Top 10 Modern British Sitcoms

Top 10 Modern British Sitcoms

Set your smiles to permanent. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll
be counting down our picks for the top 10 modern British sitcoms! For this list, we’ve gathered the finest,
funniest, most iconic and most important British sitcoms. As this is a countdown of the modern greats,
to be in contention at least one series of the show’s original run must have aired
in the year 2000 or later. For a countdown of the classics, be sure to
check out our Top 10 Classic British Sitcoms video, and if cult comedy is more your thing,
then we’ve got you covered with another clip as well. Introducing Steve and Becky, an unconventional
cute couple who rarely leave the modest comfort of their London flat. Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani take starring
roles in “Him & Her”, loveably berating each other to pass the time in between watching
episodes of Inspector Morse. A Best Sitcom winner at the 2014 BAFTAs, this
show’s charm lies with the little things, and the everyday humour which most couples
see but most comedies steer clear of. Annoying habits, awkward neighbours and oral
sex gags; it’s all here. A true to life triumph, it had everyone aiming
to emulate the show’s central characters – minus the constant spot-popping, perhaps. “Two Pints” follows the lives of five
post-millennium twenty-somethings all trying to find their way through the trials, tribulations
and triumphs of early adulthood – mostly from the relative comfort of their trusty
local, The Archer. The show became a flagship programme for BBC
Three throughout the 2000s, and although some say it ran for longer that it should’ve
done (with nine series in total), at its prime it was must-watch TV. Writer and series creator Susan Nickson, who
was just 18 herself when commissioned by the Beeb, always kept her audience at the heart
of the show too – with viewer votes even shaping some of the most major storylines. Has there ever been a more loveable lot of
social anomalies than these guys? We think not. Will, Jay, Simon and Neil are the ultimate
high school underdogs in this E4 extravaganza of cringeworthy comedy. It falls to recently relocated Will to narrate
us through the daily exploits of he and his friends, including but not limited to punching
a fish to death on a field trip, trading a tramp his shoes to go clubbing, and trying
and failing to get off with Charlotte Hinchcliffe. In fact, the foursome found themselves thrown
into enough chaos to warrant two post-series feature films, sparking a mini-world tour
and even more outrageous antics. Bumders, bus wankers and football friends
unite! To TV’s best-loved long distance relationship
and a comedy that leaves you laughing and crying in almost equal measure. “Gavin & Stacey” sees the title characters
struggle to make their budding romance work, as Gav lives in Billericay but Stacey is based
in the Welsh seaside town of Barry. Through the pair’s efforts to see each other,
their families and friends meet and become close – leading to hilarious, heart-warming
and heart-breaking subplots. From the Smithy/Nessa saga to the parents’
pains at seeing their children fly the nest and Uncle Bryn’s unexpected gym habit, it’s
the proverbial rollercoaster of real emotion with a classic Christmas special
to boot. As with many of this list’s’ entries, sitcoms
can prove the springboard for a celebrated comedy career. And that’s certainly the case for Bolton’s
own Peter Kay with “Phoenix Nights”. A spin-off from an earlier spoof documentary
series, “That Peter Kay Thing”, the show sees Kay take on a variety of roles for a
look inside The Phoenix Club, a working men’s club in Farnworth. With the story driven by club owner Brian
Potter’s various plans to outdo his rival, Den Perry at The Banana Grove, “Phoenix
Nights” also proved a breakthrough moment for Paddy McGuiness. All in all, it’s two series and twelve episodes
of endlessly quotable comedy gold. We head back to class for today’s fifth-placer,
and a Jack Whitehall comedy which took the schoolroom by storm. The award-winning funny man, otherwise known
for “Fresh Meat” and “A League of Their Own”, created and co-wrote “Bad Education”,
while also starring in the series. Whitehall is Alfie Wickers (or Dickers, depending
on who you speak to) a history teacher tasked with delivering lessons to an especially unruly
crop of kids. And while he’s by no means a born leader,
his style strikes a chord with some of the students at least. A sitcom straight out of the staff room top
drawer, the education’s bad but the entertainment’s brilliant. Meet Roy Trenneman, Maurice Moss and Jen Barber,
the brainy, not so brawny, and belligerent team in charge of IT at Reynholm Industries,
a fictional and largely ambiguous London corporation. Chris O’Dowd’s Roy is computer literate,
but he’s otherwise lacking in other aspects of life, while Richard Ayoade’s Maurice
Moss takes geek chic to a whole new level, although his intellect rarely translates to
everyday problems. And Katherine Parkinson’s Jen, well, she’d
struggle to tell a mouse from a monitor, but has bluffed her way to the top all the same. Together they’re “The IT Crowd”, subject
for one of Channel 4’s most successful sitcoms. You can try turning it off, but you’ll simply
have to turn it on again. For Channel 4’s longest-running comedy,
David Mitchell and Robert Webb star as Mark and Jeremy, two dysfunctional flatmates with
an uncanny attraction to awkward situations. “Peep Show” sets itself apart with a POV
style, inviting us into the most intimate thoughts of its two central characters. As such, Mark and Jez leave it all on the
table – or should that be the ball pit? The blundering pair are polar opposites in
most ways, but it’s all but impossible to imagine one without the other. From Mark’s weird nuts to Jeremy’s even
weirder wedding, their friendship is far more than just a Christmas joke. They’re in it for the long haul, whether
they like it or not. Our runner-up is also the oldest of today’s
entries, with our first look inside the Royle household coming in 1998. Three series followed, including two acclaimed
Christmas editions, as well as a string of celebrated specials from 2006 to 2012. A TV show based around a TV set, it sees Ricky
Tomlinson, Sue Johnston and Ralf Little star alongside Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash,
the show’s creators. Jim, Barbara, Anthony, Denise and David do
precious little with their lives besides channel hop and chat – but what more could we want? A frank, funny and poignant telling of late-90s
working class life, it turns the mundane into the magnificent. Before we unveil our top pick, here are a
few honorable mentions. We’re at Wernham Hogg Paper Company for
today’s winner, and a monumental mockumentary. “The Office” takes the often dull daily
trudge of an uninspiring workplace, and turns it into the best British sitcom this side
of the millennium. Ricky Gervais’ David Brent is the standout
star, always on hand with unwanted advice, dodgy dance moves and laughable lyrics. But the likes of ‘where’s my stapler?’ Gareth Keenan and the perpetually unsure Keith,
ensure that this is no one-man show. And then there’s the Tim and Dawn love story,
routinely making mincemeat of our emotions. “Extras” was also great, but it couldn’t
topple this. Tapping into all the little things which make
people tick, it’s uncomfortable, annoying and pure, pure genius.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Modern British Sitcoms

