Top 5 “Useless” Majors

Top 5 “Useless” Majors

Recently I was perusing through my facebook,
just minding my own business, when I see this The top 5 “Useless” majors Now I am fully aware that the word “useless”
is in quotations, but I was given no context so I can’t tell if it was sarcastic. If it wasn’t, then this picture is all sorts
or wrong. Regardless of if it was sarcastic, I wanna
tell you, and maybe your family, I dunno whose gonna watch this why each one is definitely
not useless. From bottom to top. #5 Architecture. This one makes me wanna face desk, which is
the extreme version of face palming. According to google, Architecture is the art
or practice of designing and constructing buildings. You know who needs buildings? FREAKING EVERYONE Your house is a building Your school is a building The servers that host YouTube are in a building. You like YouTube right? Sure some building aren’t pretty, but someone
had to design it! the blueprints don’t just magically appear
from the havens. And before you go like “but we have plenty
of buildings we don’t need anymore which is why its useless” I’m gonna say you
are wrong, like entirely wrong. Like where did you get that idea that’s
really dumb. In LA County alone, 100,000 buildings are
built each year. That’s a lot
And that’s only one county! That’s a extremely small portion of the
planet so imagine how much the entire planet builds a year! #4 Commercial Art & Graphic Design
Commercial art is art used in advertising and selling. Which is pretty simple I guess. But you may not realize that this encompasses It encompasses things such as:
Commercial character design Illustration
Graphic design Industrial design
Motion graphic design Photography
Television commercials Music videos
Animation Computer art
Fashion designer Interior design and that’s just some of them! I didn’t bother looking up anymore because
i already had a lot. Basically. It’s everywhere, and you see it all the
time, so why do people think nobody uses it. 3. Film, Video & Photographic arts. *sigh* oh boy. I’m gonna ask you a really simple question
about the photo iv’e been criticizing. What do you notice about it. Take your time, pause the video if need be. I’ve pretty much got all day since this
isn’t actually me at the present and it’s just a recording. Don’t know? It’s from a television show. specifically Its from the Today show, on nbc. I actually looked it up for the sake of this
video. and believe me it was not easy to find
It was from April 24th 2012 . You may ask, what’s the point of bringing
this up now? Well, people have to man the Cameras, the
lights, the microphones and other stuff right? Guess what they probably majored In. Probably film or video The photographic arts crowd can be lumped
together with the previously mentioned Commercial art crowed, since mostly their work would
be for magazines or advertisements 2. Drama and theater Arts. I was actually part of this major myself last
year. It is an incredibly busy lifestyle like you
wouldn’t believe. Regardless of my personal experience in this
major, you’d be surprised how many jobs you can get with a theater degree. An acting major is more than likely harder
to get a job specifically than the other, lesser known sectors but it is still useful. In Fact, you can likely get jobs working for
smaller community theaters, regional theaters, summer outdoor theaters, summer festival theaters,
cruise ships, state fairs and amusement parks they often need performers. you also have the technical end of theater
majors too, which are generally in higher demand than actors since so few people even
know they are jobs. They are the magic. Actors can only do so much without lights,
sound, a set, props, costumes and makeup, and somebody has to know how to do those things. it’s a pretty cool trade if you give it
a chance. #1 the fines arts Ah the fine arts degree, probably the only
degree on this list that I kinda sorta understand. As an artist my self, I both know why this
could be put on here, and also why it shouldn’t be on here. Majoring in just “Fine Arts” alone isn’t
particularly useful, however, the same could go for a Plain “English” degree She majored in English, but when she graduated,
her employers wanted her English degree, but with a focus. English was to broad of a major and gave off
the vibe of “jack of all trades master of none” Same issue with strictly a fine arts degree. It’s not focused however you also don’t
want to be too focused but I’m not going to be going in to that just for this. Generally, to be employable, fine artists
focus on a particular section of fine art. A good example would be a sequential artist. Basically it’s their job to make comics. And that is basicly it, hopefully I haven’t
bored you to tears or been impossible to understand. I know that this isn’t exactly my normal
style of video, but I’d be interested in doing something similar again if you guys
liked it, so be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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  1. For architecture, it's 'useless' because of how difficult it can be.
    My uncle is an architect. He flat out told my sister, who had wanted to be one, that she shouldn't.
    It's really hard to get in it and stay with it, especially if you live in a small town or don't have someone to boost you up.
    He's had to come work with my dad several times because of how hard it was to find work.

