Tips & Tricks for Mantel Decorating | Interior Design

Tips & Tricks for Mantel Decorating | Interior Design

So when you have a fireplace mantel, just
remember that you really have a very big opportunity for a lot of different things. You have above the mantel which you can decorate
with pictures, artwork, mirrors. You can layer items. Like you have a larger piece hung on the wall,
but then you have smaller pieces staggered in front of it. It doesn’t have to just be about mirrors. It could be a large mirror with a really fun
artwork piece off to the left, then maybe a vase. It’s all about the layering. But the mantel itself is also a really great
opportunity. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be just one color. You can accent and trim it. So let’s say you have, for instance, like
a chocolate finish, mixed with a color. Let’s use hot pink for instance. That may sound racy, but if you do it in mostly
chocolate and then take the hot pink, and you just accent it in all of the different
moldings that just kind of protrude out, you make it a more interesting piece. Also you can use wallpaper. Use small pieces of wallpaper that you can
get from sample stores. So you don’t have to buy a whole roll. You cut them up and you just wallpaper in
little areas, like the little squares and little rectangles of a mantel, and then you
have a whole different focal point to your room. You know, have fun with it. Even though the fireplace mantel is a traditional
element in a home, it doesn’t mean that it has to look traditional.

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