Transformers: Top 10 Stupid/Ridiculous Designs (Movie Rankings) 2019

Transformers: Top 10 Stupid/Ridiculous Designs (Movie Rankings) 2019

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. ♫ Gone ♫ ♫ cause you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ Oh you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ No you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ Until it’s gone ♫ You wanna go back?! Back to the heart of the war?! (Mechanical Sounds) Say what you want about Michael Bay’s Transformers. But 2007’s introduction into the live action universe was a significant leap in ambition. Hard metal surfaces were translating well to CG and for most part the designs were enough to win fans over. “Cool Mom!” But some of those design choices left more to be desired and others were downright ridiculous. What’s up guys? RBG here bringing you another Top 10 Transformers video. I wanted to do something a little different from my usual videos and weigh in on some of the funniest/ridiculous robots in the live action Transformers movies. I feel like this is 1 of the most hated aspects of Michael Bay’s universe but for whatever reason no one has ever made a video about it. So we’re gonna do it today. In typical fashion most Top 10 lists consist of the most powerful Transformers. Ranging from your standard robots to your giant combiners. But this 1 won’t be based off the strength these funny looking monstrosities. It’ll simply be based on the design and how downright ridiculous they are. Because they don’t really do much in the movies outside of existing for the sake of existing. Plus I could barely find enough of them to make a top 10 list. So we’re gonna have to make due with what we got. But without further ado let’s jump into the video. Number 10. Steering Wheel Bot. Is it me or does Michael Bay have a weird fetish for creepy crawly Transformers? He’s always finding ways to make the least expecting devices, the most ridiculous spider-like creatures. Which was 1st made apparent in 2007’s Transformers. This little robot just so happens be a Cadillac Escalade steering wheel come to life. When Sam accidentally drops the All Spark while fleeing through the streets of Mission City, he bumps into a woman’s car. She gets angry, and accuses him of denting her car. And while she’s going on her rant her steering wheel develops spider-like legs, wrenches itself free from the steering column, and clamps itself onto her face, hugging her head. Now I found this 1 to be pretty funny because it not only shows that the Allspark can breath life into any device. It also shows that these inanimate objects turned transformers don’t always get the best facelifts when it comes to designs. It basically looks like the special effects team just put legs on a steering wheel and called it a day. And as I said earlier, it’s a running theme in later films. Til this day we still don’t know if the whole car was affected by the Allspark’s radiation or just the steering wheel alone. I’m still wondering what ever happened to the poor driver that had her face violated. (Scream) Number 9. Garbage Disposal Bot. Around the time this robot was introduced there were clear signs that the Bay-verse was only going downward when it comes to quality. Nothing made any sense. Especially the events of Transformers 2. Remember the Allspark and how it was destroyed after Sam used it to kill Megatron? Now it’s a tiny sliver that can essentially bring him back to life. As a matter a fact it still wields the ability to bring any form of technology to life. At the beginning of TF2 Sam finds the last fragment of the All Spark in his Mission City sweater, he dropped it after it etched Cybertronian symbols into his mind and the energy released brought several appliances in his house to life. And these quote on quote Appliance Bots go on a witch hunt for the person responsible for their creation. Now I just gotta give a heads up and say that these guys will make up a good portion of the list. Because as I mentioned there aren’t that many weirdo bots to go around. But anyways 1 of the 1st Appliances I wanna talk about is the Garbage Disposal Bot. Because it’s probably the most non-practical robot on the team. As a matter of fact he’s the only member that you don’t see transform. He just busts out from under the sink and gives chase behind all the other newly transformed appliances. And he just looks stupid. It’s like someone added spikes to an alarm clock. Like out of all the things to make a transformers they make a garbage disposal? While