opportunity to edit the symbol right here so in that scenario where I said with the call-to-action element or the opt-in element and you might have to add a checkbox for gdpr or you might have to or want to add the first name instead of hunting every location that you added that on your website which could be very daunting and in and not maybe even so practical or possible depending on how big your website is now you just come here to your templates and symbols and you can edit it directly right here and that change will carry over all throughout your website and so you also have the opportunity in here to change out your content templates to start organizing them so I have these three here you can categorize and organize them to your heart's content and it also looks like we have an option down here for page templates which I don't have any saved so what's really nice about this feature is it's really showing how thrive architect is transitioning into being a page builder for building out entire websites which is a much welcome change for me you can do a lot more powerful things using this new symbols and templates and also this way that they're managing it and this is very unique to thrive Architects so anyways if you don't have the right architect and you're interested in checking it out I have a link in the video description box or you can visit WP crafter comm slash thrive it's gonna take you on over to actually my website where I'm going to show you how I have this training course on thrive architect and I will give that to you for free if you were to purchase thrive architect through the web site there and so anyways let me know if you're a thrive architect user or even if you use another page builder what do you think of this new feature in the way it was implemented I for one and very impressed and I think they're really leading the way with this way of making it more practical and manageable so that's it that's all I have for you in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one

24 thoughts on “Thrive Architect Is Growing Up – New Template & Symbol Features

  1. I started with Elementor last April. Used it for a year, but sick of its performance hits. Now I was considering BB or Thrive Architect. Leaning more to TA. Couldn't find much about page or pre-built homepage full-site demo templates though.

  2. Hey Adam,
    Thanks for this great video,
    Actually, I'm using Thrives for more than a year now, but in these last months I'm getting some issues,
    – I can not save any edit on my articles till I deactivate Worrdfence security plugin from WordPress
    – When I save new template or symbol, and I save my article, I discover that I lost the style of my symbol
    (content without style)

    Unfortunatly I don't have access to their support anymore, can you help me, please ?

  3. Hi Adam, A new subscriber here. I've been binge watching your videos on WP security (SSL, GDPR, etc.) Great stuff! Thoughtful and trustworthy. Would you have any videos on copy protection (preventing scrapers and such from stealing WP content from blogs)? Hard to find anything recent or thorough (like your reviews). Thanks, keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for the informative video! Would editing a symbol also change it within a widget?

  5. Hi Adam, I am developing an Grocery Ecommerce store, your tutorials are very helpful. I just want to know if it is possible to customize add to cart button, it should be like when we click add to cart, it should allow us to increase or decrease quantity, instead of routing on another page.

  6. Hello, Sir is this WordPress website designing? I want to become an expert WordPress developer. Like using php in the backend and doing all other stuff like them… is Astra agency providing all this?

  7. Thrive is my go-to builder (have been a member for years). Absolutely love it. I also have Elementor but find myself turning to Thrive for the most part. Would love WC compatibility with Thrive.

  8. Hi, Adam what about videos about Elementor 2.0 and other useful things? To many not quiet essential videos for the past time.

  9. Adam, this not a new concept in WP web development at all. Divi has been using global layouts, sections and modules for a while now – nearly 12 mths. These are whole layouts, section or modules that when saved as global, then repeated (say team blurb module), any change made to one item updates every other instance of that global layout, section or module that you have on your website. Sorry, old technology (by web dev standards anyway). Didn’t mean to burst any bubbles, lol
    In fact, just this week, Divi released a new web dev game changer – Fluid Styles. You can make a style change (colors, gradients, font, drop shadow, borders – pretty much any visual change of style) and just right click it, then click on any other item on your page to instantly apply that same style! Amazing, no more tediously opening design and colour dialogs to duplicate styles!, Now we’re talking amazing….

  10. Hi Adam
    I'm using Genesis kreative pro child theme and installed plugins are Elementor pro and full width page template plugin which you recommended. But the issue is whenever I make a small change to a page, the page template will automatically change from full width to default template and the page title is replaced with latest blog post title. So whenever I make a change again from elementor I've to go back to dashboard and edit the page settings. How to fix this issue?

    Is there any Genesis child theme which is full width by default?

    Can I make kreative pro full width using code and if yes can you please provide the CSS code which I have to change?

    I'm planning to buy Astra agency using your affiliate link, in this case will you allow me to have access to both elementor and bb course which you have listed on your website?. Thanks

  11. Any ideas how the snapshot is generated? What if the website is being created locally without Internet access? Does it create a local image with screenshot?

  12. My guess is that they are taking the term « symbols » from Flash (and Fireworks) that were using symbols for their library elements that they were repeating… And we modified the symbol, every instance of it was changed at the same time…

  13. Thanks for the quality video, adam!

    One of my websites have Thrive Architect installed, glad to see they are improving!

  14. had you thought about wearing a black turtleneck? Get your Max Headroom on? LOL. another great video adam.

  15. Hey Adam. Thanks for that video. I also use Thrive and I'm beginning to love it even more these days. I think its underrated as a page builder – but some of their features compete or are even better than what Beaver or Elementor has. Thanks for the video. I've been waiting for Thrive to offer global templates (weird name for a global feature). I like how they show a thumbnail of those elements. It be nice to have those features in the other page builders also.

  16. Thanks for this video Adam. I used your link and then purchased the Thrive membership, so I don't know if that gave you credit for it. Hopefully it did!

  17. Thanks a lot Adam, let me ask you something, wich tool do you prefer to build funnels: Elementor or Thrive Architect?

  18. Sorry, Adam, but I obviously am missing something. And, some caveats: I didn't finish the complete video and I don't use Thrive, so that could be part of the problem. Anyway, I think I can do any of the tricks that you demonstrated with Elementor Blocks. Nope? Please explain the obvious differences, if you have a chance.


  19. This is awesome, thanks for putting this video together Adam as I may have missed it! Going to have a little tinker with the feature now 😁 You also mentioned in your video that one of the issues (which I'm also aware of) with TA is that their templates override your theme and that they're working on fixing this. Can you recommend where I might keep up to date on this issue?

  20. This is a great innovation that they came up with. I use Thrive Architect also along with Elementor to accomplish specific needs. Great preview great explanation.

  21. I was working inside TA today and tried to save a content template but could not find the normal place where I would go to save it. I did figure it out what you just showed – the floppy disk symbol – and all was well again in my world. Actually, my world just got quite a bit better! Thanks for making the video – I think you beat the Thrive people in explaining this feature!

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