Toyota Camry LED Interior How To Install – 2011+

Toyota Camry LED Interior How To Install – 2011+

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2015 Toyota Camry we’ll be
installing LED interior lights on. Now this installation is compatible with
year models 2011 and up and that’s the fifth generation XV50 chassis type. Now this is a facelifted 2015 Camry SE
and that means the exterior body panels are slightly different from the original
2011 as well as some of the interior dash trim has been updated. However the installation we’re showing you
today is compatible with both pre- and the post-model. For today’s install we’re using a PrecisionLED premium style 5730 LED conversion kit available on and each kit comes with three interior trim tools you’ll
see us use throughout the video to assist with those installations. Now you can see here as well we’ve done
a conversion of our headlights here to LED as well. And if you check the description link
below, along with subscribing to our channel, you’ll see an update with that
video here in a couple days. Now for our interior installation we’re doing our
front overhead map lights, the rear dome light, courtesy door lights here on the
driver side and passenger side, as well as the trunk light, the license plate
lights, and the backup reverse lights. Let’s go ahead and get started. We’re looking now at the overhead console and,
as you can see, we have LED here on the driver’s side and a halogen bulb here on
the passenger side. Now to get access is fairly straightforward. We’re going to use the flat end of our
serrated knife tool here. Come in from the center. And, at an angle, twist to release
the two clips – one here and one here – holding the panel in place. And just so you know,
this piece right here is what’s hitting the rocker switch right here for the bulb. Now this bulb is pretty difficult to get
at with your fingers so what I use is a small piece of tape. And we’re going to
wrap the bulb around the tape and that will give us the leverage we need. And
the bulb comes out. We’re going to be putting in a new 5730 style premium LED. And this one is one of our T10 shorts
so it will fit nice and snug into this panel and provide excellent brightness. To install this back in place, you need
to put the rocker side, or the switch part, in first here. And make sure it’s
set and then you press down on the two sides here and you should be all set. That’s all there is to it. We’re looking now at the rear overhead
dome light and this one you’ll be using the crowbar shape tool. Starting out from
the back here near the switch side. You’re going to get some spacing inside. Then pry it back to help release. You can slide the tool over. And that’ll remove the lens cover. Now you have a pretty small opening for
this festoon bulb here. It’s important to note
that this one you have to rotate the bulb, as the ends
are flat. And there’s a flat section, or a flat cut-out, that allows this to come out. So you rearrange the bulb and then there is a flexing side here that will let you
get this bulb out. And just so you can see, this is where the end of the bulb is
slightly pinched. And so when it’s inserted in it is
perpendicular to the slot. You have turn it so it’s parallel to the slot before it’ll come out. Our new LED doesn’t have the
pinched ends so you don’t have to worry about that. This one goes in on the flat side, or the
stationary side here, and then pushes against the flexing side. There we go. Now because it’s an LED, you want to make
sure the boards are facing down and angled ever so slightly towards the rear. Test to make sure it works. And now we
can put the lens cover back on. Now this lens cover, you want to put it back on. There are two tabs here, those go in the back first. And then you
force it in on the switch side. There we go. And you’re all set. We’re looking here at the courtesy door
light on our passenger side. You’re going to use the flat end of your serrated
knife tool. Come in from the side closest to the door, here. And you’re gonna pry in and force the bulb out. Now as you can see one
side is the flexing side and one side has the connector. You want to make sure
when you’re prying through that you see this portion, and not this portion. If you
try to remove from this side, you’ll rip this power connector out and might have
difficulty and may even break it. So you want to remove the power
connector to turn the light off. Press down here, pull this out. Now the next step is to remove this lens
from the housing. You do that by, from the flexing side, pushing the whole assembly this way. Just like that. And now you have access to the bulb. This
hood comes completely out just like that. Now you can finally see the LED bulb. And
go ahead and remove this one. Not too hot anymore. That one comes out
and we replace it with our new LED. Hood goes back on. Make sure that’s nice and snug. Lens cover goes back on. Now the connector side is here so you can see and it just slides into place. And you
push to lock it down. And now you can plug it back in. And that is a really nice upgrade. Connector side goes in first and then push to snap it back in place. Same process on the driver side. We’re looking here at our trunk light on
the Camry. We’re going to use our pointed wedge tool
here just to get in. And pull this back to open up this
plastic cage so you can access the bulb. Now this one is also recessed quite a bit so I am going to use another piece of tape. Gonna wrap around the bulb. And this one’s a little bit hot so I’m gonna use a cloth. To apply pressure to the tape. And then now I should be able to pull
that one out, just like that. We’re gonna now replace it with our T10
premium LED. That one looks real nice. And that’s a short
version so that’ll fit perfectly in this hole. And this is a really bright
upgrade for the trunk. It makes a world of difference. We’re looking now at the liner for the trunk and we need to
remove some of these tabs, or these push pins, here to access both our backup reverse light
and our license plate light. For us to do that we’re going to use either the crowbar shape
tool right here or the serrated knife tool here. I’m gonna use the serrated knife tool. We’re going to remove from here – one, two, three, four, five, and six – so we can pull this panel
down and that will give us access here the backup reverse light. Let’s go ahead and do that first. You’re going to pop the center portion out then pull the rest of it out. Now that you have these out, this whole panel
comes down. And you can see the wiring here for our license plate light. One here, one here. And also you can see
the backup reverse lights here on the driver’s side. As well as here on the passenger side. For this passenger side, you’re going to twist
it counterclockwise to release Pull that down. And now you have access to the
bulb. This one just pulls right out and we’ll grab the new LED. Now this is non polarity-specific meaning
you can plug it in either way and it should still work. Plug this one in and then put it back in the socket. Make sure the
tabs align like so. And then twist it clockwise to lock that back in place. Now we’re going to go ahead and turn the car on, at least accessory power on. And check the lights to make sure they
work. This one really helps out. You got backup reverse camera and it makes it a lot brighter and easier to see. Now we’re going to work on the license
plate lights. For that we’re gonna change the angle so you can see a little bit closer
up front here. As well as the panels right here that we need to access. For our license plate lights, these black
trim needs to come out. We’re going to use a flathead
screwdriver here. Insert on the indentation, push in, and that should help to release. Do that on the other side. Push in Release. And there you go. That one comes out. Now, what you don’t see is the bottom here. And you use your
thumb and your pointer finger press down. You actually push it up through. And now this assembly comes out, just
like that. Now this metal, or actually this lens
cover, comes off. There we go. And exposes access to our halogen bulb. So we can just pull this one out. And we’re using our 50-50 style
canvas. This is better equipped for license plate. And then we’re going to go
ahead and put the lens cover back on. Now the lens cover only goes back on one way. You’ll see there’s an indentation here that matches up here at the bottom. And you just force that back on. There we go. And now you can push it back up and through and that’ll click to lock back in place. Just like that. And before we finish up, I’m gonna go ahead and turn the lights on just to make sure that they work. As you can see we already did the
driver’s side here. Same process. The cap goes right back on. And just apply some force where each clip goes. And that’s all set. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the
video or enjoy the process for what we do. It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there watching the videos Have a good one!

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