Toyota Corolla LED Fog Lights How To Install – 2013-Present

Toyota Corolla LED Fog Lights How To Install – 2013-Present

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2015 Toyota Corolla we’ll be
installing LED fog lights on. Now this is the 11th generation. And that’s compatible with year models 2013 and up for this demonstration. Now, the Corolla is considered the E170 in the United States and international. And the E160 chassis model in Japan. We’re gonna be using today a premium CREE PrecisionLED lighting kit. The fog lights typically use an H16 type bulb. And those are compatible with our H11 CREE headlight kits. Let’s go ahead and get started. We’re looking now underneath the vehicle. Underneath the bumper on our driver’s side. And this is the panel that you need to I guess remove this one screw here to pull away and access the fog light assembly, which is right up in here. All you need is a flat head, or a Phillips-head, screwdriver. And you’re undoing one bolt here to get access. Now, a lot of this is pretty malleable. So, first you’re going to release the clip here. And then you’re pushing away here so that you’ll be able to put … push this down. And we’re about to change the camera
angle here so that you’ll be able to see underneath. We’re looking now at the fog light assembly. You see the connector here. We have to remove the connector first, so we’re gonna push down right here and pull the connector away. And that allows us to remove the bulb. If the connector’s in place actually, the bulb will not rotate counterclockwise to remove. Comes out this way. Once you have it, take the old bulb out. Now the LED system is a two-part system. You have the bulb and the LED driver. And the first thing I did was to connect the two together using the screw that holds it in place. So you wanna do that first. Then you can take your bulb, insert it in. And you just need to line up the tabs in place. Turn it clockwise to lock this one in. Now you have that in, your connector here is going to connect to power. Once you have that in, you wanna go ahead
and test the lights to make sure that they work. Once you do that, we’re gonna use
a double-sided sticky pad here. And we are going to place it right here. The fog light assembly has a really nice
flat space right here that we can hold it against. Or, you can do it against the metal on the actual bumper plate here. So, I’m gonna get some of our 3M sticky pads right here to finish the installation. And what I am going to do is take a
little wet cloth and, umm, with some alcohol and wipe this clean to make sure
we have the best adhesion. Got my wet cloth. Gonna wipe the surface dry. Got my 3M sticky pad that comes
with the kit. Just gonna apply it here first. Pat that down to make sure it’s secure. Then we’ll take the other side. And we’ll lock this in place. Just like that. And like I said, there’s multiple
places you can put this. You can put it against this wall here, up here, or against here, right next to your tow hook. Alright. Now that that’s in, all we have to do is put the cover back on. We’re gonna change the angle of the of the video again to show you us reassembling. We’re looking back again here at the the bumper. And we wanna make sure this goes back in place correctly. First thing you want to do, this section here you want to get under the lip of the bumper. And you can do that by pulling the bumper out slightly. There we go. And you want to make sure this gray tab
is over-the-top before you go and put the screw back in. There we go. Now, this hole down here allows you to get access to the the leveling control for the fog lights. So once you have everything installed,
you wanna turn everything on, face it against a wall. And then, if you need to, use a Phillips head screwdriver and turn counterclockwise or clockwise to
change the angle of the light based on your preference. And that should be it. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do. It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there
watching the videos. Have a good one!

22 thoughts on “Toyota Corolla LED Fog Lights How To Install – 2013-Present

  1. Bought this specific kit for my 2015 Corolla. You've indicated in this video that the 3M double sided sticky pads come with the kit. That is false. I have this kit now and there are no sticky pads. Just for anyone thinking of buying these, you will also need to buy the pads at a store.

  2. maybe I'm missing something.. but it says fog lights.. But the link takes you the headlights not fog lights.?

  3. I just installed these on my 16 S. These are sweet LED's. Extremely bright, pure white light. An awesome upgrade over the yellow factory bulbs. Installation note, on the RHS the washer fluid tank is close to the fog light. In order to install the new larger bulbs I removed the actual fog light housing. It’s 2 phillips head screws that hold the housing. Simple enough. If you want bright white LED fog’s get these, you wont regret it.

  4. Can I install this led fog lights on my newly purchased 2016 LE Toyota Corolla that didn't come with fog lights ? If so can you make a video on how to connect the wiring on how to do this.

  5. hey this isn't related to a corolla but a highlander. i put in h16 type 2 led and condensation built up in the lens. did i get the wrong bulb? if not then could you please provide some tips? thanks!

  6. Had anyone complained that they are too bright or have any feedback as to getting in trouble with the law because of these ?

  7. For the corolla, did you end up making any adjustments or is the video showing the beam pattern at the end is the stock angle?

  8. Is there a way to adjust side to side headlights scion im 2016 just recently install HID . IS ILUMINATING to much to the right side. Any hits?

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