Top bathroom ideas to consider ‘BEFORE’ you renovate – Design Lesson 14

Top bathroom ideas to consider ‘BEFORE’ you renovate – Design Lesson 14

bathroom design involves so many things
often coming together in a limited space from showers to soaking tubs to sinks
and style all of it needs to come together in one seamless efficient and
enjoyable space some of these details are even more
important than what tile to use on the wall versus what tile to use on the
floor yes more important you want to make sure you plan for certain details
that once completed will make your bathroom one of your favorite spaces in
your home don’t take these for granted you’ll be so pleased you planned ahead
let’s count them down obviously it’s important to know how it will be laid
out and what you can fit inside will it be a three piece bathroom versus a
four-piece bathroom maybe you’ll need to combine the shower with the tub to save
space will you have room for two sinks instead of just one these are obviously
important details to figure out before you start your renovations specifically
if you’re starting from scratch and because bathrooms tend to be smaller
than we’d like it may be helpful to have an interior designer help you with the
layout to make sure you’ll be creating a space that is comfortable not just on
paper but in reality as well clearances are super important how much space do
you really need in front of a toilet for example that’s what designers like me do
every day we can give you the best most efficient floor plan for the space that
will also look great when you’re done in some ways getting help from an interior
designer at this early stage is even more valuable than just having them pick
tiles for your bathroom next on my list is the need for counter
space maybe you’ve got room for a double sink but having two sinks mean you
sacrifice counter space overall sometimes have a more counter space is a
luxury well worth the loss of the second sink in many cases my clients have said
they’re never in the bathroom with their partner at the same time anyway so
having that free surface is such a bonus this might seem like a small detail but
trust me you’ll want to figure out where that wall niche is going sooner rather
than later in the process you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of
plumbing within the walls and porn APIs studs in the wall to suit the size of a
niche you’re after you’ll need to consider how you’ll finish that niche
will it be tiled what size of tile is appropriate for this size of niche or is
it a ready-made item that you can buy off the shelf so you need to be
strategic about its placement as well as how it will look it should be large
enough for practicality but also place in a way that is pleasing to the overall
design I think most people understand that
lighting is super important when it comes to bathrooms
you’ll want general lighting for the overall space as well as directed light
near the sink and vanities for grooming and makeup application but one area that
is often overlooked is the shower it can be indirect lighting like this where the
light fixture itself is hidden in the ceiling or a special feature of light
incorporated into a niche like this but at the very least a simple recessed
water type pot light can be an important element in a successful bathroom something not often thought about for
bathrooms is seating a large shower is a great luxury but being able to sit in
the shower is an even greater luxury so consider if you’ll have room for a bench
seat can it be integrated into the shower like this what material will it
be and consider if you have room for an actual bench or seat in the bathroom
generally number three on my list is super
important on making the space feel well-planned and well designed where to
start and stop wall tile you’ll always have wall tile in the bathroom
specifically in wet areas like a shower and a bathtub so deciding on how that
tile starts and stops is a key part of the planning process
maybe the tile is contained to those wet areas like this
maybe there’s a transitional jam between the shower and the rest of the bathroom
like this or maybe you can have the tiles wrap all the way around the
bathroom full height or wainscoting these are the finishing details that
make your bathroom a well-thought-out space I know really towel burns yes towel bars
or towel hooks if you prefer we all need towels in the bathroom and having them
at arm’s reach out of the tub is something you probably take for granted
until you realize you have to walk across the room to get to a towel even
if it’s a simple freestanding Tala bar or wall space make sure you have room
for it and plant for it and especially if you want a heated towel rack that
requires an electrical component and quite a bit of space so make sure you
plan ahead plus your contractor will love you for the extra planning and
finally the number-one detail you must must plan for is storage especially if
you want a console type vanity like this you’ll definitely want to find
alternative options for storage looks beautiful but not so practical so the
type of vanity is important but I love incorporating built-ins like this where
you can store extra towels linens toiletries etc or maybe it’s open
storage like this where you can display some of your towels or use baskets to
add to the decor so just remember more storage is always
better storage so plan for it so here is your takeaway the bathroom floor plan is
only the beginning consider details that will make your
bathroom experience efficient and enjoyable from maximizing counter space
to the location of your towel hooks there’s a lot that goes into a bathroom
so plan plan plan thanks for watching my latest design lesson video if you like
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11 thoughts on “Top bathroom ideas to consider ‘BEFORE’ you renovate – Design Lesson 14

  1. Where are you located and do you take clients in PA? I would love to hire you or do you recommend registered interview designers in the Lake Ariel area? Thx!

  2. Appreciate all your fantastic design tips! What city, state do you live/ work?
    My home is a small mid century modern split level house in Southern California. The exterior and interior needs painting and I’m stuck on what colors to choose… inside outside flow make it more challenging. And there’s a tiny master bath that needs remodeling too. Thanks great video!

  3. Speaking if lights… Where is the best place to put a vent/fan? We have a beam running down the center of our room (front to back-in 5×8 space, enter on 8'wall,facing dbl vanity, then toilet further on rt and tub), so I thought closest to the entry wall do its not in your line of vision as you enter, but it's also directly in line w toilet (rather than in the shower, because of the rain shower head),but should it be further from the shower so that it is centered in the non-shower space? What rule do you follow?


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