  1. We have Top 10 Classic British Sitcoms and Top 10 Cult British Sitcoms coming up – so if your favourites didn't make this list, then they may be on our other lists!

  2. Spot on with most of them. IT Crowd will always be number 1 for me, and unlike many other people my age on here, I agree with the Inbetweeners that low on the list. Its episodes end up just being a barrage of sexual jokes, just in a different setting each time. No depth to the characters, and it's pretty unrealistic for the most part. There are so many more better comedies.

  3. "You can try turning it off, but you'll simply have to turn it on again"

    Simon from the inbetweeners: brilliant.

  4. Peep Show shits on the rest of the contenders from a great height. Half the others never made it to Australian televison, thank God.

  5. 10. Jim and her
    9. Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps
    8. The Inbetweeners
    7. Gavin and Stacey
    6. Phoenix Nights
    5. Bad Education
    4. The It Crowd
    3. Peep Show
    2. The Royle Family
    Honorable mentions
    My Family
    1. The Office

  6. 1: The Inbetweeners
    2: The Royle Family
    3: Gavin and Stacey
    4: Peep Show
    5: The Office
    6: The IT Crowd
    7: Friday Night Dinner
    8: The Mighty Boosh
    9: Fresh Meat
    10: Bad Education

  7. I enjoyed Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps as a teen, but I can't help but get the feeling it makes this list due to the rise of Sheridan Smith and her OBE.

  8. 1) Peep Show – “Then I go and spoil it all by saying something like I like you…”

    2) The Office – “Slowly, slowly catchy Monkey. I could catch a monkey…”

    3) The Thick of IT – “Fuck the fuck in, or fuck the fuck off”

    4) I’m Still Alan Partridge “I should have said Baguette”

    5) Royle Family – "Barb, you know those pants u got me from the pound shop? Well I've got 50p worth stuck up my arse!"

    6) The Inbetweeners – “Feisty one you are”

    7) The I.T Crowd – “I came here to drink milk and kick ass, and I have just finished my milk”

    8) Phoenix Nights – “I’d like to moonwalk mate, but life’s a shithouse”

    9) Spaced – “It’s not a bedsit, it’s a flat”

    10) The Mighty Boosh – “This is an outrage!”

  9. Totally agree with the Office being first, but how are The Inbetweeners and Gavin and Stacey below Bad Education?!?! Also Outnumbered defo should have made the list

  10. It should be The IT Crowd at number 1, Fresh Meat at 2, Bad Education at 3, Inbetweeners at 4, You're the Worst at 5 even though it wasn't made there, Episodes at 6, Life's Too Short at 7, Extras at 8, Young Offenders at 9, Lucifer at 10.

  11. You forgot the most famous and most funniest British character of he’s own tv show in old classic tv show is MR BEAN

  12. I love the inbetweeners so much it hurts😻😹 I couldn't stop talking about it to my friend for such a long time, then I started using the dialogue in the show😹😹😹 I wish I had friends like them😹😹😹😹

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