Travis Scott Opens Up About Kylie Jenner On “Highest In The Room” | Song Stories

Travis Scott Opens Up About Kylie Jenner On “Highest In The Room” | Song Stories

[HILLARY] Travis Scott’s long-awaited “Highest
In The Room” is the rapper’s first new track following his momentous 2018 album,
Astroworld, aside from some notable features. It arrives with a music video directed by Dave Meyers and La Flame himself. [HILLARY] Produced by OZ, of “Sicko Mode”
fame and Nik D, Travis fans have been itching for the song since April 2019 when his now
ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Kylie Jenner, used a snippet of the song to tease
her cosmetics collection. [HILLARY] Travis has also been performing
the cut at shows, ramping up fans’ thirst for its official release. [HOST] Travis’s DJ, Chase B, talked about
touring the song and the excitement surrounding it in an interview from July, saying quote… [HILLARY] “It feels like it’s out already. The crowd knows every word. Travis was working on music, and he just fell
in love with it. [HILLARY] “Highest In The Room,” as the
title suggests, is about being the most intoxicated person in the spot. But it’s also possibly a look into the highs
and lows of his relationship with Kylie. [HILLARY] News of the couple’s amicable
breakup came out at the start of October, days before the song’s official release. and it touches on Travis’s fear of heartbreak. [HILLARY] He also flexes his family’s
financial success, including Kylie’s net worth. She became the world’s youngest billionaire
in 2019. [HILLARY] The end of the action packed visuals could be his thoughts about a special someone. The song even has three different single covers. [HILLARY] Early versions of the song included a now removed verse from Lil Baby and was possibly swapped with an outro from Mike Dean. [HILLARY] In 2019, Travis Scott fans were
gifted with his ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ documentary and another Astroworld Festival. But “Highest In The Room” is finally satisfying
their craving for new music. and as far as a new album, Travis has a word on that, too. TRAVIS: I’m taking my time to come up with the next album. I’m always down to drop music and serve some packs to the fans. It’s time for the fans to eat.” [HILLARY] I’m Hillary with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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  1. The breakup just got y'all sheep more hype for the release of this song. Travis knew he'd have all eyes on him and Kylie when they broke up… Not just a coincidence that he drops it at the height of their relationship… lmao

  2. Who actually cares this much about a celebrity relationship? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, people are strange.

  3. Am I the only who thought that "highest in the room"was about the social status of Travis Scott since Kylie is a Billionaire and because a shit ton of money these last year

  4. Was the song really talking about Kylie or are people just reaching?! Y’all know y’all gonna see about the breakup in KUWTK next season🙄

  5. "what he really meant when he said "YEA", was that the sistine Chapel was erected in 1473–81 by the architect Giovanni dei Dolci for Pope Sixtus IV, and is famous for its Renaissance frescoes by Michelangelo. Travis really said a lot just by saying "YEA"."
    – Genius 2019

  6. The clickbait is real I’m saying before watching this video lmao

    Update: so basically he was just rapping there’s no Deeper meaning to the song just what you want to interpret y’all just trying to get clicks as mentioned lol

  7. Man that makes me mad these high profile people are only in it for the money I mean they created a family and then tore it apart like the rest of their family is that how life and love is supposed to be now on? You make a child with somebody to leave them? Is this how they want their children to live? It’s sad that they will never know the true meaning of love and family.

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  9. Way off. This video isnt about Kylie Jenner. Like, is yall blind? No offense. This got occultism written allll over it. The neurolace idea is pushed mid-way with him fighting the robot. The merge with ai idea. The Mark of the Beast. The neurolace in the brain, along with the Rfid chip(not shown in this one) in the hand for a one world carbon credit system. Notice the jumper for this video was aliens. Literally. Aliens are Nephilim from the Bible. They are not intergalactic but interdimensional. They will appear as saviors pushing for a one world order apostasy. The first being broken up by God himself at the tower of babel. Do urself a favor. Vote against sodomy, vote against death to life(abortion), vote against globalism(vote for sovereignty). The devil is in the details of this video. @me

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