Top 5 Alternative Programs for Architecture

30 thoughts on “Top 5 Alternative Programs for Architecture

  1. There's one more software you could make 3d modeling via using lumin 9 I use it may own way I use sketchup pro and do live synchronized with the lumin 9 software it saves my bunch of time and its look literally realistic and don't have any problem to do render in it its a simple and faster

  2. Pls do some site development dicussion.πŸ™ we made a site dev and I have no idea about do & dont my teacher dint teach us tho.

  3. Hey i made my first travel video with adobe premiere pro. It was super duper cool. Please tell how's it?


    I made my first video using Premiere Pro. Please have a look and tell hows it.

  5. Hi Oliver,do you do installations (not trial) for sketchup with vray, lumion, cinema 4d and other 3d modeling and rendering apps? I hope you respond, kinda need them badly haha big fan here 😁 you've been a big help cause i suck at using technology πŸ˜‚

  6. I am going to have my thesis next year. I haven't been able to join any thesis seminars from uapsa because i was so lazy. Can you make a video about tips for thesis?

  7. Use Todoist for project management. It's simple but has so many features. I have used to stay organised in my final year of school. It can also be used collaboratively.

  8. this dude has inspired me to be an architect as i have just recently started them and know i have a brief category that i want

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