Transform your bicycle into a motorcycle!

Transform your bicycle into a motorcycle!

There once was a little
boy with a big idea. He attached a card
to his bike to make it sound like a motorbike. The idea spanned generations
’til it eventually sparked an even better idea. [BELL DING] Introducing the re-imagining
of a classic, TurboSpoke. A far cry from the pitter
patter of playing cards and clothespins, TurboSpoke
transforms any bike to look and sound
like a motorbike. Running entirely on pedal power,
it doesn’t need batteries. And the faster you
go, to louder it gets. TurboSpoke fits on 95%
of bikes and installs in under five minutes. Just snap the clamp
onto the bike’s frame and tighten the two bolts
with the included hex key. Slip the exhaust pipe and one of
the three unique sounding motor cards into the clamp,
then secure them with the yellow
tab, and you’re off. The ultra durable
waterproof cards range from the sounds
of an off-road dirt bike with the blue, to the deep
growling snarl of a muscle bike with the red, and the yellow
sitting somewhere nicely in between. The exhaust pipe takes the
vibrations of the motor cards and projects the thunderous
roar like a horn. Though it looks like metal,
it’s actually flexible plastic, making it lightweight
and very tough. You can customize
your TurboSpoke with the 15 included stickers. So if you’re not exactly
impressing anyone with your so-called
tricks, at least your bike will look and sound
good while you try. So save the cards
and clothespins and transform your
bike with TurboSpoke. Buy it now at [SINGING] [DIRT BIKE SOUND]

100 thoughts on “Transform your bicycle into a motorcycle!

  1. Fuck this and fuck a card,i use a soda can,sounds better then a card and sounds just like this,if not better

    Edit:I see alot of people do the same but they use a plastic bottle,guys trust me a soda can works and sounds better,it stays on better,and its cheaper kinda

  2. USA: we have turbo spoke that can make bicycles sound like motorcycles

    Phillipines:we have water bottles

  3. Rather just shov a can in my wheel that's waterproof and cost me 1 pound or 24 pounds and look just a lil odd thanks…. But no thanks

  4. bruh the classic suppose to put a card so it touch the sticks

    In malaysia we put watter bottle on the tyre and our wheel destroyed ._.

  5. Macron that that is just like the water bottle worry put it in the middle of your breaks at the back and it makes a dirtbike sound

  6. I did it with a pop can I would crush it ones with my bicycle tier to make in indent in the can and ride it for a second so the can goes around the tier to loge it next to the tier holder the you would ride and I never had a popped tire from doing this

  7. Hey vat 19 guess what I put a plastic water bottle underneath my tires on my bike and It made a actual motorcycle noise so I don’t have to waste anything on your Products

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