Transforming Your Closet Into a Chic Home Office | Design Girlfriend | Harper’s BAZAAR

Transforming Your Closet Into a Chic Home Office | Design Girlfriend | Harper’s BAZAAR

I’m Alia and this is Jamie. We have been dating for a year and a month. and I just moved to Simsbury, Connecticut a month ago. A month ago? Two months ago? Three months ago. So I wrapped up my whole studio apartment in new york had it moved up here and when you really break down what you own and you see it all in like fifteen boxes being wrapped up in one small truck you’re like, “huh.” I wanted her to be comfortable, this is a big change. I was more nervous about how I could make her happy than really whether or not she would fit in. He challenges me he makes me think about things really differently but once I think about it his ideas are really interesting and valid and when we do it together, we are better together. I think I’d like to take the upstairs empty bedroom and turn it into an office for you. So it’s a little bit of a fantastic catastrophe. I think I can transition that closet where you’re keeping some of your miscellaneous clothes to kind of a work station office area. For an office, it’s gonna be awesome. I want her to feel like she’s got a really special place. Again, more nervous face. I let you do the formal living room. I am surprised but sometimes it’s a very different type of surprised than I imagined. I was thinking, we create a little bit more space. but we could maybe put a desk some shelves, maybe a really cool light. But maybe it’s more of like a nook. We could do like a desk that comes out a little bit. Would you be cool if we took the doors off? I definitely want to take the doors off. The rail, the shelf will obviously come out. What if we do wallpaper? We are definitely keeping the wall paper people here in Simsbury, Connecticut in business. In fashion and design we call that idea a Feature Focus. That point in the room or that point in the outfit where your eye goes first. So I feel like if we do a really cool metallic wallpaper your eye will be automatically drawn to the office. I’m excited about this, this is gonna be awesome. Let’s do it. There we go. That’s impressive. In order to take the last bolt out of the door usually you need an extra hand. I need you to hold this door for me. Ooh, a little snug. Are you kidding me? Babe, this is my new look. We’ve got a clean palette here. I’m gonna have a guy, Joe he’s awesome, install the wallpaper and then I have an awesome chandelier coming. You’re gonna love it. Does that mean I get to get back to work? You’re dismissed. Perfect. So one of the most important parts of a modern office today is inspiration I really want to be able to look up and see something creative that inspires me. I call this project, your live mood board. I took a queue from the wallpaper and I actually got the same wallpaper but in a larger scale to create my mood board which I am going to use clipboards for and the plan is to wallpaper them in the same wallpaper pattern as what’s going to be behind them so in essence they become part of that wall and you can clip things to them that really represent what’s inspiring you in the moment. So what we’re going to do is literally just trace the clipboard. Take your exacto knife and make that nice clean line. Then we actually need to cut out a little piece to account for the top so we’ll just trace that. When you clip it in, you’ll see that it fits perfectly. and we’re just gonna glue it down and use a little double stick tape. Just like that. and a girls best friend in making sure that your wallpapered clipboard stays sticking to the clipboard is a big book to put on top for about an hour. Just let it sit. And then we’ll hang them. Okay, let’s check on the progress. So it’s been about an hour. I love it, look how cute this looks. This is gonna look great. Wallpaper can be really tricky to install. My strategy when thinking about how I’m gonna put this closet together. was to use what I call the investment strategy. In fashion, it’s sort of that same idea as wearing a t-shirt and jeans but really expensive shoes and investing in a hand bag right? Because that’s where you eye goes, that’s what you notice. I gave the measurements of this closet to Calico and they created a custom piece of wall paper for this entire closet. So I’m putting into the hands of a professional. This is my guy and I’m really excited to see what this looks like. I like to design every room with one dramatic element that really draws you in. in this case its calico wallpaper. They’re one of my favorite brands because they design beautiful wallpaper to look like artwork so it really defines the space. I am going to put together a really cool storage solution. A book spine basket It’s gonna look like a shelf of books when we’re done. I got this basket at home goods. I think I spent $4.99. The books, a set of 24 vintage encyclopedias got on ebay for fourteen dollars. I’m gonna measure the basket on the cardboard and just mark it off. I’m gonna cut the cardboard and I’m gonna affix it to the basket first and the easiest way to do that is good old fashion zip ties. Make a little hole and put the zip tie through. Make sure it’s lines up so once you have it zip tied put that aside and we are going to cut the books. So you take your exacto knife and I’m just gonna cut the spine. Keep one side on the left and one side on the right. So from the side, it looks like their’s still a book. and in the middle, we’re just going to keep these spines. Good old fashioned fabric glue goes a very long way and you could be generous with it. Once you have all of your spines You’re literally just going to line them up. Once you have all of your book spines lines up you can turn it right side up like it did. It needs about 20 minutes to dry to make sure that the spines are actually affixed to the cardboard. when I think about creating design solutions, I really want them to look elevated. That is number one for me. If it looks like a hack, it is a hack. If someone saw this and was surprised by it I did my job. Going out on the town today I’m thinking maybe some coffee table books, a few objects. Just things that have some personality i think really are going to bring that space to life. I’m at Beehive Home It’s a really cool home decor store and one of my favorite spots in town. I’m here to get some ideas for the closet and I’m already seeing some pretty awesome inspiration Wow, having a great oversized chandelier really makes a small space feel bigger. A lot of people think you have to match the scale of the room to the fixtures but I love a bang fixture or something that just jumps out at you and makes the space pop. It’s not the office stuff that really makes the office it’s the untraditional pieces that you find that surprise and delight that really make it come to life. I think you’re coming with me actually. So this is a desk from CB2. It is marble top, so it is quite heavy and I’ve never actually seen it in person I’ve just seen it online. Let’s get this box open. I love it. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna bring it upstair to the room because we won’t be able to fit it through the door. This is gorg. These tones surprisingly just work really really well together and it has this really amazing textural, high gloss feeling. It looks great. I am obsessed. Obsessed with this wallpaper. So this is my favorite part. I am going to decorate the shelves. So what should we put on them? Is it a stack of books? Or is it a clever storage idea>A little bit of both. Where do you live? This is so awesome. I love it. I might live here now Let’s put the books in the tray. You’re like the style boss babe. Jamie, I’m impressed. What is this? The cherry on top. Thank you for this. It’s awesome, I love it for you. It’s awesome.