    Those buildings that are being made are being done by mega corporations, not the smaller people.

  2. I think a lot of these are called 'useless' because many people think you don't need a degree to do them.
    Like Clientsfromhell, who think graphic design is something anyone can do.
    Anyone can pick up a pencil and draw, anyone can act.
    You don't need a degree for them!

  3. I'm actually majoring in drama and thatre since in my area we have a LOT of thatres. I know how to sew and love cosplay, so logically I would be happiest working with costumes.

  4. Imagine a world without ANY art. No creative buildings just blocks to live in. No movies or even books as literature is a type of art. No pictures no drawings. No new trends in clothes or anything fancy at all like jewelry as someone has to design it. No toys, interesting furniture or even characteristic people. Everything would feel so grey. People that say that art is poitless rly need to think about what they're saying as if you think about it everything at some point is art.

  5. Me at the beginning: Woohoo English isn't on here!

    Me at the end: Well, I've wasted my life! That being said one of my teachers majored in medieval literature. Don't know how useful that is.

  6. I think why it's useless is because a lot of students take it as their major thinking they were much easier than other science-y majors. This causes oversaturation of the job market and only the best ones will be successful. Doing the art majors will give you the technical skills, but they won't give you creativity. If you're not creative enough, you will never be as good as the ones who are both creative and technically apt.

  7. I'm guessing that people talk about the degrees being useless in the sense of "You can't get a job in those fields with these degrees". And there might be a truth to it, given that these fields can be more competitive than others…

  8. You say it's not useless but then give no actual data on the employability of these careers lol, assuming careers are prosperous because we see them in daily life is laughable

  9. "Regardless if it was sarcastic, I wanna tell you, and maybe your family, I dunno who's gonna watch this, why each one is definitely not useless."

    Am I the only one at this statement wanted to face-palm or face-desk?

  10. you know what truly is a useless major?
    one you're not interested in when choosing majors, that is the only time when majors are truly useless.

  11. What irritates me is how people think everything not STEM is bullshit. Everything (yes, including arts) is important. I hate it when people with no ambition in Stem join it and give it a bad name. These people arent necessarily bad or someone who is useless. They might have other talents. And that probably isn't stem. Follow what you want to do. Just don't blindly enroll for STEM. No stem doesn't have money. Unless you are lucky you'll probably earn around $50k a year. And that's not a huge amount. You can get that even without Stem degree.

  12. "useless" might be meant in a way that you are not likely to find a job because there are many students studying the same thing or you are likely to be successful even without majoring the topic.

  13. This is coming from someone who studying architecture but while architecture isn't a useless major, it is often considered a luxury major. What often happens is that a rich person or group hires an architect to create plans for the building they want. When it comes to your everyday office buildings and the sorts, contracting companies will often have 'models' a client can chose from. This is why a lot of buildings look the same from place to place.

    So architecture isn't useless but it isn't as broad as 'everybody needs buildings' because not every building needs to be 'designed'. It would be nice if it were though.

  14. hisses
    I find all of these more useful then math!

    (Yes I realise math is used in half of them which is a way that makes it useful)

  15. As an architecture student it I'd the Furthest from useless, you literally cannot legally become an architect without majoring in it, do you really want all your buildings falling down?

  16. As a digital film major myself, I can see some ways of why my degree is useless. 1) the job market is really low and having a steady job, isn't easy. ESPECIALLY if you are just starting out (#Gophers) 2) many people can actually get PA jobs or do freelance
    work without a degree. A professor of mine brought in someone who made a pilot for a TV show that was better than some of the people that were in the major and he is a construction worker with no film background.and 3) When looking for jobs, they don't care about your degree. They care if you actually know what you are doing. Hence why you build a portfolio.

  17. What the hell? Architecture? Who said that. The valedictorian of my graduating class is majoring in that. I also think it's pretty cool because you get to desgin things in your own home or even your own house. You get to see your work everyday which is pretty fucking awesome.

