Tiffany Hu & Interior Designer Roy Sklarin Tour 2500 White Stallion for Behind the Gates

50 thoughts on “Tiffany Hu & Interior Designer Roy Sklarin Tour 2500 White Stallion for Behind the Gates

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  2. A palace for people who really love living like kings and queens.. Congratulations to the designer 👏👏👏👏. I d hire him for my dream house which would look like that. I ve seen many many expensive houses but this is unique.. ❤️

  3. Spectacular estate & my exact style choices, but for the ugly kitchen lighting & red screening room. But I'm sure the red was to cater to wealthy Asian clientele.
    Kitchen needs elegant crystal chandeliers & the screening room should be a rich emerald green.
    French Vanilla, liquid whipping cream & French blue color scheme is perfection!
    Swimming pool needs swan statues (or grand lion's) with water spraying feature's all around the pool. In the style of The Flamingo, and their statuesque flamingos framing the swimming pool, that spray water over the pool's body.💚🦢🦁🥂😁

  4. Looks like they could house at least 8 illegal families or 20 homeless people. House too big to be just for 2 people .

  5. decide which century it is… I hate the baroque style picture frames with fucking TVs in them…

  6. Incredible First Class Home! Kind of poor taste for the Interviewer to mention bringing the girlfriend in when the wife's in the other bedroom. No class there and wearing your shoes on the carpet …. don't get that part either. I also don't understand why people with no class and money come to watch these videos and then criticize and insult people who do…..

  7. house like this don't need to entertain anyone it will be all for myself and no one else let them have their own

  8. Very romantic and ornate interiors and bed outside is very sexy. I love landscape designing and next thing on my life list is to design a luxury landscape.

  9. We would like to Apologize, we thought it might be For Sale but, its a Motel for rent… Please accept our deepest apology…
    Prince Michael Giovanni…

  10. This house is incredibly tacky and cheesy! What a waste! The decor is hideous! And man made surfaces in the kitchen? And those candle lights?! 🤢🤮

  11. The exterior is marvelous but the interior is blah because it's too much detail. There's no vocal point

  12. the interior design is marvelous, it is a rare and luxurious design that have been swiped off from today's modern properties. The interior designer is a true talented designer !

  13. Ureye voice is horny..just kidding..what a elegant way of elaborating the decor and details…wish I could stay for a day…please let me know any email [email protected] up 6362800408..

  14. La maison est très belle ! Mais alors…. les meubles sont vieillot vieillot VIEILLOT!!!! Pendez-moi le décorateur svp!!
    Omg! The furniture and curtains are totally outdated !

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