Top 15 Videos You Have To Watch With The Lights On

Top 15 Videos You Have To Watch With The Lights On

15. The Exorcist
Exorcist, Pierre Dulong, is a trusted member of French society. In this video clip, a 19-year-old hairdresser
is seen being exorcised of a demon. This took place in Gers, began with a pendulum
stroke, through which Dulong detected the woman’s possession. She screamed, growled, grunted, spit, convulsed,
and foamed at the mouth. She also spoke Spanish, not her mother tongue. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she shook
and convulsed. Although the demon fought it the whole way,
in the end, good won. The woman finished with a calm smile and feeling
at ease. But sometimes, even Dulong can’t rid a person
of this. He says honesty is the foundation of his reputation,
admitting, “When I can not do anything, I announce it right away.” Hopefully, for the sake of the possessed,
this is rarely the case. 14. The Creature
Creepy creatures creeping in the night. Not exactly something you want to watch in
the dark. But this YouTuber published this footage in
August of 2016. The footage shows what looks to be a picnic
area late at night. Trees border the area, lights shine beyond,
and shadows fall to give you an extreme sense of trepidation and fear. That’s when the creepy thing starts to creep
out from behind a tree trunk. The humanoid features bony shoulders, a round
head, and elongated arms that touch the ground, as if it’s walking on all fours. The body is hunched over, the knees bent,
and its movements are slow at first and then sudden. It looks like a praying mantis, if the insect
were humanoid. One YouTuber suggests that it looks like an
old crippled man with crutches, while another thinks it’s the legendary rake. What do you think this creepy creature could
be? 13. Traffic Jam
Japan knows horror. Here’s a creepy clip from the Far East. Imagine approaching a traffic light only to
run into this. A creepy woman at a pedestrian crossing in
Sapporo, Japan seems to be in a trance-like state. Halfway through the pedestrian crossing, she’s
stopped to stare straight at oncoming traffic, completely unmoving. Although it’s clearly the time to cross,
as you can see other pedestrians using the crosswalk behind her, she is at a standstill,
staring off unnervingly, causing the driver taking the video to wonder what in the world
is going on. Even as the light changes, the woman continues
to stand there in the middle of the road, staring. The driver passes around her, capturing the
woman on video, still frozen in place as they pass her by. What do you think is going on? The woman’s behavior is unexplainable. Seems like something might be in the water
in Japan. 12. Apparition
Sometimes paranormal clips will make you doubt; other times, they’ll make you believe. This one belongs in the latter category. A paranormal journey published this spine-tingling
footage in February of 2019, stating that after returning from a break in their investigation,
they captured this. In entering a dark room that looks a bit like
an attic, the cameraman walks a few steps before muttering and stumbling. What did he see? A close up shows a slow-moving full-bodied
apparition glide past in the back of the room. The uploader states that seconds after capturing
this clip, they heard running footsteps and a loud bang. They claim the building was locked and the
only ones there were the two of them. They shout hello, but no one answers. Those in the comments agree that they should
have tracked whatever it was down, human or apparition. YouTuber Kevin Salter wrote: “I usually
sit on the fence when it comes to stuff like this but after seeing this footage … this
morning it gave me the shivers!! Great footage.” What do you think? Is this figure a squatter? Or a ghost? 11. Mutants
When reactor 4 burst at Chernobyl in 1986, a 10-kilometer exclusion zone was formed and,
thereafter, was increased to 30 kilometers. The initial steam-blast resulted in two passed,
while a further 28 passed within months of exposure. These numbers do not even touch upon the total
passing toll caused by radiation. And they also don’t touch upon the mutations
in humans or animals in the area. Which brings us to this footage published
in March of 2014. The uploader states that the video is filmed
at Chernobyl Power Plant. A close-up of an animal in the area appears
to show a headless form on four legs running across the railroad tracks. It almost looks like a headless deer. Some in the comments say it looks like a large
deer with the face of a rabbit or a moose with a twisted neck. And still others say the creature appears
as though its neck is deformed and bending toward the opposite side. Mutant or not…kind of makes you wonder what
other nightmare creatures are lurking in the area. 10. Masky Seeks Revenge
Dr. .LostSyndrome published this video in May of 2014, writing: “a little short video
where Masky gets some payback for the taggers ruining his hideout.” The video follows a pair of teenagers in what
looks to be an abandoned building in the wilderness. The building is full of graffiti, and one
of the lads starts spraying some more overtop of it. That’s when they hear this strange noise… The first time they hear it, they brush it
off; the second time, they start wondering what’s up. The camera is passed off to the dude, while