I’m being a bit harsh on the little guy I will give the designers credit. They showed good attention to detail. You can actually see gunk spew from his mouth which is a nice touch. Coming in at number 8 is the Cappuccino Bot. Now this 1 is pretty self explanatory. It’s a cappuccino maker turned a transformer. He’s probably the most proportioned out of the entire gang and 1 of the most feisty. He’s homicidal from birth, has what kinda looks like a big mustache. There’s not much I can say about him other than the fact that he occasionally farts fire. I guess that’s a good representation of the little guy’s fiery personality. Phoning it in at number 7 is the Nokia Bot. 1 of the 1st inanimate objects to get brought to life with a little splash of that Allspark magic. The Nokia Bot showed that the devices you love can be some of the meanest. During a little Sector 7 tour Agents Simmons took their visitors to a locked room within the headquarters. Simmons then demonstrates the power of the Allspark by giving life to the phone. Transforming it into a spidery like creature. If you thought cell phones giving you cancer is bad then you really won’t like this version. Thanks to it’s energon upgrade it’s even more deadly as it is crazy. The Nokia bot is now equipped with a mini-gun that let’s off fast rounds of bullets and it can fire missiles. When it looked like the creature might break out of the case, Simmons had it blasted with an energy pulse, killing it. I often get this guy confused with Frenzy since he also took the form of a phone after getting his head severed from his body. But I feel like he was a lot more deadlier than Frenzy’s cell phone mode. Before TF1 was released this version of the Nokia was 1 of the most expensive cellphones on the market. So the fact that Glen didn’t say anything after he willing donated his phone just to be destroyed is beyond me. But anyways the Nokia Bot can later be seen in a Verizon commercial being flicked away by Michael Bay himself. Number 6. is the homicidal toaster, Ejector. Probably the most popular Appliance Bot, Ejector is 1 of the most animated. Right off the bat when he transforms into his robot mode you notice that he’s a kung fu toaster on acid. He’s equipped with some cool nun chucks and he can perform jumping spinning kicks. He transforms into a 1.5′ ft tall bipedal robot with red glowing internal parts which elude to his toaster heating elements. His most distinctive feature is an articulated ‘tail’ which he rapidly spins his retractable power plug like a flail. Fun fact, Revenge of the Fallen wasn’t the first time we saw Ejector in action. He actually made his onscreen debut in a Mountain Dew commercial, as he tormented some poor schlep with the last bottle of the carbonated beverage. It’s unknown if he actually wanted the soda or not; more than likely he was just screwing with the poor guy. It’s even strange that he was alive and well in the Mountain Dew commercial, considering Bumblebee killed all the Appliance Bots on Sam’s orders. I guess he escaped and went to live with his new roommates. Cleaning house at number 5 is the Dyson vacuum cleaner bot. In my honest opinion I think it’s safe to assume that this is strongest among all the Appliance bots. Since he’s the largest thing, being a vacuum cleaner it’s obvious that he’s physically the tallest of all his kitchen friends. And it has 1 of the sickest designs. He has a arm that’s loaded with 6 missiles. During the hunt for Sam, the Vacuum cleaner bot was leading the charge. Since he’s the tallest you can see him peeping in Sam’s room ready to pounce. If you ask me he let’s off the most shots in the room. Number 4. The Xbox 360. As a gaming content creator this entry was very convenient. Who doesn’t love a good video game reference here and there? Apparently Michael Bay does. As a human was walking down the streets of Mission City, carrying his brand new Xbox 360, a sudden surge from the All Spark granted it life. The new robot’s arms and legs burst free of the packaging, and the shocked human threw it away before it could fully escape. This 1 was just flat out hilarious because when the robot comes to life, it makes the 360’s signature turning-on “shwooom!” noise. It’s not made clear what happened to the runaway next gen console in the movie. But in the tie-in movie comics they do allude to the four legged device getting destroyed by Ironhide. 