Trip Report Medan – Takengon | The New Sempati Star Scania K-410 Interior | Broewnis Travel

Trip Report Medan – Takengon | The New Sempati Star Scania K-410 Interior | Broewnis Travel

Hi, Selamat Datang!
This time I will going with a bus. In the first 2018, I will taking the bus to
Takengon, Aceh for visiting a friend. This time with Sempati Star. They have many variant of bus from SIngle High Deck to Double Decker. This is Single High Deck bus that will take me to Takengon, Aceh today. Oh yes, I forgot to mention to you that ticket price for single trip from Medan to Takengon is Rp 160.000 or $12 As you can see now the famous Double Decker bus from Sempati Star. The bus little bit higher from the Single High Deck on the left. Let’s see inside of the Double Decker bus. 6 seats on the bottom, this is similar like First Class in a flight. This is upper deck VIP High Decker Each seat in this bus has own entertainment display. This bus only serve long trip from Medan – Banda Aceh usually takes more than 12 hours. This seat is more like personal with only 6 seats and more wide legs room. I’m curious with 2 bed in front, anyone know this is for passenger or for the driver to take a rest? I really don’t feel okay with the Hello Kitty pillow, anyone? Well, that is it for short look inside Sempati Star Double Decker bus, which is outstanding! This bus will take the passenger to Banda Aceh which is very long trip. I will take this bus soon! This is my bus will take me to Takengon, Aceh with registration plate BL 7855 AA Do you curious why on the front of the bus installed with fencing wire? The answer is to prevent bad people throwing a stone to the bus glass, mostly happen in the night. That’s not a trend, not all bus use those. But not happen one time. That will help the driver from injured and passenger safety. Let’s see inside. Watch you step, the floor is high. The driver area with many buttons just like in airplane. Large TV on the front for entertainment, usually playing a video songs. Every seat has entertainment screen. Overhead Luggage Wait, that is electricity socket hiding inside overhead luggage. Nevermind, maybe use for other purpose for this bus. Let’s see the Lavatory located on the back. Using Lavatory is kinda hard when the bus is running fast. Because sometimes the water will splash your clothes The leg area is wide enough, but if the passenger front of you lowered the seat, it becomes very narrow. Overhead speaker, air vent, light, complete tools over your head. Let’s see what this bus have for entertainment. There are movie selection, music selection, and photo? Not much movie in this list, but recent movies from 2017. Default picture from the bus storage. Need to listen some music, they have a lot of music in this list. Make sure you bring your own headphone. USB Port for charging and USB jack 3.5 read to use. The screen can be tilted. Watching until you comfort by titling the screen There are flashlight button next to power button. Blanket for everyone, don’t bring with you. After use those blanket, the white dust is sticking in my clothes! After waiting 2 hours, finally the bus depart at 10 pm. Duration of this trip about 9 hours, will arrived at 7 am in the morning. This bus has WiFi, but I’m bring my own Mobile WiFi. At 7 am in the morning, the bus arrived in Takengon city, but still on its way to the local bus station You can see from far is the Lut Tawar lake. Takengon city is very cold, make sure bring thick jacket with you. Finally arrived in local bus station named Paya Ilang Bus Station. FYI, auto rickshaw is available around the bus station to reach the main city Use bargaining skill to get best price, or find another rickshaw driver. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr…. the cold is instatly felt to my body. My friend already waiting to pick up me out from the bus station This is the view of the whole bus with trip duration 9 hours, arrived in Takengon city, Aceh. You should try this bus if visit Aceh in your next trip This is the time to bus unloaded the baggage, motorcycle also inside the bus baggage πŸ˜€ Drop question related to this trip in comment section Thank you very much for watching, Don’t Forget to Subscribe in Broewnis Travel.

9 thoughts on “Trip Report Medan – Takengon | The New Sempati Star Scania K-410 Interior | Broewnis Travel

  1. This bed for pesenger IDR about 550k, welcome to my country and enjoy the Gayo coffee 😊, for next take more vlog about bus ok cause I am the bus lovers

  2. Absolutely great reportase for these kind of channel.
    it's amazing busses very well and great looking..i belive there's passanggers could be feels comfortable enough due travelling on these bus.
    Any way how it's the now to centre aceh?? Wide and good?? As i know a long time a go the road from bireuen to takengon a lots of crowded very poor road many hole at any where and most dangerous track narrow way ravine and cliffs on side very challenging ufffs..
    I don't now how??coz long time never went at there again.
    BTW your channel are good got mention with english text. Hope you i'll get more success.

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