TOP 5 Interior Design Trends –  Whitestone Builders

TOP 5 Interior Design Trends – Whitestone Builders

Want to find out about the five
top design trends in Houston? Hi, I’m Mickey with Whitestone Builders,
stay tuned. The five latest design
trends that I’m seeing are really opposing styles
becoming very popular. We’re mixing up materials,
we’re seeing a lot of treatments on walls, like wallpaper instead of faux treatment. People are interested in
authenticity in the home, bringing character pieces in,
reclaimed woods, repurposed pieces. We’re also seeing wall color change,
softer, lighter walls. More like your whites,
your creams, your bones. And then matching your trims to that so
that it elongates, and makes the walls look very elegant. And probably, lastly, specialty rooms, where people have an actual room that they
want to dedicate for a particular use. I would see those as probably
the greatest of the five trends. If you like this design video,
you’ll love our other videos, featuring industry experts and
their techniques on home design. Click the link to see more. [MUSIC]

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