TINY HOUSE Tour  – Interior Design 85 sqft

TINY HOUSE Tour – Interior Design 85 sqft

hi everyone from Vietnam. Today we’re in
a city Da Nang And we found so interesting tiny houses in the middle of city So today we want to show you how is it look like What do you think? it’s like a fairy tale or like you’re in the nature. Yes, I love it so much because we have… these houses made from wood. We have everywhere plants we have like wooden tables and chairs. And you feel like you are not in the city you feel totally like you’re in some nature All right, can you take us to our house? Of course, let’s go! Each house is a name here, which makes you feel more individual and fun greenery and flowers are everywhere and every house is a good table outside. You can have here your meal, enjoy drinks or work on your projects So this is our house. I love this facade so much, because it’s stylish and natural in one time it has
nice circle shape and made from wood and I really love these flowers.
It actually looks nice those flowers like your head is between and looks so nice. okay let’s go in then. Let’s go! This is our house! Welcome! As you can see, when we were getting in the door it feels really tiny, also feels small, but
you get used to it in the end and you will be surprised how many things we have here! We want to show you every detail and we can start from the Wardrobe. Let’s do it! So this is our wardrobe. It looks pretty functional, we put here suitecase, backpacks you can hang or put your clothes and all stuff, which you have. yeah, and this is good because sometimes you don’t want to have
a crowded in your small area and you can hide everything you have here. We have a table and a chair which you can use for work as well TV with English and Vietnamese programs snack bar at nighttime. If you’re not able
to go outside – it works pretty well hairdryer, tea pot, cups and spoons. And
the last shelf we use for all our cables And this is our fridge. We have in the
menu a lot of drinks And it’s full of Pepsi, Coke, Redbull, some beers, which we never drink, but we have the fridge full of beer And we can use it for our things,
like fruits, yoghurt and so on Actually this fridge even bigger that we have in big house in Malaysia And here we have mirror and some empty space, where we put my suitcase, because it didn’t fit our wardrobe it’s our bathroom, you can see that it’s tiny Engin even can reach the door by his
head. It has not straight ceiling because of the main shape of the house. But here fits everything well shelves for cosmetics and towels, ventilation, toilet, shower and sink the best thing that is super close to the bed. And this is our bed. It looks tiny, but if you will try to stand here you can stay. And what do we
have here? We have window with a curtain actually window so small and we have
like wall there, you can’t see anything but you can get fresh air and we have small shelves, which we use for our phones at night and some lightining. night lighting. yes, cool. actually it’s from Ikea I know this thing, because I use it in my
visualizations – okay, let’s go to the next one living side of the house. Look
at this sofa, comfortable and stylish you can open it and have more people inside. Here can stay big family or some additional guests. And this area also decorated by these flowers. And lastly which you can’t live without it in Asia –
air-conditioner. We finished whole house, Lena Yeah, it was our BIG house tour 🙂 Big big house tour! Can you see? Look! You can do a lot of stuff, Lena, run! You see? Ah, actually you can do really training What we can do? We can do…acroyoga! So Lena, what do you think, babe? I think that I love this house and first impression you think: how in such a small area you can fit everything? yeah but after our tour you can see that we can even have two guests 😀 yes! so if you are coming to Vietnam, let us know 🙂 but actually we are leaving tomorrow yeah, here definitely can stay four people.
yes, the location of the house, by the way, like two minutes to beach, two
minutes to the most of the restaurants which is good. Local bazar… everything
everything is so close but the most importantly, as Lena said, the tiny house advantage – it’s not even a one step to the bathroom it’s just here:D alright! see in the next one video, guys, bye! see ya!

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  1. Would you like to give some info on prices, thanks both watched the video version? Thank you Lena Gardaş engin teşekkürler 😀

  2. elena seni ve engini takipteyim videolarinizin kalitesi düsmeye basladi daha eglenceli aciklayici güzel konular cekin dakikalarca bi mekanda cekim ve konusmaniz bayiltiyo tskler

  3. Hey yenge 🙂
    Why don't you speak Ukrainian.
    if you speak in your own language, it will be watched in your own country and your rating will increase.
    Because there are many English-language broadcasts.
    Doing it in the Ukrainian language will give you more subscribers and views. in my opinion

  4. Many thanks for this video, love you guys! Hope to have a chance to meet you both again soon. Appreciate for this! It is so great for me!

  5. Hi lena, let engin do the translation :
    Ben ukraynada rusça mimarlık eğitimi almak istiyorum sence gitmeliyi miyim ? eğitim iyi mi ? ve hangi üniversiteyi önerirsin ? Kharkiv school of architecture var aklımda… thank you !:)

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