Top 10 Designer Approved Ikea Products: Design Lesson 10

Top 10 Designer Approved Ikea Products: Design Lesson 10

Hi everyone! Welcome to another design
lesson video. In each video I’m going to review some key design principles that
you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about renovating or decorating
your space so if you have a design dilemma and need some answers feel free
to comment in the section below with your questions or you can tweet me your
questions on twitter at designer chicky your dilemma could become one of these
design lesson videos right here in the meantime let’s get to today’s topic today I’m giving you my top 10 IKEA
product the designers love you may have seen my top 3 lists in a previous video
but I’ve expanded my list because everyone loves IKEA this isn’t a paid
promotion of IKEA but I just love mixing in a few I can have pieces in my designs
when the budget is tight so this list is all about great design versatility and
affordability let’s go shopping again the lack shelving system is number 10 on
my list who doesn’t love a floating shelf the
lack shelf comes in a variety of finishes and lengths which means the
creative solutions are endless here’s a couple of ways I love using the last
shelf I love using it as one long floating shelf above the sofa it’s the
perfect way to casually show off some art without committing art to hooks
layer them up like this for a relaxed look keeping the Shelf similar in color
to the walls makes the art stand out on its own speaking of layers why not stack
several lakh shelves on top of one another from floor to ceiling I
especially love the way these shelves are tucked up against that side wall it
is a great way to play around with the idea of a floating shelf but having many
floating shelves together makes them look like one large bookcase instead coffee tables can be hard to find they
tend to be bulky and cumbersome but the Hemnes coffee table is a style favorite
because it virtually has no style it’s square which I love and it’s simple and
simplicity makes for a great design I love the sleek look of the white in a
bright modern setting like this but it’s just as great in a more traditional
setting like this again the simplicity of this piece is what’s key dress it up
with your accessories and you’ll have a classic coffee table for a long long
time I love the look of stainless steel and
the flip that trolley is all stainless steel aside from being a very sleek
trolley cart it’s also very durable and versatile I love the idea of
incorporating it into a typical kitchen like this use it as additional storage
and a mobile work surface tuck it away to one side of the room like this
the Flippa isn’t just for kitchens you can use it in your dining room for a
pool bar cart or even in your laundry room as a folding surface like this well
this little guy has become synonymous with Ikea the billy bookcase is a great
example of affordable and versatile and it’s number seven on my list with a
variety of Heights and widths there’s virtually no space where a billy
bookcase won’t fit or two or three here we see two different sizes lined up
together making for a very dramatic wall I also love lining up shorter Billy
bookcases like this you can fill up the shelves with books and accessories and
then still arrange art in a creative way on top it’s a very chic look for a very
little cost no IKEA list is complete without
lighting and my favorite is the ran up lighting products whether it’s a table
lamp wall sconce or a pendant like this the ran up is just enough industrial to
make a statement without it looking like you’re trying too hard the large pendant
is perfect for your dining room the smaller pendants are great above a
kitchen island – or dropped over your sink and I love love love the
wall-mounted versions of this light you can clip them to bookshelves to light up
your library or use them as reading lights like this next to your bed the Alex desk is pure modernism it has
clean lines and no visible hardware and it comes in white or gray and it’s
number five on his designer’s list this desk is great for your home office and
best of all it’s great from all angles so if you need it in the center of your
room this is the desk for you but this beauty isn’t just for work you
can use it as a console in your hallway and fancy it up with artwork baskets
maybe even an upholstered stool underneath the pax wardrobe system
really took IKEA shopping to another level no more our custom walk-in closets
only for the few now you can create your very own dream closet line them up and
pick from several finishes Heights whips and door styles from shaker panel to
modern frosted glass there’s a style for you make them disappear wall to wall and
hide all your stuff on the other hand they’re so great you don’t even need to
cover them up with doors your stuff automatically looks great when they are
sorted into drawers hooks hangers and all the other cool inserts they offer
and my number three on my list of faves from Ikea is the nod yes a garbage pail
I love the look of this garbage pail in either white or black it’s perfect for
paper recycling under any home office desk but it’s so much more than that how
about using the non pail as a planter or how about a great firewood pail
I love how the handles have been upgraded here now that’s an IKEA hack
that I’m loving my number two on my list is the Aleks
drawer unit it comes in a variety of sizes white and gray and you can have
Castor’s like this I especially love the no hardware drawer fronts just a cutout
the Alex is the perfect storage cabinet for craft room or artist studios the
thin drawers are great to store paint paper and all sorts of supplies you can
easily incorporate the Alex cabinets into a work island or Peninsula like
this it’s so great to have storage under large work surfaces this would be great
for creative studio office or crafts room or wrapping room Martha Stewart
would be proud and my number one I love love love the IKEA PS cabinet it comes
in white blue and red but I’m loving the white it’s a metal cabinet with a soft
industrial look side by side they offer tons of storage and a great surface to
showcase some great lighting and having that gallery wall above is so very cool
it’s the perfect sideboard in any room you can even use it in your bedroom like
this I love a great big nightstand and the PS cabinet is the perfect height
next to your bed and of course it’s great as a media cabinet under your TV
so there you have it my expanded list of top 10 IKEA products that I love these
are all products that showcase great design versatility and can be used in
different settings and most importantly they’re affordable mix them up with
other great pieces and you’ll have an eclectic mix of furniture in your home
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plus if you have any IKEA products to add to our list let me know in the
comments section below I’d love to know what you’re loving from Ikea
again thanks for watching this video and I’ll see

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