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  1. Love the wall paper! When used inside the closet nook it’s the perfect accent without being overwhelming! The CB2 desk is the perfect piece to bring the concept to life! Can’t wait to see more from you!

  2. Omg are you all nuts about destroying books? I think it’s amazing she’s upcycling them instead of them ending up in a landfill. Hey get a grip people it’s not like she’s shaving a poodle and dyeing it green..

  3. I hate the destruction of books as much as the next gal. But, guys, they were vintage encyclopedias. The information within them was out of date. She repurposed them, and somebody made a buck from selling something that they didn't want anymore. I think it was a creative DIY.

  4. She's such a beautiful woman, but the only eye-catching thing that has been bugging the living daylights out of me since the beginning of this video are those obnoxiously annoying massive lashes. Girl, please take those off! More isn't always better; sometimes it's just more.

  5. Omg I love this couple!! They are so fun and real and do a great job of interesting and unique hone decor ideas

  6. My father in law passed away about 1 yr ago. My mother n law was holding on to two huge boxes full of heavy medical books (FNL was a Dr) but the books were 40 yrs old. She didn't want to get rid of them but was moving out of the country and couldn't ship them (way too expensive). She tried to donate them but nobody wanted them because the info in the books was out of date and some no longer accurate. We did the same thing and made storage boxes and everyone got one for their homes. We made sure to recycle the pages. We all now have a little piece of my FNL in our homes. We just gave them new life.

  7. Why couldn’t you use the whole room for the office? Was there already another desk in there or storage? I like your taste, and your pretty pearl sweater. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  8. A book for her is never for reading. Sometimes it's really fascinating to see people who are so affirmative about what they are not really good at. Fortunately she has a very understanding bf.

  9. What's with the fur coat he's wearing in the opening? Ever heard of faux fur? Or don't you give a damn? It certainly puts one off of watching the rest of the video.

  10. Nice but I thought he said it was a spare room. Why not turn the entire room into an office and use the closet for storage?

  11. Hi honey, I have this humongous house in Connecticut, spare bedrooms and stuff.. so here is a nice little closet for your office. Your welcome!!! LuvU2… If this ain’t love… I don’t know what is.. 🍆🍆🍆

  12. Good design is about making aesthetically pleasing an area where functionality and practicality is not compromised, adapting it to the lifestyle and budget of the house owner. Your designs have no sense nor usefulness apart from taking photos of them. Butchered book spines for trinkets pretending to be books, shelves with only accessories that are not useful in an office… where are the scissors, the pc, the printer, the usb ports, the router, the paper, the envelopes, the plugs, the chargers, the pens, the notebooks, the post, the clips, the files…??? ok, maybe not all that… but none of that??? Just the laptop? What you've created is not a chic home office, but a lovely alcove to look at. And there's nothing wrong with that. And it does look pretty. But let's call it what it is: a seat and a table where there was a wardrobe.

  13. This total disrespect for books is becoming a pattern and it subtracts from my respect for your work. Either you disembowel them or cover their backs (and the title) for color co-ordination! I am sorry but this is indicative of something serious in human character.

  14. The beginning had great potential. She needs her own space because she moved so far. Get it. She's only allowed a closet in the mansion…Don't get it. The "office" is right in front of the door to the room so the rest of the room is useless anyway. Don't get it. She's destroying books and turning it into a tacky, dysfunctional storage basket. Don't get it. Put in a table and call it a desk with no storage. Everyone has paperwork to process and store. Where are you putting it? Don't get it. It's not a realistic project. If you HAD to turn a closet into an office at least make it functional. Put shelves all the way up the wall. Put drawers on the right and left on the floor. Don't "design" something by putting wall paper and calling it done. Show me how to do the wall paper. Partner with Ikea and give me 10% off on wire baskets. Show me how to turn a claustrophobic closet into a cute and function space. This was just sad. There are plenty of videos better than this with smaller production budget. Give me a reason to watch. Don't show me a train wreck I can't look away from.