1 thing that could’ve made the scene better was if the robot burst completely out of the box with the red ring of death lit brightly. That would’ve shown his new owner that he didn’t come to play games. Mixing it up at number 3 is Dick bot. That’s right you heard me correctly. I said Dick bot. Boy I wonder why they would give him that name? Hmm. But anyways dick bot is robot who’s alt mode is a Cuisinart Smart Power Duet Blender. According to a special feature on the Revenge of the Fallen DVD, the blender robot was, at least in the concept stages, the “leader” of the appliance bots. As you can see the blender has a…rather suggestively-placed cannon. This guy obviously made the list off of the sheer absurdity of his design. The name was just an added bonus. Quenching your thirst at number 2 we got Dispensor. Product placement is a tried and true method for building a brand’s awareness among an audience. Movies make a lot money from them to help offset the costs of filming, long before any box office dollars come in, and the brand in question gets noticed by millions of people, and most of the time it’s not ridiculously blatant, so it doesn’t have a great impact on the audience’s enjoyment of the movie. It’s a win-win for everybody involved. As you can tell by the earlier contestants on this list Michael absolutely lives by this practice. Transformers 2007 had a few product placements that were quite funny. But the most memorable 1 of them all would absolutely have to be the jacked up Mountain Dew transformers, Dispensor. According to CineFex magazine, Dispensor’s inclusion into the film was a last minute addition and all the modeling and animation for it was done in only four weeks! He has 4 arms and 1 of them is a arm mounted Mountain Dew cannon. So if you want a soda, he can just drop it into his tray in dispenser mode, or he can kill you by firing a can straight into your stomach; either way you still get your Mountain Dew. Number 1. Oreo Bot. Just when you thought Bay couldn’t stoop any lower with his egregious product placement. “Yes, Mr. President?” “Yeah. Can you wrangle me up some Ding Dong’s, Darlin?” He takes the craft and completely turns it on it’s head. I mean the guy did start out his career directing commercials. Which is made apparent by his constant beauty angels of all the cars on the Autobot roster. So he has this knack for showcasing the newest items on the block. But Transformers Age of Extinction is arguably the worst offender when it comes to having hordes upon fricken hordes of advertisements shoved in your face. So much to the point to where it literally becomes the mcguffin of the story. Take the Kinetic Solutions Incorporated better known as KSI. A tech corporation that basically cracked the Cybertronian genome and learned how to program and manipulate the metal, to which they gave the focus-grouped, trademarked, and commercially-charged name “Transformium”. With this newly found plot device… I mean element they were able to build their own army of remote controlled transformers and among this assembly line was the Oreo Transformer, Oreo Bot. And it’s the funniest stuff ever man. This guy is used the butt of all jokes. As soon as the Autobots raid the KSI headquarters, Oreo Bot tries to alert the facility but he’s quickly riddled with bullets. It’s not like the poor guy asked to be created into a robot billboard. He didn’t even try to shoot at the Autobots. But yet he gets double dipped into a barrage of bullets. I guess Optimus felt some kinda way about his old friend’s body parts being re-purposed for experiments. But here’s the thing, Oreo Bot wasn’t even based after an Autobot. If you look closely you’ll notice that he was sporting a recycled head of the Decepticon Long Haul. I guess that’s the price you pay for being a vending machine brought to life. But anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video. If you want more Transformers videos I’d appreciate if you’d share this with all your friends and followers on different social media outlets. And if you’ve watched the video to this point I’d like you to follow your comments up with #Ridiculous. You’ve been asking me to do more TF vids so I thought I’d bring back the segment with a fun project reminding fans of all the bad creations in the live action movies. Speaking of creations I wanted to remind you guys of the awesome things you can create if given the right platform. That’s where Squarespace comes in. No matter what you’re doing online from starting a new blog or website to promote your creations. 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100 thoughts on “Transformers: Top 10 Stupid/Ridiculous Designs (Movie Rankings) 2019

