Tiny house design. Small home grand living. Room by room tour. Great design. 800sf, plans available.

Tiny house design. Small home grand living. Room by room tour. Great design. 800sf, plans available.

Hey, I’m mark and today. I’m going to give you a tour of my guest cottage It’s under 800 square feet, but it looks really huge on the inside. It would be a great Home [for] somebody who single or thinking of trying to live tiny This is not so tiny living. well Let me give you a tour of it, and I’ll show you the dimensions and everything Well, I went with metal siding for low maintenance It measures 18 foot wide the outside dimensions by 36 foot and the best I remember it’s 21 feet tall And I went with a thicker gauge metal siding. Metal has been pretty much no maintenance. I spray it with a little bleach and Soapy water right before rains and which is today and My wife designed it we built it about 15 years ago it cost about 40,000 for me to build it. I did it all myself other than [the] sheetrock And the insulation, I went with an expanding foam let me get out of the rain It’s got 18 foot ceilings I built a trust that’s kind of hidden up in that little attic space up there between the 18-foot ceiling in the 21 foot Peak Expands the 36 foot length of the building By building a trust it will never sag over the years You can see it’s got a large kitchen. It feels huge in here [I] built a lot of the furniture in here Coffee table with a concrete top built a year or two ago It started out to be smaller than this but my wife Kept tweaking with my design and I was just going to have a ladder going up to a loft and kind of small up there, but We tried to make [it] where we have to rent it out one day we could this room here is a little over 17 foot on the inside [and] 24 foot Long This kitchen and living area take y’all into the bathroom area This rooms about eight foot. [I] think its nine foot wide and twelve foot deep it has the shower there staircase that goes up and [it’s] got a make up area as well As well as a double as well as a sink double mirrors The trick was to figure out how to get the stairs to go up to the loft [and] I’ll show y’all how we did that under the staircase There’s enough room for the washer and dryer and the hot water heater. It’s about three foot the lower three foot deep and It worked out perfect for the utility room Stairs are about three foot [wide] and I had to do That one two three steps of landing and then I turn another landing before you could go all the way up Into the loft there is a low spot here If you’re six foot, you might get your head, but other than that you you want this closets about five foot wide and Think it’s about eight to nine feet long – the wall thicknesses, but it’s got plenty of And it’s storage. I wish my camera would Zoom out a little bit and not be so close with this It’s the only camera I have Take you upstairs And I’ll have a mini-split heat pump air conditioner to heat and cool And this is the bedroom. It’s 16 feet long. It’s got [nine-foot] [ceilings] The knee wall there is about the lower [5] foot there’s a attic storage space behind the end table, and there’s also a another attic space here for storage I’ll give you a close up, and you can see the Insulation. Have three inches of expanding foam that we use for insulation this place like an Icebox Well insulated. It doesn’t take much to heat and cool it And we do have ceiling fans, and you can see the view from up here How big it looks by not having a wall here? It makes one room look bigger If we would have put a wall here everything would [look] small Well my [daughter’s] going to be moving in here in a couple of days her husband is in the military and going to be gone on a Secret something that I don’t we don’t know about for four months and she decided to move back home till he gets back Well, I appreciate y’all watching we’ll see you on our next video

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  1. I’ve watched this video about 20 times. I love the layout of this tiny cottage. How Can I reach you about the floor plans?

  2. Mark, Is this house located on where we would send you the check for the plans? I ask cuz I can't view the house. Is your house surrounded by tall trees that almost covered the view from the top? i am not a stalker so you don't have to answer my questions.

  3. Wow, i don't see how this video has dislikes. Great not so little tiny house. Beautiful place. Nice job. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  4. i very much like your house. I've been thinking about a smaller house as well. Right now I'm looking into the construction documents or blueprints.

  5. Good, But you should have done the bathroom in the closet, that woould have given more privace and more space.

  6. all these people complimenting your tiny house are crazy. How are you going to make the only way upstairs going through the bathroom. In the closet you should have put the toilet area private. I mean what if someone's taking a giant s*** and they want to go upstairs? they have to wait for you. And then on top of that if someone takes a giant s*** than the smell floats up to where you sleep? Come on man you could have did a better job

  7. Hey mark just saw you on America unplugged , noticed you said you feel lots of energy like a teenager , just wondering what your diet is like now ,totally interested in knowing as I envy the energy lol, I love your videos they are awesome

  8. Nice job, but i would have used some of this space for many other things. Especially in the bathroom. I would not have had the vanity counter and would have put in a tiny sink. But he did a great job.

  9. This is very livable for 1 or 2 people. Small but not insane tiny. If only developers would build homes like these on reasonable sized lots that could be used for gardening and maybe even a few chickens . . . Solar panels would be nice too.

  10. It,s very pretty and I like it, but there is a loooot of waste in terms of space. Its pretty but I have 3 bedrooms two bathrooms kitchen and livingroom in the same space.

  11. What makes it seem so huge is the tall ceilings. This home is absolutely beautiful. Great job! My husband is very talented but he can't build a house. I'm sure thus would cost alot more than 40,000 for us

  12. You can have built up gases from the foam insulation with metal siding or roof. Love the open floor plan could use some storage for clothes, vac, etc.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home.its so tasteful.fantastic decor.all anyone needs.πŸŒˆπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ•Š

  14. Brilliant use of space and functional layout. I would appreciate the bathroom maybe opposite of the dinette area? Petty gripe though. Great job!

  15. I purchased an approx. 800 sq. ft. older home on an acre of land years ago. I've been enjoying renovating it and growing food. I paid it off long ago and have been living debt free and happy since.

  16. Hey Mark, this house is so beautiful and it’s exactly what I want in a house. You did a really amazing job and when I get in the position for a house, I will be in touch with you lol I want this same exact house for myself:) Thank you for sharing it:)

  17. This is a very nice marriage between a tiny mobile house and a small foundation house. GREAT use of space and I love the stairs concept…having a laundry in such a small house is a true luxury and takes up no room under the stairs…Coming down the stairs I felt a little scared that there was no railing on the outside. If you've ever got a toddler living there you'd be in trouble! I love the idea of putting the closet on the first floor off the bathroom…I think if I had any true critical remark it would be that a person would have to keep that kitchen so pristine and polished because…sitting there looking at the kitchen all the time would drive a neat-freak nuts! (I know this from experience, ha ha. )

  18. Absolutely Outstanding!!! Beautifully spacious for a tiny place, it's perfect. To your daughter's husband "Thank You" for serving our country, BLESSINGS to you & your family.

  19. Great tour but tiny houses are in desperate need of an outdoor space that greatly expands the living area. I'd suggest adding a covered porch that wraps around the side, away from your house so they have privacy on their own private patio, that could then connect to an area for a barbecue and even a Jacuzzi… But maybe you don't want the guests to stay too long.

  20. Love the design. I would just want something a little more private on the LR side of the loft. Half wall or maybe something decorative. I also love the bathroom/laundry and stairs in the back.

  21. When you mentioned your daughter moving back home because of her husband it hit hard . My husband is also in the military and he just left for a mission he won’t be home for another 8 months . I moved back with my parents as well I just wished it was as comfortable as your little house . Bless you and your family.

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