  15. Great job! However, why don't you just get book spines printed out instead of ripping apart vintage books?

  16. OMG people. She used a SET of "vintage" books that cost $14. These, while beautiful, were mass produced and have no other artistic or commercial value. That said – save the pages to use in other projects.

  17. ugh….who is this annoying, artificial, pretentious, absurd-fake-eyelash-wearing beyotch with the tacky non-taste? that cloned boyfriend should run for his life. I'll say this….it's certainly unintentionally hilarious.

  18. I love the way you use these books-you are so creative. Keep up the fabulous work. More👏🏼More👏🏼More😍😍😍

  19. Love your new chic and classy office closet space. The book idea was amazing and looks very polished. Thanks for sharing!

  20. The color palette is rich and elegant, and I am absolutely stealing the clipboard idea! Why the choice of the chair in the middle of the door way though, when there is a very well lit area around the window to create a workspace? I'm not trying to hate, I just don't really get it. It seems like they have a big home but she has to work in a closet Ahah! Claim your space girl!

  21. people on this post are DREADFUL! Alia – You do a great job! Keeping useless old books out of the landfill! Great upcycle!

  22. Personally, I won’t put a table or office in the closet.. but to each it’s own.. love the idea of book-like storage, though am not into destroying books unless someone is going to throw it away then I repurpose the books this way.. not my Style taste..

  23. Did she just cut out pages out of a vintage book?! By 6:24, I still wasn't over it. I couldn't care less about the style of the person who cuts up books.

  24. As a writer (i.e. someone who spends a fair amount of time sitting at a desk), I advise against opting for marble, glass or any other cold surface desktops, which can look nice but are quite uncomfortable to work at. Your arms and wrists will thank you in the summer months when you're not in long sleeves 🙂
    I personally would not want to sit facing a closet nook — it would feel closed off and boxed in to me. I prefer a window or facing a room.
    What I don't understand with how this office nook is presented, is that we never get to see the entire room and thus how the nook works within the space.
    I also don't like the decorative elements on the shelving unit, but can see that it's in line with mainstream trends.

    The presenter/designer herself is upbeat and engaging with her big Reese Witherspoon smile 🙂

  25. I do not appreciate faking those books just to show off how literate you are !! That kinda shows how illiterate those dumb rich people (who only love to show off ) are. You wanna fake it then fake it really well…..this is so stupid !! Doesn't even look good coz it's so against the gravity and physics, looks so odd right in the middle all those books standing still and not even leaning on any sides lol Pathetic design idea sorry !! Way too glam and sorry way too fake…..absolutely hated it!!!!!

  26. I don't understand those fake book storage basket. What's the point??? It's so silly to pretend to to have lots of books on your shelves. So use nicer storage boxes and be done with the whole thing or look for more functional shelves with drawers or something. This is so nonsensical.

  27. I’m confused, so what are they using the actual room for if she’s only allowed to put her office in a reach in closet?

  28. You can’t convince me she’s going to sit at that flimsy piece of furniture, facing the wall of a closet and get any work done. It’s all accessories

  29. she's used the same marbled wallpaper design now for three separate projects lol lady ur cute but not design is not your forte

  30. Great finished nook! You made a perfect office area out of the closet, which is amazing. Just because you have more space doesn't mean you have to use it!

  31. For all you book lovers, who I'll bet doesn't read them, what do you want done with all the books in the world? With all the technology, e-readers, audiobooks, etc, nobody is using them so they go to landfills. I like the idea of using them for decor, same as a tree for furniture. Great use of space, I love it!

  32. Hmmmm I actually liked the book spined baskets…I think I’m more concerned about where she’ll put all of her clothes

  33. OMG! She talks too much. Plus…why would you have the table and chair stick out that far…how is anyone getting into that room with that chair in the way?

  34. Everyone seriously needs to get over the books.
    Old encyclopedias don't even contain current information. AND she prevented these books from being thrown into landfills because that's where unwanted books go. Recycling plants can't process books with the covers on them because of the different materials, so now those pages can be recycled.
    The alternative was them probably not selling on Ebay (because most people don't have room for a whole set of outdated encyclopedias) and being taken to a thrift store. Whatever thrift stores don't sell gets tossed. They would have sat in a landfill for years.

  35. I find it funny that people get so butt-hurt over the books but I am 99.9% sure these people can't remember the last time they purchased/read an actual book. Using your tablets, smart phones and e-readers to do all of these things, including watching YouTube on said devices to be judgmental keyboard warriors.

  36. It looks great! The only thing I would say is do not kill animals for your fashion… I do not like the dead cow on the floor or your coat made of dead fox. Just be mindful of what you are buying… those use to be live beings…

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