  1. I guess we're back with more Transformers? Today we're gonna be doing things a little bit differently. Kicking things off with the most Ridiculous designs in the TF movies. What are some of your picks?

  2. I'm honestly glad Michael Bay was director of the Transformers while I'm not. I'm glad because the movies have so much drama and there's never really a dull moment, PLUS they look so fucking good.. like sheesh. He was a bad director because only 1 movie made sense to be honest. (Being the first one) Sad he isn't directing anymore because the Transformers are going to end up looking like fucking humans.. the next movie may be pretty horrible looking wise.

  3. #Ridiculous
    is right. These were added just for product placement and filler.
    10. Steering Robot

    09. Garbage disposal bot

    08. Cappuccino bot

    07. Nokia bot

    06. Ejector

    05. Dyson vacuum cleaner bot

    04. Xbox 360 bot

    03. dick bot

    02. Dispensor

    01. Oreo bot

  4. Ok go look at every transform created in the 80’s an see if you can guess what the disposal is hinting towards an good luck your gonna need it

  5. Another great video my man. I truly missed these video's so much glad your back. Also i happen to like Dispensor design reminds me of what a beta droid would look like in the IDW comic's & 😭 i wish they made a toy of the Oreo bot!

  6. I think the steering wheel is a reference to the Facehugger from the movie Aliens (Xenomorph) or just a random design choice

  7. 1: The Allspark is raw power! Of course it can kill Megatron! But the shard is too small to harm Megatron, but it have enough power to revive him! The whole cube gave him too much energy/energon and overloaded his spark!
    2: There was two different shard! If you look closer, in TF1 Optimus took one shard from Megatron's chest and the shard looks like doritos but in TF2 Sam have another shard with different shape from his jacket! Optimus gave the doritos shard to NEST, later it was stolen by the decepticons and they revived Megatron with that shard, meanwhile Sam gave the other shard to Mikaela, later Wheelie tried to stole the other shard from Mikaela but he failed, later Mikaela gave it back to Sam and Sam revived Jetfire with that shard!

  8. I really liked most of the movies’s character designs. The only ones I could say I really didn’t like are Dickbot, Devestator, Wheeljack and Skids and Mudflap. I also didn’t like Starscream’s design either but it wasn’t as bad as the others I listed.

  9. Got an idea. What if the Allspark weaponized the Lincoln Statue in the Lincoln Memorial and a weaponized second amendment cannon since Micheal Bay is patriotic and the Transformer franchise keeps getting ridiculous ? #ridiculous

  10. Omg this is so stupid ppl are pist that some of the robots don't get enough screen time shutup Michael bay don't got time to go and give every character there own little backstory it's cool just seeing them for a few minutes but c'mon let's be honest if all the robots got all there own screentime for a long time fans would get frustrated with the character some ppl can say so much the cgi is hard to do think about that

  11. Perhaps Dickbot was supposed to be a reference to the fact there was an autobot in g1 called and I'm not joking Erector

  12. Not gonna lie Dewbot is definitely one of my favorite outlandish design. Honestly I'm kinda surprised Reedman wasn't on the list though to be fair I can see why he wasn't considering a a killer origami transformer is badass

  13. I liked the skinny Decepticon that assembled itself from all those metal balls the Bayverse Ravage puked up and ripped right through that soldier. Those movies needed more action like that. Something we'll never get in that fucking family friendly reboot.

  14. Mountain Dew Bot is probably the most "realistic". If a random Earth machine is animated by the all-spark, it makes sense that any weaponry it has at birth would have to be made from its own components. So shooting soda cans make since. However, how would a vacuum cleaner or a cell phone have sufficient material to make firing missiles? Sure the missles appear useless, but still how do you make a missile at all using parts from a cell phone?

  15. Hey RBG cool video and it me decade prime YouTube deleted my channel but I'm good and I got good news my we have a baby girl my daughter just got born today

  16. Does everyone realize how Sam never got shot in RotF by the appliancebots? He literally just sat on the floor and moved his arms and legs around “dodging” all of the shots…

  17. 🙄 I want to design that
    Cosmic design
    Dashes from space like a metor!
    Mayby like aerial bots but 5 primes of virtue merged 👌🤔 Hmmm
    Five Virtues are fundamental qualities which one should develop in order to reach Mukti, or to reunite or merge with God. The Sikh Gurus taught that these positive human qualities were Sat (truth), Daya (compassion), Santokh (contentment), Nimrata (humility), and Pyaar (love).
    A star

  18. Top 10? Should have done a top 25.

    How is there no mention of the Dreads? Upon having transformed they didn’t retain anything from their vehicle modes, NOTHING!!! Not a grill, tailgate, windshield, fender, hood… they couldn’t even be bother to add in a f’ing door handle!!!

    How about the Twins? Was their a contest held in elementary schools for worst design possible?

  19. Bruh the vending machine just came to life and it's never seen a mirror and you are calling it ugly? Guess the blackest part of you is your heart.

  20. Hey!! You my opnion..i think all michael bay"s designs are fantastic
    Wheeljack LOOK stupid.his face tho!

  21. Just gunna mention that the only reason megatron died from the all spark was because it had overloaded his system as with all machinery if you overload it, it goes bust since the doctor told them to "kill the little one" they repaired him with new components so when they used a tiny sliver of the cube it had sufficient energy to bring him back and if they did rebuild him they hopefully added enerrgy dampers if it was a possibility of overload

  22. See, I actually loves the inhuman, weird, crazy designs the most? I hate when Transformers are all just humanoid, they're robots, you can be more creative with their body designs and number of limbs they have and stuff.

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