Tiny Home | Interior Design REVEAL | #8, Season 3

29 thoughts on “Tiny Home | Interior Design REVEAL | #8, Season 3

  1. Hi miss need ur no so that I can get idea for my new house. Plz help me. I like ur design What all u do.

  2. Great job but who would live in a tube like a rodent? Then again maybe someone has that illness where they're allergic to Sun….one never knows

  3. I hope you come back and notice these notes so long after posting this video. Amazing job and the size is really very similar to an airstream, only longer, so very appropriate project naming. I do wonder about a few things since I'm pretty sure that if they ever need to actually USE this bunker, then I doubt there will be any actual TV service, but a lot of DVDs would suffice. And they probably really would need someway to wash their clothes. Anyway – I would love it if you can tell me what you used for your 'shimmer curtain'. The camera focus makes it hard to tell if they are made of stings of 'pearls' or metal ball chains

  4. Several of my neighbors in the late 50's to the 80's had bomb shelters. As a teen we used to hang out in a friends shelter… Not paranoid, better safe than sorry! 'CauseI gotta tell ya those "Duck and Cover" drills we had at school would not have been helpful at all…lol

  5. Not trying to hate but this guy's shelter sucks. No nbc air filter? Storing food outside? I'm assuming that it's hooked up to the grid for utilities so what happens if the grid shuts down? It's a waste of money if it isn't functional.

  6. I am watching this 2 years after you posted this… and WOW! Love the symmetry (S-word) in the kids room and the colors used. I hope they have given up on the gloom and doom of post-apocalyptic life (really? who wants to stick around?) and have decided to make this a cool AirBnB. The good news, if for some reason this capsule isn't air tight or the water isn't pure…. who will be left to sue? Beautiful job RR!! I am hooked on all of your videos.

  7. The murals made it livable. Very beautiful, the only art that didn't take up space and opened it all up. No hardware on low drawers to fracture ankles is good.

  8. I would love to see you decorate a motorhome as I have one and want to spruce it up as well as change it…you're the best

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