Top 6 Architecture Sketching Techniques

Top 6 Architecture Sketching Techniques

what's up my dudes my name is leer and today I'm going to share some of the tips and tricks I've learned that helped me improve my architectural sketching skills and hopefully they will also be helpful for you guys one of the most valuable tools in an architect's arsenal of sketching is the perspective so my definition of perspective is one gives a three-dimensional feeling on otherwise flat image it gives objects in the drawing a sense of distance where closer objects look larger and further objects look smaller when dry perspectives I usually like to start by drawing the horizon line and the vanishing points which will serve as my guides to creating the perspective effect so there are three main types of perspectives that are often used in architectural drawing the one-point perspective this is mostly used when sketching in their spaces and it is characterized by having only one vanishing point which is why it is called the one-point perspective then there are two point perspectives these are often used to represent exterior views of a house or structure and this characterized the having two vanishing points on opposing sides of the horizon line and lastly we have the three point perspective so this is used to introduce a viewing angle to your sketches so this perspective technique has three vanishing points you have your usual two opposing vanishing points located on your horizon line and then a third one placed either above or below your horizon line so if you place the Third Point above the horizon line it creates a worm's eye view like you're viewing the subject from below but if you place the point below the horizon line it will give you this bird's eye view and see if you are viewing the subject from the skies when sketching I usually leave the guidelines I'd used on the race I find that it gives the sketch that handcrafted feel and it also alleviates the pressure of having to make a perfect drawing which gives you more freedom to expect but make sure your guidelines have the lightness line value to not draw the attention away from your main subject when drawing a line I like to put emphasis on the beginning and at the end this technique anchors your line to a page and helps give your lights a strong and decisive look one way to also make your sketches look more architectural is to introduce line extensions or overlaps when two lines meet this will help corners look sharper and less rounded when sketching start with the general elements and gradually work towards more specific details off your going I often begin a sketch by drawing a single rectangular prism as a base then just adding or subtracting masses from the main form I find it easier to sketch the exterior of a building by drawing some rectangular prisms to determine the massing and later on refining the overall shape by drawing from this prisms once you're happy with your overall shape you can now draw the finishing strokes to finalize the sketch through the manipulation of the language so by making a line darker or lighter and thicker or thinner you can add a whole new dimension to your sketch I usually use darker lines to outline the main shape of the subject and I use lighter lines for the finer details one way to make your sketches look instantly better is to add shading to certain areas you could do this by either doing a solid shade or by adding a hatch shade which is done by drawing a ton of parallel lines to delineate a darker value or you could also do stipple shades with this characterized by using dots to represent the shading this shading techniques could be used to represent shadows or dark areas and even to denote a certain material type or texture drawings done with Shiva's shadow tend to convey emotions better than line drawings now sketching is a form of art and it requires practice and through practice not only do you get better at sketching but you will also find your own stuff that will make your drawings unique okay so I'm going to challenge you that the month of sketch challenge so for a whole month we are going to do ten sketches everyday but each sketch must only be done within 30 seconds so if you total it you will only be sketching for like five minutes not bad right so for the first week we are going to sketch an everyday object that we can see inside our bedroom could be a pencil your flip-flops a cockroach as long as it is in your room you can sketch it now for the second week we are gonna go outside and sketch anything that you see you could sketch your neighbor his cat a passing car or the local McDonald's store so for these sketches you could still do 30 seconds or you could go longer depends on how much feedback you have now after the second week we are now gonna sketch buildings that we can find on Pinterest or Instagram now you guys can do one sketch a day or you could still do their sketches a day but you have to sketch for at least five minutes doesn't have to be pretty because this is just for practice and to build a habit so for the last week I want you guys to stay in your room and sketch anything from your imagination anything under the Sun could be a flying panda a walking house it is up to you and by the end of the month I want you guys to look back at your first sketches and see how much better you have become and that's the whole challenge so share this video to someone you want to challenge to this hashtag motive sketch challenge and if you guys want to share your sketches on social media just use the hashtag mount of sketch so we can all see each other sketches and that's it guys that is the end of this video so if you found this video educational or somewhat interesting you could subscribe down below to become an awesome member of is what it will also help me a lot if you smash the like button and grab a comment down below on what stuffs you would like to see in future videos anyways thank you guys for watching our video on my next video

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  1. Wow Awesome editing bro… Really like your video 😉. And the perspective part was too good. Your video help us alot for survive architecture.. Thanks Bro. Waiting for the next video 😂..

  2. Additional lesson I learned from this vid: STOP PROCRASTINATION 🤣 instead of being lazy when it comes to sketching, this vid motivates me to get my pencil and sketchbook then start making a piece of art ❤️ Thank you Architect Llyan 🙏🏻

  3. Hello sir llyan, its the 14 y o boy again, thanks for this video which changed my perspective of sketching, its actually just simple sketch not like what i. Do is like using a pen to any house sketch, but thanks for the video sir llyan,

  4. Always love your video's 😍
    So helpful, turning 2nd year this august. Yess i survive and i will still 😂😍

  5. the explanations and the way you shot the scenes here are so creative po!! really enjoyed the vid 🙂

  6. kuya Llyan what programs do you use to edit your videos?? also you're my fav youtube channel ever God bless you always💕

  7. Thank you so much Kuya Llyan!! You’re a great help because I’ll be a freshmen this school year. I hope na kayanin ko ang arki! #Laban

  8. This channel is just has the most satisfying and worth watching videos! Thanks for doing this this dude, really helps a lot! 😊💕

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  12. What a beautiful vid. So much stuff like this I did at uni – but unfortunately never use most of these type of skills any more due to computers dominating. That was like a history lesson bringing back memories. Love the sketching exercise – something I need to do more because I simply don’t draw enough nowadays 😫🤯.

  13. Hi kuya!! Its me again. Well first of all, I able to take down notes po sa lahat ng sinabi mo kuya. Then another one is nirecommend ko po mga friends ko na kukuha ng archi to subscribe you po para narin makakuha ng tips and Ideas para sayo po kasi you deserve a Big thumbs up and more subscribers po.!!! Well done kuya. And more power!!!!

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