Top designer COLOGNES for men 2019 | BEST 6 FRAGRANCES

Top designer COLOGNES for men 2019 | BEST 6 FRAGRANCES

Yo!! So cologne… there’s a lot of them out
there. Some are a little bit too overpowering Some you can’t even smell and some are
just ugh (bad). So how do you know what’s the best
cologne for men? Well that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video. So
let’s get to it: Hi Guys! If you’re new here to my channel
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videos. Now let’s start with the first cologne: Vince Camuto Tara!! Oh my goodness, this is by far my most favorite cologne They did an amazing job by mixing the notes together in a perfect balance and so the top notes that you smell is citrus,
geranium, sandalwood, rhubarb, tonka bean and vanilla it’s got this very manly
smell but it’s not too overpowering as well. My wife really loves it! Every time
I wear it she gives me these nice comments…Alright anyway it’s got
this nice woody smell with a soft musk You cannot go wrong with this one. I’ll add it for in the video description as always, so you can go ahead and check it
out Dior Savauge. I gotta mention this one
because it’s a classic and it smells really good. The only problem I have with
it is that there’s so many guys that has this cologne, so if you don’t want to
smell like every second guy that really likes, then this cologne is not the one
for you, but it does smell great and if it doesn’t bother you then you can try
it out. The top notes are bergamot and pepper Versace Eros! This is another one of my favorites because this is for a guy that
is passionate, strong and confident because when you smell you get these top notes of vanilla, mint, tonka bean, green apple lemon and ambroxan. So it gives you
this nice fresh smell that will please any crowd around you. Nautica Voyage for men! Now you know that dark, leathery kind of smell? Well this is not it. This guy
smells fresh, vibrant and kind of summery It has a rich fusion between
dewy moss and refined woody amber as its base notes and the top notes are green
leaves and apple and like all the other cologne I’ll add it in the video
description so you can go and check out The customer reviews I think this guy got
over 4000 of happy reviews from guys just like me and you. Hugo Boss Iced!
It’s got this really sexy citrus kind of smell with top notes of icemint, vetiver and wild tea. It’s got this nice uplifting smell and it’s not too overpowering as well. It
lasts a long time and this cologne is actually perfect to wear in any kind of
casual environment also if on a date with your girlfriend or wife. She’ll try
to hang around you the whole night just to get this smell. Now if you’re looking
for a light and clean cologne that smells great. Dolce and Gabbana light blue is
the one for you! It has this combination of bitter notes
and spice with sweet undertones The main notes you get is grapefruit, bergamot, pepper, orange, rosemary and Brazilian rosewood. So it smells great! It is light, it is
clean & it will last you the whole day You know at the end of the day to get the
best cologne that work for you in your personal life, you have to take this
journey of trying out different colognes so that you can really find your own personal taste. That might take some time but if you want the journey to be a little bit
cheaper, then do what I did: You don’t have to buy the whole big bottle
especially if you’re not sure if you don’t like it yet. You can join a
subscription-based company that sends you a 30 day supply of cologne every month of you’re choosing. So you go online. You check out the Cologne you like: Ah! I like to try this one next time and then you try it and just so you know: This is not a
sponsored video because as you probably noticed on my channel
especially for a subscriber, I don’t really do those a lot. Anyway so you try
out different Cologne every month until you develop your taste. If you like to try
it out I got my subscribers a 30% discount code, so check it out in the video
description below to get discount off your first order. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up
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85 thoughts on “Top designer COLOGNES for men 2019 | BEST 6 FRAGRANCES

  1. Hey daniel , you are my inspiration☆.
    Can you please make video on – how to look better with glasses.
    Thank you very much♡

  2. Great list and great video. Fragrance is an important part of men's wardrobe. The part you can't see but can create a memory through scent. Placement of the cologne is very important too. Make sure you hit those pulse points. 👍🏼🤘🏼

  3. I love fresh scents especially Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue (OMG!,) I think it's unisex because I use this all the time — more like use it up all the time! Is it unisex?

  4. Dolce and Gabbana Light blue is my personal favourite.This even works well in Indian humid weather conditions.I haven't tried the rest of them but will surely try them as well.Great advise!

  5. Dior Sauvage, Bulgari aqua amara, Invictus aqua, Creed Aventus, Dolce & Gabanna The one eau de parfum, Aqua di Gio profumo, and last but not least…the best dating fragrance: Yves Saint Laurent La nuit de l'homme

  6. Tell me how do i get rid of dark circle? I always sleep early. Already try many products but no different. Appreciate if you can help me.

  7. Hi Daniel I like you you're great in what you do😎but can you tell me please how is called your background music. forgive me I don't know to write very well in English I'm from Romania

  8. Awesome list 🙂 I actually have all of them myself. Great minds think alike. I would suggest checking out Al Haramain L'aventure it's considered a clone of Creed Aventus but way more affordable plus the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Keep up the good work and thanks for your tips 🙂

  9. nice video, i'm really into try versace eros for this fall (or jean paul gaultier le male ultra) by the way, how do you think is better to apply perfume? 2 touchs, 3, 5? and where (neck, behind ears, back of the head, back of the elbow) (pd: subtitling this to spanish this weekend)

  10. Just subscribed your channel💗 …..i really like your videos…..thanks for your tips🙏… you're great 👌👏👍

  11. Alot of you guys are into the really spicy stuff to me though the spicy stuff is outdated or at least better suited for old men. Most women dont want a giy that smells like an old man

  12. Bro, I commented you to improve your presentation in one of your old vedio you just replayed to me to checkout your new, literally your presentation is much much better than old
    And I appreciate your selection of cologne in this vedio especially the sauvage my favourite 😍
    Waiting for your next update

  13. New subscriber here. Ive got Davidoff, Versace, Dior, Ralf, Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier. Ive havent got any of those you recommended I might consider taking one of those. I love Colognes and have a good collections though. Btw correct if im wrong. I wear Cologne according to seasons and occasions. Like if its summer, I wear clean and fresh ones, right? Waving from Italy here.

  14. My problem with sauvage is that 9/10 guys wear it I like being unique. Voyage is my gym cologne cheap and great!! What is your opinion over aqua de gio by Armani

  15. Thanks for the information Daniel but in my opinion cologne is a bit personal there are loads of people telling you which ones the best but that is their personal opinion!

  16. I have the Vince camuto in the blue bottle and I've smelled the others and they don't last long.

  17. Nautica voyage is one for the history books. Great smelling scent and crowd pleasing. And the price of it is so cheap

  18. The mantra is try before you buy as the smell reacts and develops on people differently. Odd you did not cover the differences between day smell and night smell.

  19. I already know, I LOVE this guy. It's so refreshing to see the products he says he likes most(on other videos), is actually the least expensive(WHAT). And he promotes a subscription-based service and doesn't have some coupon with his name on it(SERIOUSLY)?

  20. Hey Daniel! I just got my first spray container. I did the Hugo Ice and it's fantastic! I've gotten so many compliments on it. I love the whole premise of this, try new scents at a super affordable price. Thanks for the tip on the 6 best. Also, I am still loving everything I hear on my DLM Christian subscription. Keep it up and know that you are being prayed for! Blessings to you, Pastor Richard

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