the girl continues spraying in the room. The man heads outside, looking around the
area, and shouting hello. When there’s no response, the two pass off
the camera again…and then again, as the girl goes to check if there’s anyone out
there, while the man continues spray painting. After painting a bit, the man scans the graffiti
in the room. That’s when he arrives at the door to find
Masky outlined in the doorway. The masked man charges him and knocks him
to the ground. It appears the man is knocked out cold. What is unclear is what Masky did with his
body… Masky’s revenge is certainly not something
you want to think about as you fall asleep at night, and trust me on that one. 9. Don’t Go in the Water
A group of friends are exploring the wilderness in Japan at night, when one of them spots
something disturbing the water. The lake or river they’re nearby seems to
be bubbling up. Something is below the surface. As they continue to watch the water splash,
it appears as though it’s started to rain. The camera swings to the spot where the water
is being disturbed and then back to the group, who appear oblivious to what they’re about
to encounter. And then… The camera and its light return to the water
to find a pale ghostly figure with long dark hair, standing still in the midst of the pool. As the girl with the camera screams shrilly
and attempts to move away, the shot zeroes in on the ghostly figure once more. Kind of makes you rethink your next nightly
excursion into the wilderness. 8. Ghost on the Road
The last thing you want to encounter when driving on a deserted stretch of road at night
is a ghost. Shot in Delhi, aman kumar published this video
in August of 2018. As you can see, the driver and his passenger
has spotted a figure up ahead in their headlights. So, they approach slowly and then stop. The figure ahead is moving across the road
at a snail’s pace. The driver flashes his brights and low lights
on and off several times, but this doesn’t affect the figure’s pace in the slightest. The figure continues to move slowly across
the road. And then, another figure. The driver keeps flashing his lights on and
off, trying to get the figures to move. They seem to have converged in the middle
of the road. It’s unclear if the ghostly figures start
to approach, but the passenger starts to panic. The driver continues to flash his lights on
and off and, at the same time, backs up a ways. Even after three whole minutes, the figures
are still there. That’s where the footage ends. We don’t know if the path ever cleared for
these two, but what we do know is you never know when you might meet the after life. 7. Spiders Beware
If you suffer from arachnophobia you definitely would wanna keep your lights on for this one. What at first looks like your ordinary everyday
bramble of twigs amidst some rocks is not what it seems. With a stick, Connor Long, the video’s creator,
disturbs the nest, the many legs of which start to move. Published in July of 2011, Long came upon
this daddy longlegs nest nearby Santa Barbara in Los Padres National Forest. Long notes that research into this clustering
behavior came up short, as it isn’t understood why they do this, whether its for mating or
moisture conservation during the hot summer months or some other reason. Whatever the basis for this behavior, one
thing’s for sure: don’t step on this bramble, or you may just pass away of fear. 6. Forest Apparition
Forests at night are innately creepy. But this one just got creepier. Published in October of 2006 by TheGhostHunta,
she writes: “What appears to be a spirit moving amongst the trees in this surveillance
video taken by amatuer ghost hunters.” The footage shows a ghostly transparent figure
moving through the trees, from the right side of the shot to the left. Gliding amongst the trees, it then vanishes
into the darkness. Many in the comments suggest the ghost is
too tall and, thus, the video must be fake. But GhostHunta writes: “Despite comments
on this, I would approximate that the apparition is about 6 feet tall, as the tree on the right
is about 20 feet.” What do you think this figure is? If not a ghost, what? One thing’s for sure: it’s definitely
something you should keep the lights on for. 5. Baby Monitoring
When your baby’s sleeping in her crib, it’s fair to say that, as a mom, you hope for nothing
more than a good night’s sleep. Mama Jade Yates didn’t get that. Posting this video on Facebook, she writes:
“I won’t be sleeping very well tonight.” She adds that she didn’t believe in ghosts
until five minutes ago, when she saw this apparition appear above baby Ruby on her baby
monitor. Jade adds that the baby is in the top left
of the cot, alone in her room with the door shut. The footage appears to show three floating
orbs merging together and then dispersing again above her baby. The orbs do this repeatedly, but they don’t
seem to be evil orbs, as no harm comes to the baby. Spirits or just a strange monitor frequency? You decide. Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly
mysterious. 4. YouTube Ghost
When YouTube personalities are filming, they often capture the unexpected in their footage. And sometimes they capture the paranormal. Marissa Rachel published this video in August
of 2016. Marissa explains that she was filming a “back
to school” video, when she left her camera rolling and left the room. She turned off some of the lights but left
