Top 15 CRAZIEST Create-A-Weapons in Modern Warfare

Top 15 CRAZIEST Create-A-Weapons in Modern Warfare

Welcome everybody to the video and this is going to be done a little different Kaos presents the top 15 Ugliest craziest whatever you want to call them Weirdest weapon classes in cod Modern Warfare, we’re gonna go over some of the craziest-looking Customization options you can do to a gun in Gunsmith and as always the PlayStation 4 giveaway is active all you have to do to enter drop a like Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel with those notifications on and leave a comment why you want to win the PlayStation 4 and Include your Twitter handle so I can get hold of you. Now, we’re gonna kick things off with the scuffed Scar that’s right. This is a very very unique combination. You will see all of the actual Attachments on the guns if you guys want to pause it and make these guns you can do that as well The point is to come up with some weird-looking guns and a big shout out to the Brothers the NEEMO brothers. I call them Zach and Wes for putting this together and I’m doing this as a live calm I thought that would be cool to actually do it over the Edit. Once the Edit was done. Next up is 357 seconds to zoom. This is probably one of my favorites all already. I haven’t even watched this video I am reacting to this for the first time right along with you guys at 357 and it looks I wouldn’t say it’s ugly I would say it’s actually pretty cool-looking myself Look at the stock on the end of this pistol Once again, if you guys want to pause the video and go try these class setups up or these weapon variants out Definitely do it tweet at me. If you do show me some cool clips submit your clips if you guys can find the Submit button. I have a page where you can submit your clips as well. Next up is the mad lad m4a1 assault Rifle now this one’s not weird. I don’t think this one’s ugly I’m pretty sure this is probably a very very good kit. I mean just look at the stuff He’s got on it. He has everything unlocked here. So he is putting crazy stuff on it. It does have a noob too so keep that in mind and it looks like it’s rocking at 9 millimeter ammo which is not normal for an M4a1 so keep that in mind as well. And that’s just a testing to the crazy customization. You can do with these weapons in modern warfare moving right along the shoddy sniper model 725 shotgun this is actually One of the coolest guns I’ve ever seen in the egg cod now now I understand why we’re not going to call these the ugliest because these aren’t all the ugliest some of these are actually pretty sexy and this one is It this is nice. I don’t know what else to say about it Except this is nice except for when somebody’s behind a claymore camping in a room with restock on and double claymores and they have this Shotgun aimed at your face and you can’t get them out of the building. Keep that in mind Next up is the boomstick the kilo 141. Oh my god. What what in the world is that? that is absolutely insane He has a huge drum mag on it He has a noob tube and it looks like he’s got a hundred round drum mag, and he has a sniper scope No, it’s dual drum mags and a sniper scope Wow. Okay, the oiler. This is pretty cool You can actually if you played the campaign, you know You can get an oil filter and turn it into a silencer and somehow magically just screws right on the tip of the gun but you can actually use it in a Multiplayer as well and this is just it’s cool. There’s that’s all you can say about it. I don’t know if it’s viable I don’t know if it’s something you want to run but the fact that you have an oil filter on the end of your pistol Is pretty cool to me? I don’t know if you can run it on Actual like assault rifles and SMGs, that would be cool. If you could at number seven the recoil Rejection. Look at this nasty nasty Little gun the ak-47 turned into some crazy drum mag Sniper scope bottom shoddy. I don’t even know what that is underbarrel grenade launcher. That’s a noob tube It doesn’t look like a noob tube. It looks different to me. Let’s see what this looks like in first-person HUGE HUGE sniper scope on it For some reason I guess Wes and Zack thought it would be funny to throw a sniper scope on absolutely everything But hey, he’s doing work with it so good for him. Okay this knife and spray PKM LMG, this is the first LMG that we’ve seen on here. He’s got the heavy barrel We’re going through this fast because I don’t want it to be a 30 minute video like I said Pause if you want to pause for the cause and grab it and then go make this class and let me know how you do It that the point was to get some insane looking and weapons in this and that is exactly What they have done. So if you’re an LMG fan Actually, this looks like a nasty class that’s gonna piss people off. This looks like something out of the lsat days It doesn’t have