Top Car Interior Detailing Tips & Techniques! – Chemical Guys

Top Car Interior Detailing Tips & Techniques! – Chemical Guys

Hey everyone, welcome back to Chemical
Guys. So today, we are on the final step of my detail on the s2000. We are going
do the interior. Now, the interior is very small. It’s only a two-seater, but I still
wanted to show you great tips on how to clean your interior. The inside of
this car is a leather, there’s plastic, so there’s all different areas that I want
to show you how to clean and give you the right tips. We get a lot of questions
about interior cleaning so we want to show you how to do it properly and some
quick tips and tricks to use. I already chose my products. I’m gonna use
Total Interior. Total Interior is a great product. Like it says, it’s total interior.
You can clean all of the surfaces. You can clean your dash. You can clean plastics.
It has no odor, well it has a light odor- it’s very minimal. In comparison to
a product like Inner Clean, it has a light pineapple scent. This is more closer
to no odor, just a fresh clean scent. I’m going use that because I want to add
my own air freshener at the end. I’m going to clean all the interior
plastics, handles, all of that with Total Interior and then I am going to clean
the leather pieces. I want to clean the leather steering wheel. It’s black
leather, but I am sure that it is pretty dirty, so I’m gonna use Leather Cleaner
and then I’m going to condition all of the leather pieces with Leather
Conditioner. Now, again, the whole interior is black so I’m not sure how
clean or how dirty the carpets are going be so I’m going to vacuum first and then I
have Lightning Fast here so that I can clean up the floor mats and carpets if
needed. I’m not sure, just like you guys, we’re looking at it for the
first time. I actually pulled out the seats because I want to make sure that
we clean out all of the dust, debris, and anything that may be living under the
seats as well. You don’t have to do that during your interior detail, but we did
that in this case. We will see if we’re going to use Lightning Fast, but I
think on the floor mats themselves they looked pretty dirty from when I saw them
but we’re gonna vacuum first and then do that and then I have my accessories that
I will be using: the tan workhorse towels
and the yellow. Why do I have two different colors? Yellow we usually
recommend to use on your interior surfaces. Yellow is a great light color
so you’re going to be able to see all of that dirt and stuff that’s coming off. We
recommend using tan for your leather products. We do color coordinating
because you don’t want to cross contaminate your towels. So, if you’re using
for example on your exterior if you’re using one for your wheels you don’t want
to use that same towel on your paint. We did the same thing in the interior just
to kind of see the differences and to also make sure that I know which towel to
use. We have our applicators for the Leather Conditioner and our Nifty Brush
for the carpet. We’re gonna get started. First we’re gonna do the
vacuuming and then we’ll go on to the next step and I’ll make sure to walk you
through it, so let’s get started! We finished vacuuming the inside of
the car and now I wanted to do the floor mats. Like I mentioned earlier, I
wasn’t sure how dirty they were until after I stopped vacuuming and they are a
little bit dirty. I want to clean them up, but one tip about doing your interior
is if you’re gonna do the floor mats you can use a product like Lightning Fast.
It’s not a huge foaming cleaner that’s going to soak in and make it more wet. It’s going to stay on the surface so it’ll just be more damp after you’re done, but
I want to do the floor mats first so that while I’m doing the rest of the
interior this has time to dry and then we can put them back in and I don’t have
to worry about waiting before stepping on it. All you have to do is spray it
on. Lightning Fast can be diluted to your desired needs. I’m using it at full
concentration and then I’m just using the Nifty Brush to agitate. Like I
said, this product isn’t like your traditional foaming cleaners. We do have
a foaming fabric clean for that if you want a different type of cleaner, but I
like the simplicity of Lightening Fast. In this area where apparently the
foot was the most, we can tell it’s more dirty than around. After that all you want to do is
wipe and blot dry with a towel. Look at how dirty that is. So, it
doesn’t look dirty because of the dark interior, but it’s very dirty. Just look at that is gross. That is so gross. So, as
you can see even though it was a dark carpet it looked dirty, but we weren’t
sure how dirty it would be and that just shows you that it was pretty dirty. I
will do the second carpet and we’ll make sure that the carpets are good. Now, we’re
going to get into the interior. I’m going to use Total Interior with our, again, Yellow
Workhorse Towel to clean up all the plastics, handles, and everything on the
inside, so let’s get started on that. So we finished using Total Interior. Noe, Total Interior can be used on leather
and vinyl as well but I know that these areas have been touched a lot
so I wanted to use deeper cleaning with Leather Cleaner. I’m using
Leather Cleaner to clean the steering wheel, the brake, and over here by the
shift knob. I want to be able to make sure that I get a deep clean because
those are the areas you’re touching the most. But, if you have Total Interior you
can clean leather and vinyl. For deeper cleaning, I would recommend using Leather
Cleaner. So, you can use just a towel, you can also use a brush to agitate, I’m just
going to use a towel today. I like I said this was garaged if you guys watched any
of the other series. This car was garaged a lot. It wasn’t
driven as much, so although there was a lot of hand touching everywhere, it’s not
as dirty as like a daily driver would be. So you can use a brush to agitate. I’m
just going to spray Leather Cleaner onto the towel and now I switch to my other
towel and I’m gonna clean the area. Oh, it is gross.
You can almost immediately see how fast all the stuff is coming off.
Like I mentioned before, I took out the seats to the car so it makes it really
easy and that’s why I’m so stuck in here like this. You don’t have to
take out your seats for a good interior detail. It does make it easier. So as you
can see, it’s pretty dirty then I’m going to flip to a clean side and just buff it
off. So now that we finished cleaning the interior,
we want to now protect it. I’m using Leather Conditioner to protect all the
leather pieces. I’m going to do the steering wheel, around this area. It is a
convertible, so I want to make sure that it has the UV protection from the Sun, so
we’re gonna do any leather piece with Leather Conditioner and then buff it off
so that we can take off any excess and then after that we’re gonna put the
seats back in and then we’ll do this seats as well. Let’s get started. So, we finished cleaning the interior of the
s2000 we did the dash, we did the doors, we did the seats, we did the carpets… so we
got everything back in and hopefully now I can learn how to drive it. If you want
to see any of the other videos in this s2000 series, we did a full detail. We’ll
include the links below. Be sure to give us a comment if you there’s any
questions you have about interior detailing or anything about your car.
We’ll be sure to help you and hopefully we can make some videos with your
questions. Be sure to give it a thumbs up again and subscribe to our channel! We’ll
see you next time!

69 thoughts on “Top Car Interior Detailing Tips & Techniques! – Chemical Guys

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