  18. I love how all of these are ART degrees, ya know, the thing that most people do on a daily basis and actually makes them happy

  19. Honest… not picking on you to be mean… lolz… just a few points of observation/suggestion… in the case you might consider a revisit in the future.
    Architecture… The real "weight" of argument against architecture as a major is that you would be SO much better off taking a major in "Civil Engineering" and minoring in Architecture (or possibly one of the graphic arts related fields)… Mostly, that's because while we need buildings and cities prefer to look really nice or cool or just "bad-ass", there's the unwritten requirements that the buildings don't stress more form and beauty than function and structure… The field has become full of semi-pretentious artists and companies tend to look for engineers who can do the hard math to be sure the buildings and structures will still perform admirably in our ever changing world…
    Let's take most of the arts together. Any art's degree is going to be useful somewhere, regardless of focus. In commercials, the importance of visual focus draws the unaware viewer to the product being sold. In Theater, the actors also need someone from the outside to design the set or stage with marks and bring the audience's focus to the key points in the story… or sight gag… as much as any technicians need to know where to point the lights and why. Someone still gets paid real money to measure out the stage and lay those masking-tape X's on the places where people have to stand or put things for a reason (prob'ly a bunch of them)…Not to mention choreography…
    Performance related fields are not only focused on theater or cinema either. There's a need to know the industry's history to know where it's already been and what's already been done to death. Then (only then) can you get a really good idea of where to go next… Besides, that part, though… What about teachers who want to convey their curriculum to students. Theatrically schooled teachers and professors tend greatly to be the best communicators. They understand how to build an atmosphere and maintain the attention of the audience.
    And Fine Arts… Wow… Useless? So… How do museums KNOW that they just bought an authentic painting from the REAL Picasso, Renoir, Rembrandt? It's an old thread, and vid'… BUT Donald Trump has boasted about his "Renoir"… AND GUESS WHAT! He probably should've taken the thing to a Fine Arts student before publicizing it…lolz. Just this week it's been publicly determined a FAKE! So much for useless majors… eh?
    No, seriously… There's no such thing as a useless education… only people too lazy or narrow in vision to put it to use. :o)


  21. YeH who needs memes… or comics… they are made by art… and who cares a bit About our schools… really we wouldn’t have school without those people who make em

  22. The quotation marks obviously indicate that the list has majors USUALLY considered useless, and not by the news itself, but by college-goers in general. Also, the other person has a point, as just as many buildings get abandoned as those that get built. Reusing preexisting buildings is a thing!

  23. I hate it when people say these hints are useless. I hear these things a lot.all my family wants me to do is be a doctor. Friken I'm old a sophomore, I don't want to be a dang doctor

  24. Let me make a RECREATSON of TOP 5 "USELESS" MAJORS. Btw this is all of the things in the original list…. 🌜
    1. Fine Arts 🎨
    2. Drama and Theater Arts 😨😱🙀🔫😈🚔👮👮‍♀️👮‍♂️
    3. Film, Video & Photographic Arts. 👩‍🎨📹😜
    4. Commercial Art & Graphic Design 😃💷🍸📷😉👍
    5. Architecture. 🏗️🏢🌇🏘️🏘️🏛️🏚️🏠🏣🏦🏨🏩🏫📯🌆👷‍♀️
    Watch the video to see this list get proven wrong. 🛠️

  25. Actually now the top 4 are "Gender Studies," "African American Studies," any type of philosophy and "Feminist Theory" …good luck getting a job outside of Starbucks with those.

  26. These "useless" majors" are actualy very important to our way of life!
    You know what a truly useless thing is?
    Anything that involves student loans!

  27. Ouch to all theater kids. So you don't want Broadway? Ever heard of phantom of the opera? The most well known, longest running, most beloved musical on Broadway. It gives jobs and joy to many people. SO SHUT UP PPL AND LEAVE THEATER ALONE

  28. Most art is useless

    These ones are poor examples like the Mona Lisa it's a picture so what we need to use our resources more efficiently (Mona Lisa is a had example for the time it was made but for current day it is a good example for why art is useless back then you couldn't make photos but nowadays you can and paintings are useless.

