TotalMix FX for Beginners – Customizing the Channel Layout

TotalMix FX for Beginners – Customizing the Channel Layout

In this installment of the TotalMix FX beginner’s guide, I will show you how you can enhance your TotalMix FX
workflow, by customizing your user interface. But before we start please
make sure that you subscribe to our channel and that you also click on the
notifications button to get all the future updates on the RME Audio channel. Now let’s switch over to TotalMix FX and look at the user interface and
detail. TotalMix FX is great for customization, for example I can rename
every channel that I have in TotalMix FX. I just click on the top of the
particular channel and I can rename them. In this case, I named both of the XLR
inputs of my Babyface Pro Mic 1 and Mic 2, because normally I use them for
microphones and if you want to have the default names of the channel, you can go
on the show and then names and here you can see that we switch between my custom name and the default name. Another great thing is that we can minimize each
channel. To save some space or to get a better overview. So if I go on the bottom
of each channel, you see that we have this little arrow and if I click on the
arrow the channel is being minimized. If I click on the little arrow while
holding the command button, all the channels on the right side of the
selected track and the selected channel are getting minimized. So very good
shortcuts for changing the layout very quickly. Another powerful feature of TotalMix FX is the ability to hide channels. If
I go to options and click on channel layout, I get my channel layout overview.
So let’s put them side by sides and as you can see, I have my inputs tab, my
playbacks tab and my outputs tab. As you would find on TotalMix FX and now
if I click on one of the tracks, I have the option to hide the channel in the
mixer and matrix view. So if I select all these channels together and click on
hide, you see that just my first input is shown. But and this is important,
we just hide the channel. The channels itself are still working in the
background. This is just a channel layout for you to have, let’s say a better
overview of what is currently going on. So I made some layout presets myself and
I saved them here under layout presets. If I click on the store button and I say
ok this is a layout that I find quite useful. I can just simply save it in my
bank four here and my layout for I can of course name them as well by clicking on
the name and I can say this is a new layout and then
I have my new layout saved. So as you can see I have several layouts and I can
just click them and I have drastic changes of my graphic user interface of
my graphical user interface and this comes in handy
for a lot of different reasons. Let’s say you have one of our interfaces with over
hundred channels and you just want to see some particular channels of let’s
say a drum booth, that you record right now. Then you can select all these
channels together in a channel layout and switch them over and say okay I just
want to see the drums for right now. So you have the choice and the power to
customize the user interface very easily and very drastic. I hope this was helpful.
See you next time on the RME Audio Channel.

9 thoughts on “TotalMix FX for Beginners – Customizing the Channel Layout

  1. Great video! Would love to see a feature where the "pull down" routing menu's reference the Channel Layout User Names for channels instead of always referencing the original names. Would also appreciate being able to re-order tracks.

  2. Hi,

    is it possible to move a track in totalmix? for instance I'd like to have my AES input track at far right in the input row instead of far left. Thank you 🙂

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