one light on and was gone for around 2-3 minutes. When she returned, the only thing slightly
out of the ordinary that Marissa noticed was her camera had tilted downward. Still, this wasn’t that unusual, because
the heavy camera often tilts on its tripod. She continued filming. It wasn’t until Marissa watched back the
footage that she saw this nightmarish hand. Her sister, Shauna, was editing the film when
she called Marissa over to take a look at this creepiness she spotted on camera. When she gets up to go retrieve the prize. You can hear the door close as she leaves
the room. After two minutes of radio silence, you can
see the camera slowly falling downwards. As the shot falls below her bed, something
to the left beneath her bed moves quickly out of the shot. Marissa says it looks like a child’s hand. Shauna and Marissa searched beneath the bed
to see if there was anything there that might move like that, but they came up short. A child ghost? A doll-come-to-life? What’s beneath Marissa’s bed? Whatever it may be, my guess is that it’s
very nefarious. 3. Standing on Ledge
Live-streaming has been known to result in some unexpected – and sometimes saddening
– consequences. Namely, events that viewers never wanted to
see. Published by Vexxed in March of 2017, the
YouTuber notes that this footage was filmed on March 3rd, 2017 outside the Dolby Theater
in Hollywood. At the time, Ice Poseidon was streaming live
to 10,000 viewers, alongside Vexxed, when they encountered a gathered crowd. Unaware of what was going on, they approached,
only to find a man standing on the edge of a balcony. The scene in this video occurred on Twitch. The pair had just come from a street show,
and they thought the man was pulling a prank or a stunt, as there were other men in superhero
costumes below the man. But as soon as they realized it was real,
the pair tried to get out of there. The man can be seen in the footage, standing
on the wrong side of a railing on an upper balcony. As the pair decide to leave so they don’t
get in trouble from Twitch for showing this footage, the man sadly jumps. The jump was not caught on camera, but you
can hear a woman scream, while Ice covers the lens. The pair then leave the scene. The man who attempted to take his own life
was, thankfully, still alive, although his condition as of the posting of this video
was unknown. 2. Creepy Hidden Figure
We’re back in Japan. And this time, the night vision’s on, casting
a creepy pale glow over the entire video. Published by Pop Pop in July of 2018, this
group appears to be entering an area that’s been barricaded. At least, there’s a gate, which the driver
had to get out and open They enter. Beyond is a creepy looking house. Getting out of the car, they seem to be having
a lot of fun in Japanese, but once they start wandering around the house, things get a little
creepier and quieter. They explore the building, which appears to
be empty and abandoned. In a corner of one room is a few creepy figures,
which make the girl member of the group cry out in fear. It’s unclear what these things are or what
they’re for, but they seem to have made the crew want to head outside. Once outside, the cameraman catches three
figures off in the distance, with a green light at the epicenter. Next, someone gets in their vehicle and drives
away. At this point, the man filming is alone, and
he starts to panic. He zeroes in on a window of the home. The silhouette of two figures can be seen
there. He decides to reenter the haunted space, likely
looking for his companions. He climbs the stairs, calling out to them,
but no one answers. The house seems to be empty. He calls out once more…and then. A woman answers, but her disembodied voice
is even more unsettling. The cameraman races through the home in search
of the woman, and he comes again to the room with the creepy figures in it. As the woman’s voice continues to repeat,
and he cries out, exiting the room, an even creepier hidden figure appears on the door. The image causes the cameraman to fall into
a fit. On the floor, he scrambles around, as a strange
sound repeats. What happened to this crew afterwards remains
a mystery. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1. The Scream
In a dark tunnel, no one can hear you scream. Except for maybe the odd urban explorer wandering
through that tunnel. Cringey Parkour published this footage in
May of 2017, writing: “I heard like screeching or something in the tunnel, and I want to
go check it out. At first I thought was like a pig or something,
but what I record on the camera obviously was not a pig.” The clip shows this YouTuber marching quickly
through the dark tunnel ahead. There’s water at the base of the tunnel,
random graffiti on the walls, and it seems it should be empty. What is this sound then? It doesn’t sound like a scream, more like
a rattling. When he pauses, you can hear the splashing
footsteps of water. And then the rattling again. Instead of turning around and getting outta
there, he moves forward. And then… A screeching that’s more than terrifying. It continues all the way out of the tunnel. What do you think it is? A pig? A demon? A creature unknown? Whatever it was, it certainly didn’t want
others down there in that tunnel.

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