  29. You seem to be conflating value of degrees content with whether the degree itself is useless.
    What makes a degree 'useless' is the combination of cost, job prospects and saturation of the industry.

  30. There are no such thing as useless major. There are majors that are too popular, so way too many people get a degree in it and therefor the job market isn't the best for them but it doesn't mean that nobody will be able to find a good job with it. It just will be harder to find a good job but not impossible. It all depends on oneself and how well one can sell their skills to a potential employee.


  32. They are all useless. Arts and Architecture going away will not end the world. The world will keep on spinning. Civil Engineering is more important. That's the study of and practice of building standing structures; this includes houses. Architects are simply an artsy fartsy version and they are only concerned with the standing structure and its aesthetics and NOTHING ELSE. Civil Engineers learn actual physics, construction methods and materials, and legal requirements involving the construction of a building. Not just building codes but municipal laws regarding how much heat the area absorbs due to the amount of asphalt used and how many trees and grass are needed to keep the area cool. Civil Engineers learn and run models on how much water is absorbed by the earth when it rains and how much drainage is needed to prevent flooding. These Engineers also run experiments on different types of cements to meet the costumer's needs (ie traffic flow, traffic type, drainage, climate, permeability, etc). The finals for these Civil Engineers involves more than structure and aesthetics of a project and deal with the real impact on citizens and the environment in an area regarding a massive project. Military Civil Engineers take into consideration Topography and geology beneath the surface. When building a military base they build their latrines and runoff pipes on the opposite side of the base away from their clean water supply. Filthy water must be down hill but also drain to a lower level than the water table so that even the ground water isn't contaminated due to beneath the earth formations of rock and granite. Bases are built near and not right next to a clean water supply. Flooding occurring can cause the base to be swamped and filled with filth. Cesspools must be built in such a manner that flooding CANNOT occur no matter how bad the rain gets. Scenarios are run; climate, weather reports, and water marks on trees are taken into account to plan on the worst case scenario. Engineers get educated on the research and surveying of an area (including local law, hazards, and obstructions) and the Civil Engineers with their A-Class Contractors license work with B-Class General Contractors and C-Class Specialty Contractors to work on a schedule to get the trades to do their respective parts safely and timely to complete the project. Plans drawn up are legally binding and a single deviation can cause the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ, aka the AssHole in Judgement, aka Building Inspector) to not signoff on the completion of the project. The welfare of the workers on the terrain and in the climate they are working on, the number of breaks, water and even catering (affectionately called roach coaches) given to workers are considered. The tasks that must be completed during rough-in period and which trades need to finish their install before another trade blocks wall space with their installs are all taken into consideration. They draw up material list suited for the job in the location and climate zone and draw up a budget and a true proposal for the project. Architects know blue prints, some tables on materials and structures, and focus alot on aesthetics; but there is so much more that goes into ENGINEERING a standing structure and there is a reason why the architect has trouble finding jobs and Civil Engineers always find work. Architecture and art are interesting but they are not ESSENTIAL- EVER! It is Engineers (some Civil and Mechanical) and not architects that work in the Army Corp of Engineers. They worked tirelessly to help the City Of New Orleans to rise from the aftermath of Katrina.

  33. That list is entirely inaccurate. English should be the #1 useless major.

    (Don't worry, my friend is an English major and he makes Engineering major jokes, so it's a give and take relationship 😀 )

  34. By the logic of the people who created this list, the the Islamic Golden Age, Italian Renaissance, and European Enlightenment must have been huge wastes of time. My B.A. in History was one of the best choices I have ever made, my life is so much more fulfilling because of my degree.

  35. If you love art, first do a Bachelor's in something that will give you marketable skills. Once you have a decent income, you can always go back and do a fine art Masters. Then, if your art career doesn't take off, you at least have something in reserve.

  36. The degree's are useless tho. You could literally join any art's company without getting the certificate as it's really just based on raw talent and creativity. Whether u have a degree or not doesn't really matter imao

  37. Architecture: You make sure the door hinges don't hit door trim in the corners as you minimize costs.
    Unless you are one of the super elite its the most boring career on planet.

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