the target finder, but you look at it like that. He’s just going to work on these guys That’s probably a very very viable gun How about trigger-happy with the origin 12 shoddy now? It doesn’t look like the shotgun that you get as the stock shotgun, right? You do have the handle coming out the side you have that nasty nasty Drum mag, whatever that thing’s called down there. You’ve got the pretty cool sideways Vertical whatever you want to call it for grip 25 round drum mag of shotgun shells That’s all I got. It said this is probably a ton of fun to use that guns. Not very good I don’t really like the gun But I’ll try this class setup up just for the I mean just for the kicks of it Everybody’s running with shotgun and claymores. You just don’t want to rush around you Just want to sit and camp until your little heart is content. Okay? Number 10 submachine Snipes the m13 assault rifle. I guess we’re gonna turn it into Yeah, of course, why not variable zoom scope? Absolutely noob tube on the bottom of it, of course take the stock off of it We don’t need it. Right. What else does he have on here? What is he doing 40 millimeter concussive okay, 60 round mags for the ammo capacity and this is what you end up with and It works. Oh my goodness gracious Some of the guns in here just monstrosity zits It’s so so funny that this is this is cool. The one dig Desert Eagle He’s got the oil cam suppressor on it. Of course a forged TAC enforcer for his barrel. He’s got the cronin something Hollow site, pretty cool. This looks like something that Dirty Harry would use in the future I mean, that’s what it is 13 round mag You got to have plenty of bullets for this thing, and then a rubberized grip tape. I’ll take it every day Not only does it look cool. Let’s see how it does Let’s see if he could ah, it’s not bad It’s not the best. Okay, Lulu’s e-mini You got to give the Izzy some love with a factory carbine Whatever that was and you got to get a site on there And now the Izzy’s usually not very good in Call of Duty But I have a feeling if you go throw this thing on this crazy crazy contraption Maybe just maybe you’ll have some fun with it. At least it looks cool It’s got a silencer on the end of it whether or not that helps or not. I think he’s got a thermal As well, which that’s fun. Right? Look at the hip fire. Look at the hip fire on that thing Okay, and number 13 the Bizon. Yeah Oh My goodness, they knocked it out of the park with this video they really really did I let them come up with the names for each one of these I’m gonna I’m gonna showcase some of these on Twitter as well because these are Phenomenal these are these are great now. I don’t know how good they’re gonna be with practical use in the game I mean, they’re getting you good clips that you see right here, but we’ll have to see how you guys like it but the buys on your face, ah Alright the sat-7 light machine Sniper so they’re gonna turn this LMG Into a sniper apparently that’s what’s going on. We’ve got the optic scope on there the sniper scope. What else do we have? To make this work. We’ve got a ffs si Ed’s some stock under barrel We’re gonna put a bipod on that and we’re gonna go to town. What’s the recoil light? That’s not bad It still got some recoil but it’s not as bad as it was like once again This is a gun that’s gonna piss everybody off because if you purge it it’s gonna have no recoil and just absolutely dominate 120 bullets in that mag, and now the last one the plug model 680 Chatty nasty clean just Cutthroat look at this thing with that optic on it. What else does he have on here? No stock We don’t need a stock who needs a stock under barrel. What are we gonna go with the lockwood precision series? Under-barrel, let’s see what this bad boy looks like in real life Yes, sir, please. Can I have? another Absolutely Love it and this thing once again get you some claymores, dude Do what everybody else is doing a little dance and have this shot E and you’re just probably gonna dominate this thing It’s actually really really cool. So this didn’t turn out being the ugliest guns. This was more of the Craziest or nastiest combinations you can make I don’t know how exactly I’m gonna title it yet, but they did a fantastic Bang-up job with these you guys let me know which of these you try Like I said tweet em at me submit clips with them to my link. I’ll put it in the description I showcase your clips and everything on Twitter all the time And I take gameplays if you guys want to do that as well on the screen now is another video go check it out It’s two huge mistakes with modern warfare that need fixed now not later it needs fixed Absolutely. Now if this game is going to have any lasting power drop a light guys if you enjoyed if you want us to do Another one. We could probably make it happen. I’ll see you soon

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