Toyota Tundra LED Interior How To Install – 3rd Gen 2014+

Toyota Tundra LED Interior How To Install – 3rd Gen 2014+

What’s happening everyone, my name is Phil with and today we have 2016 Toyota Tundra we’ll be installing LED interior lights on. Now, this installation is compatible with year models 2014 and up and that’s considered the third-generation. We’re also compatible with all the various trim levels. This being the TRD off-road package. Now, for today’s installation we’re using a premium 5730 style LED conversion kit available from and that comes with 3 interior trim tools you’ll see us use throughout the installation. We have a fork shape wedge tool, serrated knife tool, and a pointed wedge tool. Now the installation we’re doing today are our front overhead map lights, the vanity mirror lights on the driver’s side and passenger side. The courtesy foot well light on the driver’s side only, rear dome light, truck bed light, license plate light, as well as the back up reverse lights. Let’s go ahead and get started. We’re looking now at the front
overhead map lights here. And, as you can see, we’ve already replaced one on the driver’s side with an LED. We’re gonna show you how to do that on the passenger side. We’re using the flat end of our serrated knife tool. You’re gonna come in from the side. You’ll notice right here and right here this is the connection point and that’s actually where it’s hinging and this is the button side. So, you’re gonna come in next here to the hinge side insert in and just pull down. And that helps pop it off. And you’re gonna pull this way to remove. And now you can see the bulb. Now, the bulb’s a bit hard to access. If you can’t get it with your fingers, you should use a piece of tape. It’s a pretty common trick. You grab any kind of Scotch tape and you’re going to create kind of a U-shape like that. Get it around the bulb and then tighten down. Make sure it’s got a good connection and you just pull out. And that removes it. You can then replace it with the new LED. Now this is non polarity-specific so it should work either way. Some other LEDs, like our standards, are polarity-specific so they won’t always work. And you can test the button here to make sure it turns on and off before you go ahead and put the lens cover back on. The lens cover: this section here, which is for the push button, goes in first. And then you push down here and here to lock it back in place. And you’re all set. We’re looking now at our vanity mirror lights on the passenger side. We’re going to use the pointed section here of our serrated knife tool. You’re gonna come,
there’s a small bottom indentation here. You’re gonna push in and just pull it out. And there you go. And that exposes your vanity mirror bulb. And that’s a 29 by 5 millimeter. We’re gonna use our pointed wedge just to pry up on one side to lift it out and get it to turn off. Now this is a little bit hot so I’ve got a cloth here. Just gonna hold it at the bottom. Woop! And that is our bulb. We’re gonna now replace it with a LED. And this one is polarity-specific. The vanity mirror bulbs. So you just wanna test to make sure they work before pushing them in. And because LEDs are directional, you want to make sure these boards are facing forward. If they’re not, you can adjust them slightly before putting your cover back on. This cover, the top section goes in first and then you push down here to lock it in. And do the same thing here on this side. Lens cover goes back in. Top and then bottom. And you’re all set. We’re looking now at the overhead dome lights. Or the rear map lights, if you will. We have one side LED already, one side halogen. To remove this, you’re gonna start from the side farthest from the switches on this side. Insert in here with our crowbar shape tool, just pry down, and then this whole piece pulls down and comes out. And you wanna be careful because the metal reflector shield will come down as well. This comes out and that pretty much comes out. And now you have access to the bulbs. This one’s not too hot, so I can pull it out with my fingers here. If you can’t grab it you can use a piece of tape. Similar to before we get it looped around and then pull it out. There we go. Pull that one out. Put our new LED in. Test it out. Make sure they both work. And now, metal shield goes back on top first. And actually, the new bulb will have to go in after the metal shield goes in. There we go. Let’s test that. That’s good. And now the trick with this lens cover: if you’ll notice, when you look at it here, if you don’t push this all the way up far enough these pieces here will start to stick out here. You wanna make sure this goes all the way past the headliner and kinda helps to clamp it down. So this has to go all the way in. And then you pull it around. As you can see, they’re not coming out this side which means you’re good. And now this side can go in. There we go. That’s all back in place. Looks good. We’re looking now here at the courtesy foot well light on the driver’s side. Now, the easiest thing to do here is to use a piece of tape. Wrap it around to remove the bulb. So we’ll make a little U-shape here. Clamp down on the bulb. Pull that one out. Now we can insert our new LED. This one’s polarity-specific, so doesn’t work in this orientation. Pull it out, turn it around. There we go. And that one doesn’t have a cover. And that’s all set. We’re looking now here at the truck bed lights. And we have one installed here on the driver’s side. And we’re gonna show you how to remove this panel to access on the passenger side. We’re gonna use a Phillips head screwdriver There’s four screws – one, two, three, and four. And take those off first. There we go. Panel off. That is your old bulb here. We’re just gonna pull that one out. It’s a little bit hot. Just grab a cloth here. And we pull that one out. There we go. And now this one here is a 10 LED premium bulb. Little bit brighter than the 5. That one goes right in. And while we have it like this, we can go ahead and test the lights to see if they work. As you can see, looking good. And now we’ll go ahead and put our cover back in place. Alright. And with this panel back on, let’s see what those lights look like again. Should be nice and bright. You’re all set. We’re looking now at the driver’s side taillight. You’re gonna use a t30 Torx bit on this screw here and here to release the entire assembly. That’s one. And that’s two. Now, to pull this thing out there are bolts here on this side that are holding it, well actually just pins holding it in place. We’re gonna use the fat end here of our crowbar shape tool. Kind of dig into the side here and kinda just pull out. And that helps pull it this way. You get more leverage than you did without. So that’s one. Come in to the bottom here. Pull the other one. And as you can see now these are the pins we’re releasing and this right here is your backup reverse light. Twist that counterclockwise. That gets removed. Pull that one out. Replace it with our new LED. And we’re just gonna plug that one back in. And for now, when I place this back in, I’m just gonna put these ones back into their guiding slots here. And then test the lights to make sure that they work. So, I’ma force it in. If you hear a pop, that’s one, that’s two. And now I can test to make sure this works. All good? Alright, now that we know it works two bolts go back in – one here and one here – and you’re all done. We’re looking now here at our driver’s side license plate light. As you can see, that one’s still halogen. Now, the best angle is to come in from the bottom here. And you should be able to grab on to the connector. And twist it counterclockwise and pull it out. And we’ve got a camera underneath so you can switch the angle and see. We’re just going to twist it. There we go. And that should come out. And there we have the bulb. Just gonna remove it here. It’s a little bit warm. There we go. Probably shouldn’t do that. And putting our new LED in. There we go. Then it goes back in and we twist it to lock it back in place. There we go. Nice and secure. And you’re all set. And that’s the end of the installation. 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  1. Outstanding video, planning on ordering the 5730 kit. Which color of LED bulbs were you using? Cool White or Crystal White? Thank you and keep up the awesome videos!

  2. Concerning the Foot Well Bulb, You can reach behind it (just press in your parking brake) and twist the socket, and it unlocks and comes out as if you were replacing a brake light bulb. No need for the tape method. If you have larger hands, the tape method is about impossible to do so just reach behind, twist/unlock the housing, and it just drops down for you. Pull out the bulb, and then lock it back into place.

  3. I just installed the complete interior kit plus the reverse lights. Such a big difference! Great video; this video is what convinced me to buy the kit from you guys.

  4. I was trying to remove the bulb on the 3rd brake light/cargo light and it broke at the base, any ideas of how to remove it. This is on my 07 Tundra. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions

  5. excellent video! Very descriptive and helpful. Easy to understand each step. Loved the diff camera angles

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