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  1. we call them ..Money …Fat Money …Like we can make twice as many and make way more money than to give them a decent living space …why would you give them decent living space at the lose of money …hell no …money money money….Id rather live in a shed

  2. A good price on rent, huh? Nothing like sitting on your bed in your kitchen for $1400 a month. I guess it’s all relative.

  3. I was thinking $900 for my 190sq ft micro studio with my own bathroom and WiFi in Seattle was too much. This is too tiny and definitely not worth $1400. Especially if that’s the starting rate. Puh-lease! But, that kitchen is nice tho. 😏

  4. Im in Dallas TX. I’m about to move into a 500 square foot 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom. Good location, plenty of Stores and restaurants nearby, good neighborhood. For $720 a month.
    This right here is a Joke.

  5. The residents being interviewed are trying to sell the idea, like they consistently have to validate to themselves they’re not getting scammed.

  6. Seems like your paying for the location instead of the space because there are studios in LA but not downtown, with way more space for about the same price.

  7. This Makes me both mad and sad. Mad because $1300!!!!! and sad becasue it is way too small to live a good life. You are working to pay for a $1300 a month box that you can't even dance around in when the spirit moves you! this isn't right.

  8. Is that a logical amount for unit in that area, and in line with a starting salary? Wouldn't you need to be earning a minimum of $50,000pa to justify paying that much in rent? Prices vary enormously from place to place, so I have no idea, personally.The size of the room wouldn't be a problem for me if I was young and establishing myself, but the lack of a toilet and shower would.

  9. Man if they knew how my apartment for 1300.– swiss franks would look like, they wouldn't call this a good price.

  10. In Seattle. Lived in a micro studio w/bathroom for $725 all utilities included + wifi. No Murphy bed. I had them take the offered twin and got a loft bed from Ikea about 5ft high. Placed a small sofa with storage under and a dresser of 5 drawers with a tv on it. Removed the closet door and hide it behind the sofa. It was a small place, the bed was so close to the ceiling. But it worked. Was cheap. And a great location. 3 years of that. Was great. I recommend for any first timers getting your own place. Moved out because no utilities were included any longer and price went up $1200. No sir, lets not get too greedy landlords.

  11. This is a larger size than my apartment and I just posted a video on youtube. I like the apartment in the video as I feel it is more about how the space works than the size!!

  12. It is sad and ridiculous that, Americans can no longer afford to live in a decent sized home and although these units are nice but, having to downsize because of cost is unacceptable!

  13. I can see this working for someone that didn’t want to commute into downtown LA five days a week. It would only work if; I worked nearby (within walking distance of where I worked), there were plenty of necessities nearby, and I had another place with more spread out space (maybe shared with a roommate) that I could enjoy on my days off. I don’t think I could see this being my only place- in fact I don’t think this [aline] would work for most women. You see they’re mainly young guys living there.

  14. 😳 The price of living in a temporary position is insane. For that price they should have maid service and door attendants. And their own bathroom!
    What is the price of a mosuleum there? No TV but the neighbors are quet.

  15. Did anyone else get any Orwellian vibes off of this? Like I mean seriously, that is a seriously positive spin for such an expensive, tiny shoebox of an apartment with SHARED WASHROOM, nope ughhh!

  16. How is paying $2000 a month considered "micro?" The whole idea of the original industry was cost effective and energy efficient. Now, like all things it's degraded down to greed and a hierarchy that once again serves elitists attitudes and behavior. Unless that micro unit is on planet Mars that price is ridiculous because nobody should have that much money to pay rent for cubic inches instead of cubic feet.
    Be prepared for future living like this. It always starts with the elites and presented in such a way as to be enviable but it won't be for the vast number of people who will be forced to live in small, dirty cramped places. For ordinary mortals there will be no 24/7 house keeping. This trend can stay with the "elitists" because sane people won't want to be packed in like sardines. They won't have the income to just take a plane to unwind.
    Don't be mesmerized by "chic!" It's code for mo money mo money mo money!

  17. https://youtu.be/L6yLkP6oofM

    My fiance, 2 dogs, 2 ferrets, and a hamster coexisting in a 202 sq ft micro studio in Seattle. Check out our vlog and subscribe!


  19. They could have at least given each unit their own bathroom for crying out loud for what they’re charging. I thought New York was bad. LA is ridiculous!!

  20. "We call them micro Apts."!!! Really, I can think of a few better names. These are pitiful. These greedy disgusting liberals don't even give people a decent place to take a shit!!! That's what these are SHIT. They better nail the windows shut or people will be jumping out of them.

  21. That's insane! Why would u pay that much for such a small space? I don't care where it is, that much 4 that little is just stupid.

  22. Why work when you'll never even own the unit and the rent will keep going up?

    Dehumanizing to put people into a small room, and they have to pound on the bathroom door when someone takes too long.

  23. Everyone is talking about the rent being ridiculously high, but you're forgetting it's LA, and rents are very high there. Much higher than Texas or VA or Florida, so you can't compare your 4 bedrooms houses in those locations with a room in LA. You're paying for location, not the space. These are not for everyone, but for young single highly paid professionals who just need a space to sleep and have a short commute to work. Having said that, if you want a valid opinion, I think you'd get a lot more takers if each unit had a private bathroom. That's the biggest issue here.

  24. Hell no! I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country in one of the best areas of that city and pay a bit more for my studio, but I have my own full bathroom a full kitchen and an L shaped studio.
    This micro studio is a joke!

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